The Coastal Post - December, 1995


Mrs. Alfred Tacherra died last month on the land which her family had ranched since coming from the Azores Islands of Portugal some 70 years ago.

Her life revolved around the little Catholic church in Bolinas—St. Mary Magdolene. The last child of her parents, she was the only Francisco who was baptized there, took her first communion there, was married there, and finally was buried there in the family plot behind the tiny church.

The old Francisco Ranch across Gosple Flats can be seen from the family's last resting place in the churchyard. Mrs. Tacherra was also devoted to the bellforied Bolinas Schoolhouse from which she graduated in the early forties.

She was recognized as the leader of the Portuguese community in Bolinas and beyond. It was she who was the motivating force behind the Portuguese exhibit which featured old portraits of the Portuguese who, besides the Briones Family, did much to set the foundation for Bolinas. I well remember that she sat there like a queen while everyone around her did homage while background music was played on Portuguese instruments which she had thoughtfully provided.

I remember her telling me that in the 30s eventually she knew the country had gone through a depression, but she never knew it at the time because her family and other ranching families always had plenty to eat with eggs, chickens and farm-fresh fruit and vegetables which grew on the ranch and which their mothers prepared or preserved. She also told me how proud she was to accompany her father when he was delivering milk to his customers in the old-fashioned milk bottles with "Francisco" marked on them.

All of Bolinas, the church, school and the other members of the Portuguese community will miss her robust spirit and leadership, and I'll miss her too.