The Coastal Post - November, 1995

McGill For County Board Of Education

Edmond Francis McGill, First District candidate for the Marin County Board of Education, announced today that if elected, he will propose a Schools of Excellence program to be created by the Marin County Office of Education and the various school districts in Marin County.

The purposes of this initiative will be:

to give every public school in the county the opportunity to be as good as the very best private school in the county.

to make equal the opportunity for each and every child in the county to receive the best education available in the county.

Almost $26,000,000 is spent by the Marin County Board of Education every year. This money must be put to use for the children of Marin County and not for unnecessary bureaucratic jobs, expensive trips and extravagant raises. The disparity of educational opportunity in Marin County can and should be eradicated by the use of the $26 million annually spent for:

the establishment of county-wide education programs in music, athletics, arts, technology, English and other subjects so that the excellent programs available in some extremely well-financed, well-staffed and well-equipped schools in the county will also be available to schools receiving less money, such as the schools in Novato.

the establishment of a county-wide high school of the highest academic standards available to any qualified student living anywhere in the county.

In its September, 1995 report the California Constitutional Revision Commission recommended that the Marin County Board of Education and all county boards of education be done away with because of waste and inefficiency. If the Marin County Board of Education is to be saved, it will only be done by redirecting the $26 million it spends every years from waste and excess to useful and efficient educational purpose.

The Marin Independent Journal recently reported that Novato public schools are in need of $35 million in repairs and that some of the school buildings are unsafe for Novato's children.

Edmond Francis McGill, candidate for the First District Trusteeship of the Marin County Board of Education, announced today that if elected he will immediately propose a resolution that all salaries of high level administrators and bureaucrats at the County Office of Education be frozen and that no raises in salaries or increases in benefits occur unless and until all repairs necessary for the safety of Novato's children are made to the schools in Novato.

Furthermore, McGill announced, he will encourage the Novato Unified School District to adopt a similar resolution.

"Those responsible for the schools must not take more money for themselves while children are required to attend school in unsafe buildings. It is outrageous that children are required to attend unsafe schools while the Marin County Office of Education intends to increase the budget for its superintendents' salaries next year by 23%," said McGill.