The Coastal Post - December, 1995

Citizen Help Needed To Enforce Buck Vote

The Committee To Save Mt. Burdell which successfully prevailed in the county referendum to stop the Buck Aging Center on Nov. 7 needs help to enforce the results of the vote. "We will have to go to court to see the referendum enforced, said Ken Masterton who coordinated the campaign on a shoestring. The Buck Aging Center was blocked with a cadre of volunteers, grass roots campaigning and one-tenth of the money spent by the Buck Aging Center.

"It will take $30,000 to get a court to enforce the results of this election," Masterton said. "We hope that support comes from many of the same people who voted the Buck Aging Center down.

Don Deane, Editor-Publisher of the Coastal Post, has joined in the appeal for financial support in the expected court action. "I would like to think that many of the Coastal Post's readers voted against the proposed $100 million center. The greatest concentration of Coastal Post readers is in the very areas which had the highest percentages of "no voters" so I believe the paper can reach those most likely to help with the costs of a legal challenge."

The Coastal Post and the Committee to Save Mt. Burdell are sponsoring a full page advertisement in this month's edition soliciting financial contributions for attorney and court costs.

The strongest concentration of "No on Measure A" voters was in West Marin 72 percent, Fairfax 67 percent, Marin City 58 percent, Mill Valley 56 percent, San Anselmo 55 percent, San Rafael 55 percent, Larkspur 55 percent, and Ross 54%. Only Novato, Belvedere and Tiburon had a majority of voters in favor of the Buck Center. Every newspaper in Marin supported Measure A and the Buck Aging Center with the exception of the Coastal Post.