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Thurs. July 30, 8-12, LADIES NIGHT with Emma
Fri. July 31, 9-1, SNAKE PLISSKIN
Sat. August 1 9-1 JENNY KERR BAND
Sun. Aug. 2, 8-11, OPEN MIC with DIANA
Mon. Aug. 3, 8-12, rec. spin, reggae SUCKER FREE
Wed. Aug. 5, 8-12, LARRY'S KARAOKE
Thurs. Aug. 6, 8-11, THE MUSHROOMS
Fri. Aug. 7, Americana, SACRED PROFANITIES
Sat. August 8,, 9-1, JIMBO TROUT & THE FISH PEOPLE
Sun. Aug. 9, 8-11, OPEN MIC New Moon Players
Mon. Aug. 10, 8-12, rec. spin, reggae SUCKER FREE
Wed. Aug. 12, 8-12, LARRY'S KARAOKE
Thurs. Aug. 13, 8-12 DEAREST
Fri. Aug. 14, 9-1, rec. spin, reggae SUCKER FREE
Sat. Aug. 15, country, 9-1 JUST FRIENDS
Sun. Aug. 16, 8-12, OPEN MIC New Moon Players
Mon. Aug. 17, 8-12, spin, reggae SUCKER FREE
Wed. Aug. 19, 8-12, LARRY'S KARAOKE
Thurs. Aug. 20, 8-12, MOTHER MAGICA
Fri. Aug. 21, 9-1, SAVANNA BLUE
Sat. Aug. 22, 9-1, big band funk, MONOPHONICS
Sun. Aug. 23, 8-12 OPEN MIC New Moon Players
Mon. Aug. 24, 8-12, spin, reggae SUCKER FREE
Wed. Aug. 26, 7:30-9:30, MIDNIGHT ON THE WATER & BIRTHDAY
Thurs. Aug. 27, 7-10, LADIE'S NIGHT
Fri. Aug. 28, 9-1, Rockn' Blues, GEORGE HAGGERTY
Sat. Aug. 29 , 9-1, rockn' Jazz TOM FINCH BAND
Sun. Aug. 30, 8-11, OPEN MIC with DIANA
Mon. Aug. 31 8-12, spin, reggae SUCKER FRE
August, 2009 Volume 34, Number 08

(415)868-1600 - (415)868-0502(fax) - P.O. Box 31, Bolinas, CA, 94924
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How Corporate Media, Sellouts in Congress and Industry Bigs Have Hijacked the Health Care Debate By Joshua Holland,
If you can frame the terms of a debate, you've gone a long way towards winning it before you've begun. Tragically, Republicans, the health care ind
Pot & Movies: Wouldn't Cheech and Chong Would be Pleased By Michael O'Faolain
As Mendocino County's experiment with embossed zip ties for legal medical marijuana plants seems to be proving effective even raising some revenue,
The Great California Slump Is Upon Us And We Won't Admit It By Michael O'Faolain
When I wrote in May that California's Great Recession likely will begin "in earnest" in July 2009, I hadn't really thought about a proper name for
US Troops Hiding Out In Iraqi Homes By David Swanson
A few words from U.S. troops in Iraq, all quoted in Chapter 1 of Dahr Jamail's brilliant new book "The Will to Resist: Soldiers Who refuse to Fight
Left Out: What the Left Ignored About Barack Obama By Sandy LeonVest
Progressives shouldn't act so surprised, now that their 'ignore-ance' during the 2008 campaign has come back to bite them ... From the farthest corne
Gaza Sets The Standard For Atrocity By Dave Himmelstein
Gaza is bleeding. Starving. Raising mud huts amid uncleared rubble. The International Committee of the Red Cross confirms that adequate food, m
West Marin: Preserved in Amber or Simply Coprophitic? By Stephen Simac
West Marin is an emerald necklace of unique villages on or near Highway One. They are both protected and connected by narrow, twisty roads to Mar
White's Hill Madness By Karen Nakamura
White's Hill is becoming a death trap. And that's despite relevant and speedy action by Marin officials to avoid it. With the popularity of long
Alert: Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine Dangers By Stephen Lendman
These vaccines are untested, toxic, extremely dangerous to the human immune system... they must be avoided, even if mandated. On July 13, a World H
There Could Be Amnesty For 30 Million Illegals By Labor Day
July 2009: Conducting interviews on this topic is the founder and president of the Minuteman Project Jim Gilchrist. The lead Democrat steering an
The Future For Farmers Farmers and those in the agriculture economy have a lot to lose as greenhouse gases increasingly trap more heat at the plane
Escalating Afghan War Will Destroy Obama
Escalating the war in Afghanistan will destroy the Obama presidency "almost as surely as (Viet) Nam and Iraq destroyed Johnson's, Nixon's and Bush
The Global Warming Swindle: Hey Buddy, It's Cooling! By Mathaba
The global climate has entered a phase of cooling... not warming July 9 (LPAC)-Even as the U.S. Senate and the Group of 8 nations meeting in Italy
A Needed Discussion On Israeli/Palestinian Conflict By Karen Nakamura
Greater numbers of Jewish Americans are looking for answers to Israeli's role in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. What they want is facts and figu
A Few Facts About the Honduran Military Coup By Ken Silverstein
1 There's very little truth to anything you've read about the coup in American newspapers. 2 President Manuel Zelaya is no radical. He approved a
ACLU Says Government Used False Confessions By Del Quentin Wilber
Washington Post Staff Writer The American Civil Liberties Union yesterday accused the Obama administration of using statements elicited through t
He's Not High: Inside Barney Frank's Plan to Legalize Marijuana By John H. Richardson
While Congress debates health care, handles the economic downturn, and the quagmire in Afghanistan, Congressman Barney Frank is eyeing America's dr
INTIFADA-Voice of Palestine Desperate Fanatics: The ADL Pounds The Table! By Alan Sabrosky
Fanatics, it has been observed, are those who redouble their efforts when they lose sight of their goal, or at least feel its attainment slipping f
Marin Mom Goes To Gaza By Jonea Schillaci-Lavergne
On May 28th 66 delegates, organized by CODEPINK, gathered at the Pension Roma hotel in Cairo, Egypt where we prepared for a long trip across the Si
Libertarians Respond To Obama Healthcare Press Conference
WASHINGTON -- Libertarian National Committee Communications Director Donny Ferguson issued the following statement Wednesday night, in response to Pre
Health Insurer's Practices Revealed Beating Back Reform
In an interview with PBS's Bill Moyers last Friday, former health insurance executive Wendell Potter spoke out against the practices of health insu
Al-Jazeera Shut Down in West Bank After Guest Accuses Palestinian President in Death of Yassir Arafat
The Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera was forced today to suspend its operations in the West Bank, one day after a guest on the station accused the Pa
Officials Offer Summer Preparedness Tips For Seniors And Individuals With Disabilities
SACRAMENTO - Officials with the California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) and the state California Department of Public Health (CDPH) recommend
Project Censored Needs Your Support
Project Censored and Media Freedom Foundation need your continuing support to document important news stories from independent media ignored by the m
Is Obama Continuing the Bush/Cheney Assassination Program? By Jeremy Scahill
Congress is outraged that Cheney concealed a CIA program to assassinate al Qaeda leaders, but they should also be investigating why Obama is continuin
Telling the Truth About The War on Drugs By Walter Cronkite
March 1, 2006 08:42 PM As anchorman of the CBS Evening News, I signed off my nightly broadcasts for nearly two decades with a simple statement: "And
How To Save The Planet
The public is invited to view the remarkable film HOME by renowned aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand to be shown Tuesday, August 4th at 7:0
Alternative News? By Frank Scott
The performance of both corporate and independent media reporting the Iranian election should provoke apprehension among news consumers. When conse
UN Returns The Clinton Fox To The Haiti Hen House
Wealthy Haitians wanted Aristide out. For the United States, that was all that really counted. -author Randall Robinson
Moo Town News By Judy Borello
Don't Regulate Ag Out Of Business! We've known it was coming, and we'd hoped that Farm Bureau's requests for fairness and reason would have had som
Dumping for Dollars in West Marin In West Marin recently, CalTrans resurfaced Highway One going north out of Point Reyes Station. They did a nice job.
Everyone Out of Jerusalem... W. Muir I've heard enough about this depression, how well it will end, and that the end is in sight. I have also he
Letters To The Editor
Good Public Policy Comes From Independent Politicians Congratulations to Assemblyman Juan Arambula who recently switched from Democrat to independ
'There Is No Way I Will Deploy to Afghanistan' -- Seeds of Dissent in the U.S. Military Are Growing By Dahr Jamail, Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute
Editor's Note: The following is an introduction by Tom Engelhardt. The All-Volunteer Force (AVF) exists for a reason captured in a study by Colonel R
Z Street - The New Zionist Extremist Group By Stephen Lendman
Mathaba Analyst Stephen Lendman takes a look at Z Street On July 6, co-founders Lori Lowenthal Marcus and Allyson Rowen Taylor announced: "Z Street
How Constant War Became the American Way of Life By David Bromwich,
Tomdispatch.com_Posted On July 16, in a speech to the Economic Club of Chicago, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that the "central question"

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