The Coastal Post - November, 1995

Surf's Up


It's all waves, man, says the surfer. It's all waves, says the physicist and the jazz musician and the holy man and the medicine man and the aikido master. It's all waves, says the economist and the historian and the political pundit. It's all waves, sings Spider Woman endlessly weaving her mandala patterns into the flow of human incarnation. It's all waves, laughs Kali, the Goddess of Time, as she launches The Big One, the wave that engulfs all other waves.

Waves are cross-sections of spirals, spirals are the language of energy. The language of energy is written as mathematics. This is a sacred science, the science of wizards and geomancers and spiritual masters. It was taught in mystery schools and monasteries and heretical communes and passed along as esoteric or occult knowledge to self-selected students. Mastering the language of energy suggests having power over the material domain—since when has humanity not been drawn to that power? Since the Garden of Eden?

Speaking of waves, Fantasia's "Sorcerer's Apprentice" always comes to my mind at this point. Isn't that what we have done, circa 1995? Aren't we the little Mickey Mouse who got hold of more power than we were wise enough to use, and turned all our solutions into disasters? Face it, we are in trouble. And where's the old wizard, still asleep?

No, he/she is waking up. In fact, this is the year called White Electric Wizard, the year of the awakening of the sacred warrior. This is the year when we activate planetary service. And who is the Wizard? You are.

The difference between Mickey Mouse and the old wizard is that Mickey Mouse only cares about himself and his comfort—he was trying to invent a labor-saving device like... (You fill in the blank: the automobile, the chainsaw, the computer, the disposable culture, etc.) The wizard, if he is a good wizard, works for the whole system: for God, for love, for beauty, for sacred wholeness.

The good wizard is joined to Kali and Spiderwoman, he/she is one energy. We are talking about images of transformation because transformation is what's up. The tide has gone out on the old order, the tide of the new order is coming in. The same truth from another perspective is that the 5,000 years of Mickey Mousing around with the fate of this planet is over. The spell which undoes Mickey's spell has been cast.

It is called the Dreamspell, and it teaches the mathematics of the Fourth Dimension, time, which governs the dimension of space. Do you think it is time to replace the government? Vote in a new time. One of the places to start is keeping a calendar that accurately reflects the mathematics of time. This calendar is based on the frequency 13:20. In the Dreamspell, we says "13 Tones of Creation and 20 Tribes of Time."

For example, we take the 365-day year, the solar cycle, and rewrite the calendar as 13 Moons of 28 days each plus one "Day Out of Time." Each Moon is a Tone of Creation. The year began July 26. On September 20 we entered the third moon, The Electric Moon, also called the "Moon of Service." It will last 28 days; on October 18 we begin the fourth moon, The Self-Existing Moon, the "Moon of Form." And so on. Each moon describes one of the 13 stations of creation.

This is the pattern of 13. This pattern can be applied to days, months, years, or centuries. It is fractal, which means that it replicates infinitely in scale. Remember we call the pattern of 13 the "13 Tones of Creation." It is a wave, a cross-section of a spiral. The secret of all creation is joining this wave consciously. If you create outside this pattern, like the Sorcerer's Apprentice, you are doomed. If you create inside this pattern, you are supported by universal energies. Time is the witness of this process.

Jose Arguelles, the master who translated the Mayan Calendar into the Dreamspell teaching system, will be at the Whole Life Expo in San Francisco on the evening of Friday, October 20 (the Dreamspell name for that date is "Yellow Spectral Sun:), giving this message at a free keynote talk. You can write to me at Box 7, Olema 94950 for information on obtaining calendars and the Dreamspell.