The Coastal Post - November, 1995

Nuke-Earthquake Update


For those watching the Universal Time Calculations on French/Chinese nuclear testing and possible related quakes. All times from the National Earthquake Center in Golden, Colorado.

Oct. 1, 23.29.58 UTC French test at the Fangataufa atoll measuring 6.0 ground zero.

Oct. 6, 18:09:45 TUC Sumatra quake, 7.0.

Oct. 9, 15:35:51 UTC Mexico quake, 7.6.

Ridgecrest has been shaking since the French test in September.

For those who might have wondered, like myself, the Turkish quake was Oct. 1, 15: 57:16, a 6.0, approximately eight hours before the test. Throw out everything that doesn't fit. There's still plenty left over.

Saw an interesting article in the IJ on October 12 that came off the AP wires. The heading was "Do Photos Show Cracked Island?" and went on to state "critics say...tests could cause the atoll to break apart, spewing radioactivity into the water and air..."

The French paper, Le Monde, published photos taken in 1987 and 1988 at the French Mururoa Atoll nuclear testing site by divers showing cracks 9 to 10 ft. (?—mine show inches) wide and several miles long. The AP didn't know who'd taken the shots, inferring they could have been leaked.

Well, we know. Those were the ones taken by the Cousteau Society and reported on in this paper several months ago. They were published in the Calypso Log, a magazine-style report from the Cousteau Society, Vol. 16, #1, February 1989. The Cousteau Society, 930 W. 21st St., Norfolk, VA 23517.

Why was this open and public record not acknowledged? Are the powers-that-be afraid to get such a respected authority as Jacques Cousteau involved? And if so, why?

Interestingly, French Foreign Minister Herve de Charette told the French National Assembly that "no crack of any sort has ever been discovered" on the atoll.

However, experts at the French Atomic Energy Commission said some fractures were created by early tests conducted directly under the reef itself. But, since moving the tests to the center of the atoll, no new cracks have been found.

Now! Can you believe everything you read? First off, there is no verification these cracks only appeared during the first series of tests. Supposedly, the Cousteau drivers discovered them. Or did the French know the cracks were there and hope no one would notice? Why would they do that?

Second. Great! They moved into the center of a dormant volcano's plug and are shattering that to bits. From the frying pan into the fire. And remember, the test shafts go down 2,000 feet.

Have you been watching the increased activity of volcanos since May? A volcano in Japan that hasn't gone off in a thousand years but did so within a few days after testing. Then there's that New Zealand volcano, again falling within the guideline. And the ventings of the volcano in the Caribbean.

A last thought. The October 1st test was conducted on the Fangataufa Atoll. It was five times the size of Hiroshima. The Fangataufa Atoll is built, as are all atolls, on another dormant volcano.