The Coastal Post - November, 1995

Buck Funds And Cement Contractors Fund Buck Aging Center Campaign

Cement companies, builders and contractors placed second behind the Buck Trust as major contributors to the campaigns for Measures A and B, the referendum and initiative for the approval of the Buck Center for Research in Aging building proposal. Campaign finance reports filed on Thursday show that the Buck Center has given a record $551,000 to the campaign for itself, representing 97 percent of all contributions received by its assorted election committees. The reporsts also show that the pro-Buck campaigns collected $11,000 from construction and supply businesses angling for contracts in the building of the $100.4 million project. Less than one percent of contributions to the campaigns came from individual citizens.

According to Craig Perrin, chair of the Committee to Save Mt. Burdell, the Buck Aging Center has broken the all-time campaign spending record in Marin County. At the end of the election, it will have spent over $620,000.

The campaign opposing the hugh project has raised $60,000, a little less than 10 percent of what the Buck Aging Center will spend. Most of the funds come from individual citizens.. reportshuge