The Coastal Post - October, 1995

News And Notes Of Novato

Hello, Dear Hearts

When I skipped over the Fall season in a recent column, this columnist was amazed how many people took her to task. They love the Fall of the year and did not take kindly to my missing it. So, here we are in the beautiful Fall of the year. The trees are beautiful this year. Do enjoy. Remember the Grape Festival in October. Real Fall Event in Marin.

Election for November 7

The political scene is starting to take place. The county newspaper is becoming active in carrying stories of the various races. There is a team for the Marin College Board of Trustees. It is called Crane/Machado. And we are amazed how many campaign coordinators will not accept that concept. The League of Women voters, with Anne Layzer as the Coordinator, will not allow the team to appear on the public access channel of VIACOM as a team, back to back is the way it will be set up, according to the coordinator. So as a team, Crane/Machado will pass up a Channel 31 interview. When you are seeking a leadership role, the first thing you must get across is that you are not going to be manipulated by anyone. You stand firm.

Be sure you are registered to vote by October 9 for the November 7 election. Just fill out the form, drop it in the mail, and in California, you are registered.

Brookside Meadows next chapter

Out of all the discussion that has taken place on this subject, principle seems to be the main theme the public was concerned about. Do not impose taxation without a vote of those involved in an Assessment District drawn up by the powers to be, namely elected officials. Did you know the election code does not allow you to referendum the actions taken by the Board of Supervisors on September 7? The Section of the Elections Code is 9300. County Counsel ruled the 1,000 signatures that were presented to Howard Hansen's office would not be accepted or counted because Resolutions 95-025 and 95-026 "are not subject to referendum."

Supervisor Harry Moore did panic when he learned the 1,000 signatures were filed with the election department. Madelyn De Justo, Chief Deputy Registrar, wrote a letter on the subject to Peter Bohan, stating the above information. What have we the voters lost in this process? The right to react to an action taken by an elected body. Referendums do carry a message.

In tracking this subject out as to HOW this section is allowed in the Election Code, I receive back information that it was the action of our new Assemblywoman, Kerry Mazzoni! We had better eliminate Section 9300 of the Election Code immediately if we want the voters to be able to let a City Council or the Board of Supervisors know that we are unhappy.

First Sunday session of Novato City Council

Sunday, September 10, a meeting was scheduled by the Council. It was canceled, but no one knew about it until we met at the Community House and read the notice tacked on the front door. Staff didn't know it had been canceled. Chris Richardson, Planner, and Dean Kendrick, T.V. camera person, attended, plus the maintenance crew to open up the building. The editor of the Novato Advance, J.J. Jackson, was there with notebook and pencil ready to record this historical day. Nothing. One citizen from Black Point did call Mayor Meyers. He was in his p.j.s reading the paper. He promised to get dressed and be right down, and he did. It was an interesting session. Mayor Meyers lounged against a table in the Council room setting and conducted an informative and interesting group discussion regarding the Black Point agreement without revealing the legal side of the issue. Everyone felt we had accomplished something by attending this first Sunday City Council meeting. Thank you, Mayor Meyers.

The Emperor has no clothes

Novato is famous for having many meetings with an appointed chairperson, representing the City Council for the "public input." No exception is the downtown Revitalization Committee with Ned Lagin, Chair. The scheduled meeting was held in the conference room of the Planning Department at 5:00 p.m. with the agenda stating: Discussion of the West Side of Grant Avenue. I live on the West Side, so I made the effort to attend. Listen to all the agenda and then up comes the item I am interested in. Wait for the Chair to make a presentation. None comes forth. Seems we discussed the item "weeks ago," says the Chair. I am still interested in what Dr. John Elloway has planned for the corner of Fourth and Grant Avenue, next door to my property. Dr. Norman Elloway owns half of the site, with Dr. John Elloway. No discussion between the brothers has taken place. The Chair does not want to listen to any discussion on the Fourth and Grant Avenue site. It is going into the process, meaning, on to the Planning Commission and City Council. I am told that is the way it is. But remember, this Chairperson is very upset, because you, the public, didn't come down to view his camera display of the walk in the downtown area at the start of the public meetings to revitalize the downtown area. At this point, I can only say he dictates when he wants you to speak and that is how he will want the public to remain. Public apathy? No, a "controlled public" is what he is seeking. Of course, he does serve on the Planning Commission, so I assume he will listen intently then. And accuse you of not being "on the record" during the committee meeting sessions! This type of action turns off the public.

Sports are big in Novato

It was "tent city" on the IVC campus over the Labor Day weekend as swim teams came to compete in the pool. A member of the community happened to go walking in the area and was awed by all the tents. He works for the IJ and failed to call in for a picture of the event. Can you imagine how many papers that would have sold?


The parade this year went for blocks of participating teams. Sea of color, and the teams are increasing every year. Eric Andresen, President of the Novato Adult Soccer League, wrote a letter to the community requesting support before the Novato City Council for lighted fields at Indian Valley College. Measure G was designed to supply the money if the voters approved the bond issue. The measure did pass. Now Eric is requesting, when will the field be built? Call 382-8387 if you want to join Eric in going before the City Council in October to plead for which we have been promised as voters.

Goodbye to Gail Wilhelm

Don has been transferred to New Hampshire, so Gail has resigned from the Novato Planning Commission, is packing and leaving. That must be hard, since she wanted to stay until the new General Plan is adopted, but can't wait until March 16, 1996.

Congratulations to Annette Smail

The Women's Political Caucus of Marin honored Annette for the outstanding contribution to the cause of women. Among her many causes, Annette battled a successful campaign to get pension rights for widows of members of the armed forces. She took her battle all the way to Washington, D.C. A party was held in the home of Cam Barnes in Tiburon. Go honor her.

Things to do in October

Register to vote by October 9 for the November 7 election. Listen to the candidates for all elective seats. Would you believe the team of Crane/Machado for the College Board will be on 16 ballots countywide? That is why it costs $1,160 for the ballot statement, which the team couldn't afford. Look for Machado on the second ballot. The Novato Fire Board ran to replace Nancy DeSousa, who chose not to run for the Board.

Remember to have a safe Halloween.