The Coastal Post - December, 1995

Novato: The Growth Slut Of Marin?


Calling Novato the growth slut of Marin is a slur on Amazon wild women who love sex with anyone. Novato is the Growth Bitch. The one who'll have sex with everyone but you, that is if you are affordable housing.

Novato has rolled over and presented her wetlands for any developer with enough money to threaten a lawsuit, but when Jimmy Carter's Habitat for Humanity tried to build an affordable house in Novato, the neighbors banded together to stop him. The former president was threatening erosion of their property values.

In the last election, they blithely voted in a pro-growth majority to their city council, and okayed the annexation of Mt. Burdell to allow the Buck Center on Aging to be built there in spite of a county-wide vote against it.

When the Black Point Forest Development lawyers threatened a lawsuit if they weren't allowed to cut down all the oak trees and build their luxury home and golf course, the Novato city council reversed a previous decision and bent over for the litigious insertion.

Bel Marin Keys will fill its diked flood plains with more luxury homes where alfalfa grows and ospreys soar now.

If they can ever figure out what to do with the Cold War's leftover toxic soil at Hamilton Air Force Base, they will build it out, too. They want a new hospital and lighted ballfields, no matter what the neighbors think.

Costco was built sucking business away from small stores in the city core, but now they say they want to revitalize their downtown. Not too bright. Maybe they should light the interiors of the city council skulls.

Novato is where American values hold sway. Like the young Novato man who woke up saying, "I'm gonna kill me a Chinaman," then went downtown and stabbed a Japanese man. With that kind of publicity, it's gonna be hard to attract Asian researchers to the Buck Center.

There will be no shortage of researchers, just in government funds available for them. That's okay, Mrs. Buck would have wanted poor and needy doctors funded with her wealth. Wasn't that in her will, too?

The townspeople don't seem to understand that developers' greedy actions will lower their property values by increasing their traffic jams, diminishing their quality of life, and increasing their crime rate, already Marin's highest. Highway 101 is already at a D level in Novato, and Bel Marin Boulevard is at E level. Since most of the new residents of the luxury homes will commute to work elsewhere, the increased traffic load from Novato's development boom will cause all of Highway 101 to deteriorate to a F level, stop and go during rush hours.