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April, 2009


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ADL VS. CP: Godzilla against Cerberus
By Stephen Simac

"There is a powerful lobby determined to prevent any view other than its own from being aired... The tactics of the Israel Lobby plumb the depths of dishonor and indecency and include character assassination, selective misquotation, willful distortion of the record, fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the truth. The aim of this Lobby is control of the policy process through a veto over the appointment of people who dispute the wisdom of its view." -Ambassador Charles Freeman, after the lobby killed his appointment to chair the National Intelligence Council.

Being targeted by the Avid Defamers League has been very, very good for the Coastal Post. Circulation really picked up. Papers were flying out of racks. On-line numbers went huge after the ADL blacklisted this Marin County newspaper as anti-semantic.
Few had ever heard about the Post until Lil' Abie Foxman's defaming organization put us on their naughty list. They said they'd been keeping an eye on us for a while, but printing an article by someone named Israel, of all things, gained the honor.

Now, costs for printing the Post are being covered by the Tooth Fairy, or some other anonymous angel. I haven't seen Don this happy since the 80's. The Coastal Post was published weekly then. People barely had time to read all the rants, before the next ones were spewing. A monthly pace allows readers to catch their breath from bellowing in rage about some item or other in these pages.

With the red ink staunched, the CP is one of the few papers that are financially stable these days. So we're starting a consulting business. We're beginning with free advice to the other two West Marin papers.

First, switch to publishing every other week, trading off. Your advertisers will thank you. With more time to write them, your articles could be half as good as ours. Second, charge admission to the community theater showcasing your ongoing feud. Move these fundraisers around from town to town, give us all a laugh. Third, when in doubt, piss someone off. Maybe you'll get blacklisted too. Fourth, consider becoming a truly, free press. Readers prefer not paying for news.

The worst thing about this ADL sliming is no one's been pissed off about my stuff lately. At least enough to write a letter to the editor. Missing outrage is why I've been relegated to the darkest heart of the interior. Only the rare reader ventures this deep, past the bristling front pages. Certainly not any gentle ones.

It was just as hard to sell advertising in the 80's as it is with the minions of the Dark Side trying to choke off a free press. I was in the Stinson Beach library recently when one of their scuttlers went off on the librarian for carrying the Post. And they only have one copy. (When they haven't stolen it.) They could've run Stalin's Soviet gulag.

The CP prints what nobody else will. After all, why bother reading a free tabloid for the same old shit in the unfree rags. Content is way cheaper too. Of course, advertisers are wary, it's like petting a three-headed dog. There's a risk one of 'em will bite. It's not like our advertisers agreed with everything in here, but they believe in supporting a truly free press. Let them know you appreciate their courage against the enemies of freedom. Remember, if you like the CP, but especially if you hate it, send a dollar or five.

Any news outlet that criticizes the Zionist Occupied Government will eventually draw the ADL and their flying lizards, like mutant reptiles. This non-registered foreign agent is missing some teeth since it went after former President Jimmy Carter for calling Israel's treatment of Palestinians worse than Apartheid. And that was before their Christmas holiday massacre.

The ADL was finally convicted after spying on hundreds of Americans for years, with the help of San Francisco police officers. They had to pay a fine to some of their victims, including publishers of another northern California CP, CounterPunch. The ADL spied on almost everyone in the Bay area who'd ever publicly criticized the special relationship US has with Israel.

Or does the tail wag the dog? Even so, the Fact Burial Agency still works closely with these ADL convicts. Apparently spying for Israel is kosher in Washington, since the Ambassador Freeman a recently resigned AIPAC mensch, Steve Rosen, initiated attacks. He's currently under indictment for passing state secrets to Israeli spies. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi quickly got in line, calling his appointment "beyond the pale", originally meaning outside the Jewish settlements.

I saw a photo on one of the websites that linked up to after the ADL attacked us. A Gazan father was holding his mutilated 6-year-old daughter, mutilated beyond recognition by weapons fired from helicopters given Israel with our tax dollars.

Americans are funding endless war in the Middle East, because no father or brother will ever forget such a murder. Those not consumed with the rage of revenge will be rare. Israel is surrounded by a billion Muslims. Most of them holding the USA accountable for the results of our military hardware.

Pressuring the US government into doing what the Israel Lobby decides is politically correct, backed with Jewish "leaders" wealth and funding Christian voters can only create suspicion of loyalty. The Christians don't believe it will ultimately be "good for the Jews", since they're expecting Armageddon to wipe them all out. That's hardly different than calling for Israel to be wiped from the pages of history, as the Iranian president said.

In the end it will be like pissing trillions into the desert. No matter how many billions we give Israel to kill and control Arabs, (loans that are magically forgiven every New Year); the Jewish state will eventually have to learn how to just get along.

Let's stop enabling Israel with a $3 billion dole a year, and let them stand on their own. Is that anti-Semitic? Then donate the interest to the Holocaust Foundation. They could use the cash after Bernie Madeoff with millions in reparations being invested for them by Elie Weasel. He evidently wasn't paying either attention or much out to the survivors.

Wiesel has one thing in common with the Catholic Bishop taking fire for saying the Nazis didn't use gas chambers to kill prisoners at Auschwitz. In his vividly imagined "memoir" Night, Wiesel claimed the German soldiers just threw victims into a flaming ditch of petrol. Since fuel shortages were one reason the Axis of Evil lost the war that could be a translation error.

Well, this article should generate enough irate letters to get back on the front page.

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