The Coastal Post - October, 1995

Join The Nuclear Test-Earthquake Watch


Several readers have asked that the Coastal Post publish the upcoming nuclear test dates so they can watch for earthquake movement and/or be prepared for the next one. After all, many of the tests worldwide may have activated California faults.

A call to Greenpeace revealed that these dates are very hush-hush and no one seems to have any information. However, the Post will continue to check this out, as it's an excellent idea.

What we will do in this article is review the results since testing began anew in May with a sidebar of killer quakes between 1950 and 1989.

All this information is hard for one reporter to keep coherent. What's needed are some helping hands. Someone who scientifically understands weather patterns of Pacific ocean currents, volcanic action or any information that allows us to chart correlations we may be missing.

For example, since the second Chinese test on August 17, there was a constant series of hurricanes in the Caribbean. It seemed those hurricanes were winding down when the French test was set off and the hurricanes continued forming. But is this scientific fact, or did it just seem that way?

Also remember a day after that test, a dormant volcano in the same waters began to activate. When was the last time anyone remembers an active volcano in the Caribbean Islands? Or so many hurricanes in one period?

It is hurricane season and a hurricane was already building in the Caribbean on the day of the Chinese test, but under normal circumstances the hurricane would have built, done its damage for a couple of days, and faded away.

However, that hurricane stayed around for two weeks and on its heels, literally pushing it from the east, was a series of five more storms. Look at the damage in the Virgin Islands. That's the abnormal part of the equation.

But back to the connection between nuclear testing and corresponding earthquakes.

The Chinese and French have, so far, cleverly held their blast sizes down to low-middle range. I say cleverly because if the powers-that-be are developing weapons based on creating earthquakes in designated areas, they couldn't better obscure the results than set off tests in the 10 to 30 kiloton range. These tests have usually set off corresponding quakes of the same magnitude.

Looking at what quakes which occurred within 32 hours after the three nuclear tests since May.

May 15, 4:05:58 UTC, 6.1 ground zero, Chinese test.

May 16, 20:12:45 UTC, 7.7 quake, New Caledonia near Indonesia

May 17, 11:23:51 UTC, 6.5 quake, same area

August 17, :59:57 UTC, 5.4 ground zero, Chinese test;

August 17, 22:39:58 UTC, 5.4 quake Ridgecrest, California

August 18, 1:57:19 UTC, 5.3 quake Mariana Islands near Guam; 2:16:24 UTC, 5.8 quake Southern Sandwich Islands in South Atlantic near Falkirk; 2:20:36 UTC, 5.7 quake same area

September 5, 21:30 UTC, 4.7 ground zero, French test; 16:29:48 UTC.

September 5, 3.3 quake Antioch, Central California; 16:L31:12 UTC, 3.2 quake felt from Los Almos to Concord; 20:27:17 UTC, 4.9 quake 29 Palms, California

Information from the National Earthquake Center, Golden, Colorado.

Several small quakes occurred in Healdsburg and the East Bay several days after the last Chinese and French tests.

This reporter was remiss on getting the UTCs to compare. If related, and they well might have been, they were at the end of the time limit of five days. A few occurred between 5-10 days.

Another area this reporter will check out in the next update is the series of small quakes on the New Madrid Fault which runs north/south along the Mississippi Valley region. For example, a 3.1 quake shook Dysberg Missouri. In May, there was a quake in Tennessee. In September, a quake occurred in Oklahoma. Then there was that volcanic action in the Caribbean in August just south of the New Madrid Fault.