The Coastal Post - September, 1995

Expect A Miracle


Politics as usual. Blame, enmity, accusation, outrage, righteousness, the fine art of withering criticism. A power struggle which feeds itself and perpetuates the struggle. The same language of virtue is used to justify all sides of the argument; the same language of acrimony is used to degrade the opposition. Anybody remember Orwell's Animal Farm?

We've lost the game of politics. It's time to surrender. We've trapped ourselves in the belief system that there is a way out of the rat cage we have created. We haven't gone anywhere.

Five thousand years of history has taken us to the brink of a collective kamikaze mission. It doesn't matter who's got the money if we've lost the atmosphere, the oceans, the underground water, the fertile earth, the rainforests, the oxygen, the plant kingdom and finally, polluted the collective mental field — the air waves — with false ideology.

It doesn't matter what world you think you live in: First, Second or Third. Those are not separate worlds, those are descriptions of conditions of one world: Planet Earth. Those are stages of devolution available to each and every human as we live out the dark vision of Blade Runner and Road Warrior and all other end-times scenarios.

If the human species decides to commit suicide, it decides together. We go down or up together. We are a collective species; there is no get-away-from-it-all from ourselves. In the present material world, my comfort comes at the expense of someone else's discomfort.

On one side of the scales I sink into the womb of a New Age luxury health spa and on the other, a child in a squalid urban barrio wakes up to find a rat the size of a cat in its bed — and it turns out we were each dreaming of the other in our sleep.

It's too late for anything except waking up. There's a message in the world that is the wake-up call. It's a trickster message. It says that —surprise! — there is an easy solution after all! Just like on TV, the easy cure for headaches, backaches, low energy, dirty clothes, wet underarms, runny noses and bad days is a simple little paradigm shift.

The message comes from Jose Arguelles, who speaks a prophecy, a prophecy which comes from the Maya, which was the reason for the Mayan culture and the mysterious Mayan calendar. The Mayans came to bring a course correction to the evolution of this planet. They left in the mathematical codes of their calendar the template of time itself.

Jose decoded this template and down-loaded the language via the Mayan Factor, which articulated the Harmonic Convergence in 1987; the Dreamspell, which lays out the physics of the fourth dimension of time, and other seminal writings which establish the progression of his discoveries.

The prophecy says that in order to pull ourselves off the brink of destruction we must abandon the calendar that, in essence, subverts our humanity. This calendar, which is kept around the world as the modern calendar, is a man-made affair which disconnects us from our true place in creation and from being our true, glorious, magnificent, grand and wise selves.

The calendar which will reconnect us to our actual destiny and the destiny of this planet — evolution not destruction — is the calendar contained in the feminine body, the annual solar cycle of 13 moons of 28 days plus one day out of time (13 x 28 + 1 = 365). This calendar embodies the power of the Great Mother, the nourishing and ravishing power of sacred materialism.

Male energy, incidentally, keeps the complementary calendar which is pure mathematics, the Tzolkin, based on the cycle of 13 x 20. These two principles, which Carl Jung called logos ad eros, translate abstraction and relationship, the two sides of all human functioning.

Reclaiming the calendar of relationship, the calendar that joins everyday human enterprise to the timing constant that governs the interaction of all the physical bodies in the universe, is the real work of feminism and has nothing to do with the false world of money, jobs and titles.

Under the calendar, all genuine efforts of loving interaction between and among all beings and all realms will be supported and all false efforts will be disempowered. The conditioned world based on money and government and structures which bow to those forces is the world that is terminally ill; the world which lies behind that world — God's world — is everlasting, ever-renewing, ever-evolving, ever-unfolding.

We can get there from here. There is a compass. There are directions. There is a pattern to follow. There are guides. Support is guaranteed; all you have to do is ask. The timeship of the Rainbow Nation is being built now all over the world. It is the ark which will carry us out of this dimension of despair into the next world, safely and securely. It is the mission of the Rainbow Warriors to build this ark, to put out the call, to open the portals.

We are here. You can write to me for more information, but better yet, write to this newspaper and ask that the information be published for everyone's benefit. The Coastal Post can be the first newspaper on the planet to officially join the new time. This is the news we have all been waiting for; this is the solution that we have been praying for; these are the next teachings in the curriculum of consciousness. If we ain't going to study war no more, maybe it's time to study something else.