The Coastal Post - September, 1995

News And Notes From Novato


Hello, Dear Hearts

School has started for the majority of Novato, but we do have the year-round Olive Avenue elementary school headed up by Principal Richard Melenody. Seems to be a hit with those enjoying a different school time. Where did our summer go? Before you know it, winter will be here.

November elections

Be sure you are registered to vote. It only takes a minute to sign in, drop into the mailbox and you are registered in California. Seems the new DMV registration signed in 60,000 new voters the first month of operation.

In Novato, the special City Council election had only a 32% turnout. Sure hope we do better in November! Yes, it was this columnist who decided to run for the College of Marin Board and the Novato Fire District Board on the November 7 ballot. I strongly feel a person serving on one elected board should be able to cross over their viewpoint to another agency. When I served on the Novato School Board, there was very little interest as to what was happening on the City Council agenda. Seems we hired staff to take care of that connection.

Congratulations to Garrett Westover for his letter to the county newspaper regarding Wanted: Students. He responded to the editorial about the lack of students for IVC and COM. He wanted to take a course in ACAD drafting, but it was not available in the COM studies. He went to Napa Valley College and is taking the ACAD engineering program. He says there are there are 40 other students in Napa Valley College as well as Santa Rosa Junior College. Seems COM just doesn't offer the programs these students need. What are we going to do about this situation? I suggest the students become involved in the upcoming November election. Support candidates that will run as a team to insure improvements at IVC as a major priority.

Brookside update

The Board of Supervisors on August 5 did form an Open Space District to purchase the sites known as Brookside along Novato Blvd. Fourteen people spoke in favor of the acquisition. Fourteen spoke against it. Even the vote on the Board of Supervisors was strange. Board President Annette Rose voted for the project; then, in a heartbeat, she voted No. The vote was 4-1 in favor until President Rose voted against. Now, it is 3-2. The Resolution forming the District still has recorded her vote of Aye (4-1) in favor. She did sign the Resolution with the vote so recorded. Hear through the grapevine that she is mad, wants the record corrected...only parting remark: watch what you sign. Peter Bowan is heading up a drive for signatures of those opposing the decision. It is called a Referendum. He has until September 15 to collect 10% of the 5,000 property owners to nullify the Board of Supervisors' action of August 15. If you are in the Brookside Open Space District and want to sign, call Peter Bowan, 897-4634.

Congratulations to Fred MacDonald. He wanted that huge sign saying "Subdivision Coming Soon, Call Carl Engel," removed. Coldwell Banker was the realtor. The sign had been up for three years. It was giving a wrong message. There was no subdivision. It was bankrupt and under the RTC, an arm of the government to collect back what they could of the invested money. It was scheduled to be auctioned off, when mysteriously it was pulled for acquisition of Open Space. Fred called to have the sign removed. No action. Councilman Ernie Gray said it was on private property and could not be removed. Fred took action. He went to Oakland to the main headquarters, and the sign came down. Great work, Fred.

Great day had by all

Sunday, July 23, marked the Jack Machado's 50th wedding anniversary, called the Golden Wedding Day. The weather was beautiful. The place, the new dining room Pavilion at Indian Valley Golf Course in Novato was an excellent choice for the gathering. Of course, it is Jack Machado's second home. Msgr. James Keanne of Our Lady of Loretto, a golfer at Indian Valley, blessed the couple. Jack's deceased parents, Mamie and Jack of Sausalito were honored as was Betty's deceased parents, Lucy and Leo Madsen of Orland, California. Two hundred guests enjoyed the buffet and entertainment by Dick the Magician of Novato.

Old timers were in attendance: Al Lerch of San Francisco. Mike Pechner and family of Fairfield he grew up in Novato to become the meteorologist of KCBS. Bea Carpenter of Union City returned to Novato. First Mayor of Novato, Wayne Womack and his wife Colleen. City Councilman Ernie Gray. Sausalito was represented by Frieda Melovich. She became the photographer for the event. Ray and Marie Bottarini, Tony and Dolly Mederios these four people enjoyed their 50+ wedding anniversary at the Marin County Fair this year. Gloria and Ivan Hunt, godparents of Paul Machado, came from Sausalito. Ned Dean and Jeff McAndrew were Masters of Ceremonies, relating the history of 1945 and the 50 years of marriage for Betty and Jack. The party was hosted by Paul and Angela Machado of Petaluma, son of Betty and Jack with Laura Engler, Machado daughter, of Novato, joining. The grandchildren, John, Ashley and Randy Engler and Rachael Machado were in attendance. Looking forward to the next 50. Jack's three aunts were there: Ann Hacker of Castro Valley, as well as Agnes Ament and Esther Conroy of Miami.

Al Bowman still a Novato fan

This was a headline in a recent County column. Al is a good businessman. Even though he is listed as a Senior Citizen, he is still involved from Santa Rosa. He owns the Novato theater, long dark from non-use. There is a group who have decided to offer to Novato a community center for plays, band concerts and all the things there is no place for. Well, the money is the root of this adventure. Will it be the $400,000 granted to Novato by the Hahn Shopping Center for a community building which they promised to build but did not want in their shopping center? The one sad feature of this improvement is the moving of Michael Prichard of the Now Showing Video Transfer. Seems there will be no room for him in the new master plan. Nice guy one needs his business to stay. Hope the Bowmans will keep his shop in the complex.

Side note: Al Bowman gave the huge black rooster weathervane, which is on top of City Hall, as a gift. Well, we had a big wind storm and down came the rooster. Charlie Brown was City Manager. He makes a report to relocate the rooster in the attic. Seems it was not engineered to be on top of City Hall. Citizen Betty Machado went down and demanded it be placed back up. After all, this was a gift from a citizen, not meant to go into the attic. It was placed back up, is still there and Charlie Brown is City Manager up in Winters, California (so I hear, for I walk by night.) Love that rooster.

Our condolences to Vi Grinsteiner, Novato Community Director

Vi's husband, Ron, died in Cotati on Friday, August 18. He and Vi were married for 27 years. Both were from Billings, Montana. Memorial contributions may be made to The Nature Conservancy, 1815 North Lynn St., Arlington, VA 22209. Vi will return in mid-September.

Watch for the campaign buttons of Basnia Crane and Betty Machado, the team for the Marin College Board.