The Coastal Post - October, 1995

Stinson's Comedy Of Errors—A Knockout!


This hilarious, boldly innovative, hip, modern version of Shakespeare set in L.A.'s Venice Beach is surprising and thoroughly delightful with amazing punch, timing, and talent! Fabulous directing, acting and comic choreography. (Two of the zany characters are a James Carey/Ace Ventura servant and a Valley Girl). The final ovation was widely enthused with hoots and cheers.

This is a perfect play to see if: 1) you've ever wondered about "Shakespeare on the Beach"; b) you've ever lamented living far from top-quality professional theater; c) you have a teen* (or mate) you'd like to turn on to Shakespeare in a cool way (My 12-year-old niece loved it.); d) you want to support local arts—this fledgling company could use it; 3) you want an uplifting, uproarious, fun time.

*For children, explain the plot beforehand to help them follow the action: Two sets of twins the same age, one pair the servants of the other pair, are separated at birth by a shipwreck. Once grown, one master and his servant land in the city of the other two, triggering a series of mistaken identities.

Through October 15: Fridays 7 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays 6 p.m. plus matinees. $15; $12-children. Call 868-9500, or just show up.