The Coastal Post - October, 1995

Letters Oct 95

Three Strikes Against Buck

We are opposed to the Buck Center for Research in Aging for three reasons:

First, it requires breaking the A-60 agricultural zoning for the first time. This will set a precedent that will invite in the land speculators and developers. Do we want that?

Second, the Buck Center hierarchy is out to buy voters on the two initiatives, literally pouring out hundreds of thousands of dollars of the money left for "charitable purposes" by Mrs. Buck. They seem to have both feet in the trough.

Third, as "elderly people" (ages 74 and 75), we think there's too much emphasis on us old geezers, and we'd rather see the emphasis go to younger people who need it more.



Taxing Self-Defense

Reading in Marin's daily about the attitude of Sausalito's City Council, using the increased demand for permits to carry concealed weapons (CCW) as a taxation scam, I'm reminded of a bumper sticker that is especially appropriate to those who would rather have a disarmed society, where only predators and police are armed. The bumper sticker says: "Those who beat their swords into ploughshares shall plough for those who don't."

Sausalito's City Council action in quintuple the CCW permit fee is unconscionable. It is tax gouging of the sleaziest sort, exploiting the fear of crime and the people's desire to be able to protect themselves, while pricing that self-defense ability out of reach for the less affluent, and shamefully making the CCW permit even more of an elitist accessory than it already was.


San Rafael

Free Spirits

It was a real pleasure to visit Bolinas, and visit with you with my nephew Chuck Smith.

Bolinas is my kind of town—full of free spirits.

I write too as a reminder of my interest in that book in the restaurant.

I've enjoyed reading the Coastal Post, so I enclose check for $24 for a year's sub.


Mundelein, Illinois

Arctic Refuge Belongs To All

In 1991 over 300 scientists and policy-makers met in Portugal to assess global environmental degradation. Their conclusion was that nations are sacrificing their unique biological ecosystems to feed insatiable demands for energy and resources created by their rapidly-exploding human populations.

In Alaska, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is now targeted for oil development by politicians and oil companies for approximately 3-6 months of oil, given present rates of consumption. This comes from a nation without an energy policy; without clean, efficient mass transit; without any desire to move toward a more sustainable economy.

As an Alaskan, I want to tell your readers that Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge doesn't belong to Alaskan politicians or oil companies. It belongs to the American people. If Americans want to develop the only Arctic wilderness in America, that's one thing. But to think that this place may be forever altered for more cheap oil; to realize that fat cat politicians and oil company executives stand to make billions of dollars in profits and campaign contributions makes me sick to my stomach. I sincerely hope your readers make their feelings known to their U.S. Senators and Representatives soon.


Fairbanks, Alaska

Control Voter Fraud

To Assemblywoman Kerri Mazzoni

Assemblywoman Mazzoni, I am dismayed that you and other Democratic legislators recently did not support passage of SB 1313.

In the last six months, there has been overwhelming evidence presented to Democrats by the California Secretary of State and many others, of notable voting fraud taking place in the large suburban and urban centers of our state. Yet, you refuse to implement effective means of ending this electoral crisis.

In the 1996 Election, Democrats are going to need a lot more than the illicit benefit of fraudulent voters to prop them up. But I guess every little bit helps. An outrageous assertion, perhaps, and maybe not. What other obvious conclusion can be reached when clearly examining the relevant facts of this matter?

Using the readily available services of the U.S. Post Office in verifying the legitimate current addresses of registered voters was a fair proposal and effective solution in preventing voter fraud, and clearing our voting roles of "deadwood" (SB 1313). No honest, impartial citizen, politician or political party could rationally make a case against such a just legislative initiative. If Democrats have one, California's citizens would like to hear it.

Also, related to this matter, Assemblywoman Mazzoni, I would urge you Democrats to support legislation that requires the naturalization number and the date of naturalization be added to all voter registration forms. Furthermore, that this data be checked by the INS before the registrant is permitted to vote. With the recent implementation of the "Motor Voter" law, there are presently virtually no effective safeguards in place to prevent illegal aliens and non-citizens from freely voting. Is it any wonder California faces massive potential voter fraud in upcoming elections!

The Democratic party has done a grave disservice to the voting public in not acting to adequately safeguard our electoral process from ineligible and illegal voters who would undermine it. In the near future, Ms. Mazzoni, I predict you will be rudely surprised to find the political tendencies of even liberal Marin voters rapidly moving to a more conservative mode. At that time, I hope you will recall, "I told you so."

Thank you for your kind attention to this important matter. Please send me written correspondence at your earliest convenience, explaining your position.


San Rafael

Stop Selling Our Land

In answer to those destroyers of America who would "privatize" (sell off) our national parks to private interests, or let our parks be exploited and damaged by oil, mining, timber, and ranch interests, I propose we promote a new Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Every patriotic American can be counted upon to favor it. The amendment might be worded thusly:

"All public land in the United States is the property of the people of the United States.

"Such land, including its flora and fauna, shall not be transferred from the people's ownership and control, nor in any way used and damaged, without the knowledge and express consent of the people.

"Such consent shall be determined by the procedure for adding amendments to the United States Constitution."



Feminizing and Freeing Time

Thank you for the inspiring article, "Expect A Miracle," by Elizabeth Whitney, September 1. She writes eloquently about the Thirteen Moon calendar, the adoption of which is a grassroots world-wide peace movement that happens to be little known in this country. The U.S. government works against this movement. Now why would it do a thing like that?

The Gregorian calendar we so unthinkingly follow is a tool of capitalism and colonialism, i.e., slavery. It was imposed upon conquered peoples all over the world. In Central and South America this incorrect timing device replaced the correct Thirteen Moon calendar. The arrival of the Gregorian calendar stopped the natural timing rhythms by which the Native Americans were living. It was then that Earth entered the "hell cycles" you've heard about if you've read The Mayan Factor by Jose Arguelles. To return to the original calendar would be to release indigenous peoples from slavery—and ourselves as well, from slavery to time.

The Mayan factor is the piece of science that has been left out of our modern understanding of life on this planet. The ancient Mayans are acknowledged as the world's greatest calendar mathematicians. They knew what Einstein said, that time is the fourth dimension. It cannot be measured by a flat circle in space that is divided into twelve segments.

Did you ever wonder why the number thirteen is "unlucky"? It was trashed in ancient times, when the Babylonian priests first rejected the Great Mother's sacred thirteen moons, substituting their twelve month, third-dimensional bogus calendar.

Here we come to an important aspect of the Thirteen Moon calendar—perhaps it is at the heart, or the belly, of the priests' fear. This aspect has a lot to do with why this calendar needs to be re-instated. Those thirteen moons do not refer to the moon in the sky; they refer to the female menstrual period of 28 days. There are thirteen 28-day periods in a year.

Imagine yourself to be an astronomically-inclined woman in so-called pre-history. You want to count the passage of time. What better device to use than your own body? Thirteen times 28 equals 364; there is one extra "day out of time" for celebration. This is the original of the phrase, "a year and a day."

The Thirteen Moon calendar is the correct, indigenous, ancient calendar for planet Earth. We urge you to have Ms. Whitney write many columns or articles for your paper, to continue educating your readers about this very timely subject.


The Open Secret Bookstore

San Rafael

Put Buck Money To Better Use

The voters of Marin County should think long and hard before voting for a Buck Center in Novato. This Center is not for the benefit of the aging population of this county or anyone else, as was intended by the will of Mrs. Buck.

This center will become a country club with well-paid, so-called employees whose only interest will be to enjoy their tennis courts, swimming pool and other health facilities. Research of aging is going on all over America already.

The Buck Foundation money should be used for better human purposes, like Meals on Wheels, and nurses and doctors visits to the elderly shut-ins. That would keep them out of nursing homes, and doctors could study them, too.

Imagine how much good this would do, for the salary of only one official of this country club is supposed to be over $150,000 a year. And how many of those overpaid experts are there?

The County Supervisors and Novato City officials voted for this project because they maybe get a lifetime membership at this country club health facility. You all think about it!


Mill Valley

Buck Aging Center No Jewel

There is no debate about the necessity of a continued medical research effort. What are at odds here, with reference to the Buck Center for Research in Aging, are the inappropriate location, wasteful duplication and the unfortunate timing of this extravagant project in light of national and local economic realities.

Let's not be blinded by this so-called "jewel in Novato's crown." In time, this costly complex will become just another research facility striving for the same limited and dwindling NIH/NIA funding as a multitude of already established research laboratories nationwide. In addition, there will be the on-going problems of compounding the hazardous/irradiated medical waste disposal dilemma with the very real possibility of medical waste on-site storage on a proven seismic-prone and unstable site.

Rather than a jewel in Novato's crown, the proposed Buck Research project could prove to be a pain in Novato's backside.

Just say "NO" in November to the Buck Research Center.



Buck Facts Say No Buck Aging Center

As you pointed out, it's bad enough for the Buck Aging Center to use their trust funds for a political campaign, but it is even worse that they have a need to do so. Presenting all the facts and letting the voters make an informed choice would be an easy and inexpensive chore. But the Buck Center won't do that. They will hide from the voters the facts that:

1) Building a research facility from scratch can at best only duplicate numerous other facilities already operating throughout the country. If aging research were really the issue, supporting existing facilities would be much more cost-effective.

2) Trying to anticipate future research directions and thereby constructing appropriate will be a difficult, if not impossible task. Indeed, the specific types of research antipicated as well as the names of the researchers remain unknown.

3) Funding for the research won't even come from the Buck Trust. Therefore, instead of being a source of funding for projects designed to help humanity, the aging center will become one more consumer of federal research grants. Before being able to conduct any studies, the researchers will have to go through a fairly complicated grant application procedure and hope to gain funding. What will happen to them if they are unable to compete with researchers from prestigious neighboring facilities such as the University of California where similiar research is already well underway? (Most likely they will return to the Unversity from where they came, leaving the Buck Center half empty.)

4) Administrative expenses already are excessive and will only rise in the future.

5) The expanding elderly population of Marin has very real needs in such areas as transportation, home care, and providing assistance to families. The Buck Center, however, will not be meeting these needs. Hence, the only beneficiaries of the Buck Aging Center will be its employees, the real explanation why they will spend so much money to influence the voters.


Stinson Beach

Buck Aging Center Defended

The time the Coastal Post actually "reports" anything will certainly be one of the great moments in journalism. But I'm not holding my breath. The on-again, off-again Coastal Post is no more a newspaper than its "editor" Joan Reutinger is a journalist.

Case in point: Reutinger's convulsive harangue about the Buck Center for Research in Aging. Throwing words like "scandal" and "sinful" around like a street-corner preacher, she works up quite a froth about the Center's county-approved plans to build a research campus in Novato. Typical of most Buck Center opponents, Reutinger's hyperbole borders on hysteria as she ticks off one lie after another in an effort to paint the Center as nothing less than the Evil Empire incarnate.

Unfortunately, her "article" reads like a hatchet piece from a yellowing edition of People's World. All that's missing is one of those old cartoons with fat capitalists in derbies and striped suits crushing "the people" with bulging bags of money. Give me a break.

To say Reutinger's fact are wrong is to dramatically understate the case. All she had to do was call the so-called "secretive" Buck Center, or read the public record, to learn its actual budget and expenditures. She would then know that neither the "annual upkeep" of the Buck Center, nor the construction of its research campus, will ever involve the spending of one tax dollar.

Other examples of Reutinger's sloppiness:

• "Sprawling research campus..." Fact: The Buck Center will build on the site on an old stone quarry comprising less than four percent of its land. It is deeding the top 70 acres as public open space, providing Marin citizens with trail access to Mt. Burdell they have never before had.

• "Marin's aged, poor and needy have been left out in the cold..." Fact: Marin's needy now receive $8 million annually from the Marin Community Foundation, which will not be affected in any way by construction of the Buck Center's research campus. The Buck Center is funded separately under terms of the Buck Trust settlement. Its existence was established by a court review of Beryl Buck's intention and the Center was selected from among 40 proposed projects. It has the full support of Mrs. Buck's living relatives.

• "The project will bring environmental hazards, including infectious viruses and radioactive and toxic wastes." Fact: the research campus will use fewer toxics than a hardware store. Infectious viruses cannot and will not be used in aging research.

These glaring examples of misrepresentation are amplified by Reutinger's reference to dormitory-style apartments as "condominiums" and to a small on-site campus store as a "mini-mall." She puts words in the mouth of the Center's executive director and then can't even spell her name right!

Of course, there are plenty of facts Reutinger chooses to leave out of her story. Such as:

• Animal rights extremists opposed to any form of research using living creatures have been at the vortex of Buck Center opposition for nearly a decade. Craig Perrin, chair of the misnomered Committee to Save Mt. Burdell, is the husband of local animal rights activist Suzanne Roy. They have received more than half their funding from outside Marin and the state.

• The petitions forcing the county-wide November referendum were circulated by professional signature gatherers from Berkeley and San Francisco who were paid up to $1 per signature. Then Buck Center opponents asked county taxpayers to pay the more than $27,000 it cost to circulate its petitions.

• In its eight years in existence, the Buck Center has already done significant and ground-breaking research on aging, including an unprecedented five-year study of 2,000 Marin elderly. The National Academy of Science has proposed construction of 10 new centers to study the diseases of aging. The Buck Center is the first.

And because even the most rabid Congressional Republicans understand the impact of aging on America's health care crisis, funding for research is being increased, not decreased.

The facts Reutinger chooses to ignore paint a far different picture than can be gleaned from her biased, politically dishonest rant. The facts show that the Buck Center is a gift to Marin and the world with the potential to make a priceless contribution to the health and well being of generations to come. It will have lasting benefits for Martin County without costing even a nickel.



Editor's Note: We cannot help but wonder if this tirade is sponsored by Buck money.

Teach Self-Help To Homeless

In am very sympathetic of today's homeless. Fifty percent of these people are mentally ill, and for all intents and purposes can't take care of themselves. Most of these people should be in institutions. The fact that some of them prefer to live in the streets suggest to me that they are incapable of taking care of themselves. this should be enough proof to the authorities that they need to be institutionalized, for their own health and safety. I do not understand why our society does not take care of these people. Money cannot be the only reason. There are laws to institutionalize people who cannot take care of themselves.

Most of the other 50% of the homeless are people who are "down." They do want to get off the streets, but need a helping hand. This helping hand may need to only a place to stay while looking for a job or going back to school. Not very many employers will hire someone who does not have an address or phone number. Most of these people also need to be re-educated because of our changing society. Many jobs do not exist anymore, and most existing jobs require some computer experience. College of Marin has many programs for re-education and job placement; the homeless and jobless should be referred there.

A few of the homeless do not want to work and obviously have very little self-esteem. A true example: Years ago at a freeway entrance a woman with a child was begging on the island. She had a large sign, the largest word on it was HOMELESS. Apparently I was one of the few that read the entire sign, because it said in small writing "everything but," above the word HOMELESS, which was across the entire sign. This person was perpetuating a con. A single mother, even today, needs not to be homeless or starving. There are plenty of programs for poor mothers.

A few years ago I was getting school financial aid while attending college fulltime. if I worked too much I would lose the aid suddenly. I worked part-time at college, at low pay, and did outside odd jobs. Because I was a single male and grossing a tremendous $7,000 a year, I could not qualify for food stamps or medical aid. I made too much money, they said. My apartment rent was $575 a month. My rent came to $6900 a year. I had to live on what was left. Yet I could not qualify for any aid. I also ended up owing the IRS $275 in income taxes which I had to charge, since I was always broke. This is the "state of help" for those who are trying to improve themselves and and why there are so many homeless and why it will get worse before it gets better.

In downtown San Rafael there are a few panhandlers. I would help, but only if they would make an effort to help themselves. I never give money to them since it will not get them off the street. Any money given to them is going to be spent on their particular addiction, like smoking, drinking or drugs. (I noticed all smoke.) Obviously, it's true what the tobacco companies found out in the '70s, that the nicotine habit can be so strong it becomes a priority over food. (In Senate hearings on the tobacco industry, this statement was read by Senator Waxman out of research documents from tobacco companies.)

If someone gave each homeless person one thousand dollars, how many would use that money to get themselves off the street permanently? A very small percentage, if any. This is why I do not donate to panhandlers. It will not solve anything. It simply perpetuates the problem. There would be no panhandlers if no one gave them money.

Our society, the People, need to CARE about all people and really do something to help the homeless by getting to the cause of their problem, not treating a symptom. This is the only answer to the homeless problem.


San Rafael

Suffering Injustice In Sonoma Jail

On-the-spot jail coverage #3, your isolated writer reporting from the Sonoma County Jail:

Well, you can add it all up. My first phone call was not completed until six days after I was booked, on August 6. I was recognized as acting in pro per (as my own attorney) by two judges twice in two different cases on August 8 and August 22. I was never brought to court on August 10 for bail hearing; I didn't receive envelopes and pleading paper for motions until August 19. My attempts to place myself on the calendar to submit basic motions to insure trial readiness were thwarted by the municipal clerk. My written motions sent to the clerk for filing via the jailers were returned unfiled. I was denied phone calls for lines of inquiry to establish what witnesses needed to be subpoenaed in my defense. The motion (among the motions) for an appointment of an investigator to conduct these lines of inquiry on my behalf was amongst the motions the jailers refused to forward to the clerk for filing. They returned them to me. I have paperwork right here in my cell documenting these transactions.

On the 30th day (September 6), the very last day that they can bring you to trail on a misdemeanor (within the perimeter of speedy trail statutes if you are in custody), Judge Cerena Wong of the Municipal Court offers me a two-week continuance provided I waive time. Is this a real world here? Hello? Is there anybody out there that can hear me? Is anybody reading this? Aren't there any flashing neon alarms, sonic buzzwords that would indicate that all the events described so far are seriously amiss? How about violation of Constitutional law? Denial of due process? Surely any legal mind would jump on a dismissal behind speedy trail?!

This woman, the "Honorable" Cerena Wong, actually thinks I'm going to waive time after being kicked around by the jailers and denied all my action! She denies my motion to dismiss! BRINGS ME BACK THAT AFTERNOON FOR TRIAL! I've got no witnesses on my behalf! The bailiffs dress me out in street clothes (a black leather vest, a white t-shirt and black Levis), bring me up to the courtroom, strap a jack-belt under my shirt that will emit a 50,000 volt shock to my system if I should become too demonstrative or animated in my courtroom demeanor. (I like to think of myself as the Peter Townsend of jailhouse lawyers! I can see for miles!)

Anyway, we sit down at the tables, get ready to impanel a jury. This young Irish-looking D.A. gal with that Kennedy Hyannisport kinda gene pool look is smugly shuffling her little papers about. This is the same gal that accused me of filing a 170 of August 21, right dead out in the open, out loud in sonic technicolor, into the transcript of open court! Hey, I ask you, am I crazy or is it just me? To clarify this a little for the laymen out there to come to terms: A 170 c.c.p is (now quit laying down and get up, guys!) a motion in form to disqualify a judge—that's right, folks, send that ole judge kickin' a rock down the road! Now, there is a section in that 170 Civil Code of Procedure that states as follows: (Section 170.3) "The judge shall not seek to induce a waiver and shall avoid any effort to discover which lawyers or parties favored or opposed a waiver of disqualification."

I had not filed a 170. "Incorrect, that's incorrect," I tell the court. I had a 170 form I had ordered from the law library to mail to my rich cowboy drinking buddy, Doug Green, so maybe he could shed those fancy, big-money lawyers and move along with his fight for his Constitutional liberties at this field, but that was not relevant to the issue at bar here.What was highly unethical and improper was a) Little Miss Danger Ass making that statement in open court tantamount to judicial pornography and; b) this chick was obviously privy to my order forms in and out of the law library. I know the librarian wouldn't tell her, he is a good man. Obviously somebody told her, she got hot and jumped the gun. Imagine that, one day slinging coffee with some studly cop, one day of gossip, the strength of gossip no less, and this little gal blurts out this stuff in court!

Hello? Hey! Tony Serra! You out there? Ford Greene? Any great attorneys (I kinda idolize Greene and Serra). Well, if I am wrong about this one incident or unfounded or ungrounded on my outrageous claims here, let me know! I will buy ya'll dinner, yup, that's right, dinner's on me if I'm wrong (at Smiley's), anything you want (just keep it under two dollars) and I'll change you oil and filter on your car, too. That's the kinda guy I am.

One last thing—I sent a letter to Lauren Hallinan. I sent it as "legal mail," being indigent and in pro per, legal mail was marked on the outside of the envelope. Addressed to Lauren Hallinan, Legal Aid of Marin. Communications between defendants and attorneys are "sacrosanct". I was writing legal eagles in amicus which means friendly advisories, yup, I'm writing 'em. The jailer returned it five days later for lack of postage! Hallinan is a big name in the legal community. I guess they couldn't resist opening it, which is a big-time no, no. Yes, it was returned opened. Their reasoning was it was not "addressed correctly." It was addressed correctly, believe me. I am having a very hard time writing this because I am so enraged.

Funny, I sent another letter out in the same fashion to the gals at Marin Public Defender's office and it got there fine. Something tells me they made a big mistake.

Just in case you don't know—the Hallinans are an old generational family of San Francisco lawyers. Patrick had that nightmare up in Nevada that finally got resolved (some dope dealer accused Patrick of being the mastermind of the smuggling schemes in order to cut a sweetheart deal with prosecutors. Patrick was the guy's lawyer for awhile, but this snake of a lying, spineless snitch failed to convince the jury of his scapegoat tactic. They had put Patrick Hallinan on trail behind this bogus beef.

So we are all subject to rank injustice in this present day America. Push will come to shove one day. Someone will get caught with their pants down, hands white knuckled and greasy, fist stuck in the cookie jar—zap!

Patrick's brother Terrence Hallinan may soon possibly most likely be—the next District Attorney of San Francisco.


Sonoma Jailhouse

2777 Ventura Ave.

Santa Rosa 95403

P.S. Write! Let's see if they obstruct mail. I'll donate any lawsuit money to a community beach effort!

Suing Humane Society Injustice

Thank you for printing in your July issue the letter that I wrote to Carl Bondarenko, another resident of Marin jail, for publicly expressing his opinion about an important local topic.

On July 21, I sent a letter to the attorney for the Marin Humane Society. There were three topics addressed: 1) Had he seen my letter in the July issue of the Post? Proof that even when I am in jail the MHS cannot silence me; 2) yielding to the pressure of a visiting judge for the MHS to dismiss its lawsuit against me would cause the temporary injunction to be dissolved, as would the conditions of probation when my trial was determined to be unfair on appeal; 3) still needing to be explained to the MHS board is that because Marin County rents the entire MHS facility (for $7,067 per month), the owner of the property (MHS) relinquishes its possessory interest in the property to the tenant (Marin County) and therefore, the directors and staff of the MHS have no legal control over who can come on the property for as long as the contract is structured as it is.

One month later, two days prior to when I was to be released, I was charged with violating the condition of my probation which says: "Do not contact, by any means, any employee, agent or officer of the Marin Humane Society." I pled not guilty, bail was set at $20,000 and a hearing on the petition to revoke my probation is currently scheduled for August 29. Until then, I remain in jail. If the District Attorney is successful, I could be kept in jail anywhere from one day to perhaps six months.

Given that there is a civil suit against me brought by the MHS, and a cross-complaint I filed against them, and with the District Attorney interpreting the order of Judge Vernon Smith (giving credit where credit is due), how am I to defend myself against the MHS or further my action against them?

For those concerned about how taxpayer dollars are spent: Why is the Marin Humane Society, a non-profit corporation that does NOT pay any taxes, able to use all the resources of the Office of Marin County District Attorney to wage war against its political enemies at taxpayer expense when there are civil remedies that can be equally effective that not only are available to be used, but are being used, paying the cost of the MHS attorney and related expenses with the "candy money" allowances and neighborhood odd-job earnings of children induced to give by the picture of puppies and kittens on collection boxes located on supermarket check-out counters?

In one of the many books I have read in jail, I found this:

"How is anyone convinced his cause is just? By seeing that there are those who desperately wish to stop him." (The Horcroft Covenant)

So that the murder of my beloved beagle/springer twins, Jason and Suzy, by the MHS shall not be forgotten, I will continue my efforts to educate Marin residents duped by the slick public relations efforts of the MHS about what the Directors, management staff and some employees are really doing behind closed doors. All offers of help will be much appreciated and graciously received.

* * *

I am finally out of jail. For writing a letter, while in jail, to the attorney for the Marin Humane Society, addressing it to him, in care of the Marin Humane Society (deemed to be a public agency by Superior Court Judge Robert Law on September 30, 1994) and using the address of the Society, so that the postage would be paid by the County of Marin as legal mail, I was sentenced to remain in jail two additional weeks. Of course, with a civil lawsuit in each direction, there are many necessary and appropriate reasons to contact the man, but Judge Vernon Smith is trying as hard as he can to make it all but impossible for me to defend myself against specious charges against me and to prosecute the Marin Humane Society and several of the nasty people there who had a hand in lying to Superior Court Judge Dufficy, telling him they needed to take Jason and Suzy only to put them "in rabies quarantine as required by law" and then killed them the same day.

Since being released, I have been working diligently to gather information to prove that at least three public servants committed perjury at my trial. The next step is to coax the D.A. to prosecute them. At the first indication of disinterest, I'm going to the Grand Jury. If those who lie under oath make their testimony a farce; I think we should all refuse to say those useless words. Think of the savings in clerk's time, Court Reporter paper, judge's time, and the diminishing of the burden on jurors. When was someone in Marin last prosecuted for perjury? I think long before the "Hall of Just Us" was built.

I have filed a $1,200,000 plus claim against the City of Novato. It represents $10,000 for each day I was in the Marin County Jail because of Novato Police Department Captain Reginald Lyles (who lives in San Francisco but enforces violations of the Penal Code in Novato a few days a week). But he ignores the Constitution. Not much fun enforcing that.

In early November, when he told me about the line painted on the curbs alongside the driveway at the MHS to mark the start of the MHS property, he also told me that if I stayed on the public side of the line I could distribute my literature as could any American citizen, and do so without interference. He also wrote me a letter that said the same thing. My return letter asked him to provide me with a police escort to assure that there would be no more lies by MHS zealots about where I stood when I went to educate unwary believers about how the "humane" folks there murdered Jason and Suzy.

I told him that I would be willing to limit my activities to two hours each Saturday afternoon, and only when it wasn't raining. He could pick the time so that it would minimally inconvenience his officers. All I asked is that one of them park their patrol car in the lot at the MHS and do paperwork. If there was a need to attend to an emergency, I would be happy to wait in my car across the street until the officer returned. At my trial he said he refused my request because it was "ridiculous." He thought it no different than if I was going to rob a bank and wanted an officer with me to protect my civil rights.

Obviously, he doesn't understand that he was hired to protect EVERYONE from abuses of the law, including protecting me from the lies of the MHS, who choose to ignore the Constitution as it applies to me rather than lift a finger to challenge the accuracy of any of the accusations made by me: to offer to debate, to create literature of their own; provide honest answers to questions about what it is I report. They say I have a right to distribute literature that is critical of them, but they refuse all offers to put my literature on their lobby counter. The best the MHS P.R. lady can do is go around telling law-enforcement types that I "must be prosecuted" for "how seriously I have violated the restraining order," which, as of mid-trial in February, SHE HAD NEVER READ.

As it does you, the Constitution protects me from interference with my peaceful expression of free speech. It does NOT protect non-profit corporations that PAY NO TAXES but use the TAXPAYER-FINANCED Office of the Marin County District Attorney to fight its political enemies with YOUR HARD-EARNED BUCKS. As I told the Novato City Council, Captain Lyles needs to learn a $1,200,000 lesson about what his job is SUPPOSED to be about. He needs to understand that when people associated with the MHS interfere with me providing literature about MHS to those who want it, THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW. But the guy is fixated on the notion that the MHS is a law-enforcement agency and that anyone connected with it must be always telling the truth. (He also thinks that victims of a crime and eyewitnesses to the commission of a crime are synonymous terms. I swear it. Go look at the transcripts in the Court's file.)

In October of 1994, I asked the Novato City council to instruct the NPD to stop harassing me. I did not have, and still do not have, any negative feelings about anyone who LIVES in Novato. I'm real sorry, folks, but your government leaders had more than a fair warning.

Employment update: The lady who lied about me following her into the parking lot 90 feet and forcing my literature on her is doing great. After 23 months of part-time subcontracting as a graphic artist for the MHS, a mere six weeks after she said, "Mr. Gossman, I'm arresting you for violating the court order," the first day of a new payroll reporting quarter, she's on full-time with all the benefits. One thing is for certain, Diane Allevato knows who to reward, and how, to keep the bullshit moving smoothly through the tubes.

Next month you'll hear about how a Court Report can all but eliminate the possibility of meaningful appeal.



Marin City Development No Help To Residents

This is an open letter to the residents of Marin City to let you know the reasons why the Marin City community Services District (CSD) has not done anything to maintain the Flea Market in Marin City or sue the Marin County Redevelopment Agency for relocation benefits that we are entitled to through the State Relocation Law.

For the past four years, the CSD attorney has looked at every available location in this county to replace the Flea Market. He was met with the same story—NOT IN MY BACK YARD. It should be noted that this was not the real responsibility of the CSD to look for a new location, but the Redevelopment Agency and the development team (Marin City Community Development Corp. (CDC).

In 1993 and 1994, our attorney gave the CSD our legal options that are available to replace Flea Market Revenue:

"The District's options are listed as follows:

"1. Submit to the electorate a property tax increase;

"2. Creation of special assessment districts;

"3. Renegotiate agreement with "consortium" to increase in-lieu revenue;

"4. Terminate relationship with "consortium" and sue consortium for fraud and misrepresentation regarding Marin City USA's "Community Center" and Manzanita Center renovation; and/or

"5. Sue Marin County Redevelopment Agency for relocation benefits (although this is a somewhat different issue from the central issue of replacement revenue).

"In my opinion the District cannot sue Marin County or the Redevelopment Agency directly for loss of revenue. There is no legal theory that would support such an action unless the County or its Redevelopment Agency were directly involved in the taking of District property for public use.

"The closest the District can come to implicating the county and its redevelopment Agency in a lawsuit is by claiming relocation benefits through the state Relocation Law (the theory being that the developer is serving as an agent for the Redevelopment Agency and as such becomes responsible for relocation benefits triggered by the "public" action.)

"Even if the District were successful, the District would be limited to relocation benefits as defined under state law. Relocation benefits should not be confused with replacement revenue."

Why didn't the Marin City CSD fight to save our Flea Market?

The CSD Board did not fight because there is a "conflict of interest" on the CSD Board and the CDC Board. Essie Hardy and Ben Myles sit on both boards. Delores Coleman and Diane Kamai were recent employees of the CDC. These four Board Members of the CSD are willing to let the Flea Market close for the sake of "development." However, they know that without the necessary revenue from the Flea Market, the District will be forced to close.

With the closure of the District, what will happen to the Senior Center and the Recreation Center?

All in the name of development!

A development that offers 600 jobs to residents of Marin City who are not qualified. A development that offers housing to working residents whose income does not quality. A development that tried to force Hayden's Market out of business. A development that forced the Enterprise Business out of business. However, they claim to support community businesses.

This development is not for us!


Marin City

Three Strikes Inhumane

I am writing about our judicial system and the direction we as human beings are taking. I am speaking of the "three strikes, you're out" law. We are seeing more and more articles concerning the law. I have yet to read any positive impact on the "war on crime." Quite the contrary. We are cutting community programs, education, and other positive monies, for negative avenues.

Over 70% of criminal cases we have read about have been blatant travesties of justice. The life sentence imposed on the man with the stolen pizza, the drug problem, the minor crime—this law is cruel and inhuman. It must change and quickly. Already many counties (including Marin) have adopted their own guidelines for a third strike offender., not imposing a third strike if the charge is not violent. Cases have already taken a man's ten, even fifteen-year-old prior convictions. The man, since paying his debt, has now become a responsible, productive member of the community for as many years. His now non-serious offense ultimately warehouses him for a minimum of 25 years in prison. Is this what justice has become?

The 70% of those convicted under this law are imprisoned for non-violent offenses. This law has taken our paid, elected, judge's right to judge away! In Marin alone, I have personal knowledge of only two convictions where the judge did not in some way utter the words," I am sorry, but my hands are tied. I am forced to sentence you to life in prison." Judges are here to enforce the law, to pass judgment for crimes, in a legal, competent, compassionate and humane manner. We may as well categorize and computerize what section human being falls under for his crime, and send him on his way to prison.

What is society coming to when you can visualize automated judges in our near future? Imprisoning for life non-violent drug users and petty thieves is inhuman. Inhumanity breeds inhumanity. We cannot allow our fellow human beings to become nothing more than a commodity.

To Marin and California residents, spending for higher education and other social services will have to fall more than 40% in the next eight years to cover costs. The state of California estimates $40,000 per year to house one prisoner. Multiply the minimum 25 year sentence and we will pay one million per person. Now we see our county D.A.s, our state and local officials, campaigning for more money from state and federal agencies, and ultimately from the people's pocket.

This law needs to stop and be conformed before we imprison ourselves. Make all three strikes of a serious nature. The law should NOT allow 10-15 year old convictions, much less juvenile convictions to be used without a judge having any control. The judges should be allowed to do their jobs. Every case is of different circumstances, by different human beings. How can we justify not allowing a judge to use compassion and experience? We must impose stronger, harsher, more severe penalties for violent first and repeat offenders. Governor Pete Wilson was politically motivated when he rushed this law without any guidelines. This law has seriously missed its mark.


San Rafael

Pot Prohibition Profitable

Mon cher confrere Pebbles Trippet writes so touchingly of the idiocy of his imprisonment for something so inherently innocuous. Possession of a little pot. To relieve migraine. Medically well known, advised. And no, I do not "use" pot. At all. Thanks very much for not asking.

But my as-yet-unmet friend does demonstrate a sort of charming innocence. Does he really not know why the powers find it necessary to keep pot illegal? Not to mention cocaine. But that is still more serious, and we may come to that later.

Minor—and major—fortunes are to be made because pot is illegal. By growers. Dealers. And cops. Could any thinking person doubt it? It is essential to keep innocuous things illegal if the powerful profit importantly. And raise high the prison walls. About the greatest growth industry—North Americans have a memory span, typically of the mentally mildly retarded. It scarcely precedes their birth. Does anyone with two brain cells to rub together fail to realize that vast fortunes were made during Prohibition because of Prohibition? The name Kennedy occurs. So now prohibition of something far less dangerous than alcohol is almost certainly far more profitable. And that is, of course, why brother Trippett is pointlessly languishing in jail, of course, with other thousands. Some judges—mostly in New York, oddly—are refusing to hear drug case that carry mandatory statutory penalties, because they are so grotesquely draconian. Good on ya, mates!

And now we come to cocaine. Oh well. Why bother? We all know what steams the CIA engine in those "emergencies" when it cannot get all the money it needs from Congress for its totally illegal activities. They are as countless as the tropic sands.

Enough. Ich habe geniig: I have seen enough. In fact, much too much.



If I Were The Flag...

I read a recent letter to the Post concerning the protection deserved to our Flag and I felt that I had to answer this gentleman's letter on this subject. Last June 14th we celebrated the 218th anniversary of the birth of our Flag, and I would like to answer his column as I feel the flag itself would if it were at all possible.

I am just a piece of cloth in three colors, but it's what I represent which makes me so important to so many citizens of my country. I represent a nation of people who came from many lands each bearing a gift of Faith, Hope and Freedom. Out of their labors and prayers, the bounty of the earth, and their hopes of a new world, God fashioned a Nation, in love with Freedom, blessed it with a Divine purpose and called it America. What a Nation we have become! We do have Freedom: Freedom to live where we please, freedom to work at whatever honest job we elect for ourselves; freedom to travel from ocean-to-ocean and anywhere in between without passes or passports. Were it not for this piece of cloth we might not have this freedom. All that is good and great about our great country is represented by this piece of cloth.

The next time you see me waving in the breeze, look at me reverently and thank God for me. Never let my enemies tear me down from my lofty position lest I never return. Keep alight my fire of Patriotism, strive ever for my Spirit of Democracy, worship God and keep his Commandments. Only then shall I represent the bulwark of Peace, Freedom and Democracy for all men EVERYWHERE. For I am Old Glory, the symbol of your America, your emblem for all to see, the one common bond for all Americans.

I was born on June 14, 1777. At first as a very young flag, I only had 13 stars in my blue field. As it still is today, I had 13 stripes of red and white, which then as now represented the 13 colonies which fought to secure my young nation's freedom from Great Britain. I have now lived for 218 years and have always been part of the struggle and growth of our great nation. I have been carried into every battle since I was first made at Ft. Schuyler at Rome, New York on August 3, 1777. I was at Ft. McHenry at Baltimore Maryland in the war of 1812 and felt shrapnel tear at my fabric, but I survived and waved proudly in the rockets' red glare. With love, I have draped my protecting folds around your sons and daughters who gave their "last full measure of devotion" to defend the country they loved, that you might continue the fruits and benefits of our freedom. I have gone to the moon and am still there planted as a monument to your skill, technology, ability and courage of your sons and daughters toward the cause of science and human endeavor.

It saddens me that a few citizens of our country have so little regard for me and what I stand for that they burn and desecrate me because I haven't been for them all that they thought I should be. For those, my true meaning is lost to their selfishness and anger. This is a national disgrace, for I feel that the majority of my Americans consider me a symbol of the Democracy they seek to improve upon and preserve for their children.

Yes, I am your flag, and I fly proudly over you and your Nation, a visible representation of the land of the free and the brave. More than this, I am a beacon of hope for all people who live under subjugation everywhere in the world. In view of the grave disservice being imposed upon me, I strongly favor a Constitutional Amendment for me to be honored and preserved as the symbol of our Freedom and Democracy. I will then be no longer just a piece of colored cloth to be dishonored and burned by those who have no respect for me and my people's history, suffering and meaning. I will then truly be your flag.



Foolish Gun Arguments

I am indebted to John F. Saiz of Sausalito for his September letter that so eloquently restated and reinforced the main points of my column and letter. I also applaud his diligence in demonstrating once again—and so spectacularly—that anti-gun bigots who have no valid arguments to refute pro-gun statements invariably choose the ad hominem route of attacking the messenger rather than the message.

Many thanks, John. You did well on both counts.

* * *

In clearing out some old files I came across an astounding, and apparently unanswered, Coastal Post letter of December 17 from Mr. Joshua S. Klein of San Anselmo, responding to an earlier letter from Mr. William T. Wetzel.

Mr. Klein, in his assiduous attention to detail, wrote that in a recent year guns had been used "in 9,766.6 murders, 63,787,621 aggravated assaults and 36,882.618 robberies. That's a grand total of 110,436.86 cases in which guns were used for just three different crimes."

We are fortunate indeed to have citizens of such diligence in our community who actually go to the trouble to carrying murders and crime totals out to two decimal places, and assaults and robberies out to three. No doubt those fractional crimes do help clarify the picture for us all.


San Rafael

Who Profits, Who Cares About Hospital Merger?

Re: The proposed new and larger facility for Novato Community Hospital

Two things bother me: First, hospitals are merging. California Health Systems plans to join Sutter Health, which merges California Pacific Medical Center, Alta-Bates Medical Center, Marin General Hospital and Mills-Peninsula Hospitals with Sutter Health. This will regionalize care, meaning patients will go to a different hospital depending on their problem. For instance, you might go to California Pacific for an organ transplant but Marin General for obstetrics. How the hospitals will interact in this new configuration will presumably be determined by Sutter Health, and what niche Novato Community will be given is unclear. Therefore, can a larger hospital for Novato be justified?

My second concern is that Novato Community Hospital is already part of Sutter Health. To me, this means it is a private hospital. So how can the taxpayers be asked to foot the bill? Isn't that a little like Kaiser asking for tax money to build them a new facility? I doubt anyone would be interested in feeding Kaiser's coffers in this way. The question then is: If a new hospital is built, who owns it and who controls it—the citizens of Marin, or Novato Community Hospital/Sutter Health (soon to be Sutter Health/CHS)?

There is a lot here that is puzzling and worrisome; not the least of which is, will patients get the care they need at any hospital, and who pockets all the money?


Corte Madera

More On Amalgams Wanted

Thank you for the letter from Silver re. the dental amalgams. I think he is calling attention to something we should all know more about. I would like to hear more from him. In fact, why not more for all of us readers? Would an article be possible?




No Restaurant, No Chef, No Cooks

Wake up, Phyllis Pfeiffer! Ms. Pfeiffer is the boss at the Independent Journal. The September 14 IJ Weekend lists a defunct Mill Valley restaurant "Bistro! Bistro!" and even names the chef. Well, Chef Pascal departed long ago, too. "Bistro! Bistro!" was a great restaurant, but it didn't survive. Sorry, Phyllis.

* * *

A Novato friend gave us a copy of Healthstyles which came in her mailbox. It was brimming with ideas as how best you can share your cash with Marin General. Healthstyles tells those who pause to read it that since October 30, 1993, 2,806 donors have contributed $1,768,901 to MGH. That should defray some administrative expense at the "non-profit community medical center."

Hospital CEO Henry J. Buhrmann told Healthstyles readers: "...we are implementing a sound and thoughtful plan to re-deploy our staff in teams which allows them to function at the upper limits of their training and experience." Translation: Expect to be cared for as a patient by less qualified people. A Coastal Post letter writer wondered if cooks would be assisting in surgery. Well, it hasn't come to that, of course, but our writer got the general direction right.

Negative Watermelor Reward

Please tell Kirby Ferris to cheer up. Farmer Jones did have to stop growing watermelons and he did abandon his farm and move away. However, Farmer Jones never did sell the farm, and sometime after leaving the farm, he found out about "farm subsidies." Farmer Jones is now paid a handsome sum for not growing watermelons.



Suppressing Consumer-Friendly News

Re. Leveraging power, the Unabomber, Senator Packwood and car dealers

Strange bedfolk? Is anyone surprised to read that Senator Packwood acknowledged in his "diary dearest" the greasing of the legislative skids for the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA)? Or that the Federal Trade Commission recently quietly sanctioned 44 South Bay car dealers for restraint of free trade when they retaliated against the San Jose Mercury News for publishing a consumer-friendly story, "A Car Buyer's Guide to Sanity," which received scant coverage in any Bay Area newspapers except for perfunctory newswire reportage of the New York Times bylined story? Or that the anonymous Unabomber receives so much "news" and editorial space in every newspaper in the world? Certainly murdering people by mail is a cowardly and dastardly act, and one which negates any good which might otherwise be in his or her ideas.

Considering the billions of dollars in inflated profits that some elements of the car industry milk from unsuspecting consumers —by lying, cheating and stealing; by such practices as grounding, flipping and turning, double-dipping, artificially shorting supply, curb-stoning, lemon-laundering; nondisclosure of defects and hidden damage repairs on new cars; invoice tampering or falsification, price gouging, unchecked profit creep; removing fuel, bumpers or other items present on the vehicle at the time of sale; and a plethora of other unfair, manipulative and often fraudulent sales and service practices—the overall impact on society, our economy and our families is merely a difference of degree.

And we permit this to occur to sell a product of considerable expense which nearly everyone needs at least once every five or six years, and a product which needs constant expensive maintenance. Don't expect to see "A Car Buyer's Guide to Sanity" again unless you go to your library to retrieve it.

Sex harassers, mail-order murderers, some car dealers and manufacturers, whores and pimps—strange bedfolks traveling in overlapping circles? (Excuse me please, I apologize for libeling and slandering whores by including them in this group.)

Buying a car or opening your mail: keep your eyes and ears peeled folks, for it's still CARveat Emptor! And it will remain so until everyone demands "FAIR CAR SALES and SERVICE" legislation that is authorized in the public interest rather than by the NADA in its own interest.


San Rafael

Not Ordinary News

My husband passed away April 24, 1995. He used to enjoy reading your paper, and so it is in his memory I will re-subscribe to it. It is an interesting paper and gives news one does not find in the Independent Journal and Ross Valley Times.


San Anselmo

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