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February, 2009



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The Future With One Time Planet Pluto
By Karen Nakamura

There are moments when we need to step back and get an overview of events. The changes inherent in the Obama administration warrant such an examination. Coincidently, this reporter recently found a Dec/Jan 2001/02 issue of Mountain Astrology dedicated to the one-time planet Pluto, its aspects to outer planets and the effects of these on world events. The predictions for the past 6 years were jar dropping. However, we'll limit ourselves to "future" findings. Pluto may only rank as a dwarf planet but whatever it is, it's potent. It's about transformations, death and regeneration, debt and taxes and especially, power. It's out with the old and in with the new.
Why that's important is Pluto, God of both the underworld and mass conscious has just moved into Capricorn. Volcanic Pluto brings crisis to a head. What's hidden is transformed. Capricorn symbolizes structures, business, government and authority. "Much has been written about this combination in terms of upheaval in power centers and financial markets, and it will surely be a memorable year [2008-9] in those areas."

The Mountain Astrology says: "Pluto is a force that gathers like dark clouds prior to a severe storm. You can feel the electrical force building up in the atmosphere. You know the storm is coming. Inside Capricorn, the storm finally strikes with all of its fury and force... the rebuilding effort that follows may result in conditions ... better than they were before the storm. The storm leads to healing and a stronger structure from which to go forward again."

Pluto first entered Capricorn January 25, 2008, went retrograde on April 2, (housing collapse), direct on September 8 (the fall of the financial markets) and moved into Capricorn on November 26 2008, (election of Barack Obama), for its final journey. Pluto and Capricorn will be closely intertwined between 2008 and 2015, and even into 2020. Pluto enters Aquarius in March 2023.

There is an enduring belief among many that the world is either going to become a harmonious paradise or it's going to die from war and pollution. The dates that will decide that fate are usually claimed to be between 2012 and 2022. With global warming and other factors these prophecies may not be that far off.

Merriman Market Analyst commented in its November 2007 newsletter that when "Pluto was in Sagittarius (1995 - 2008), politics was often about lofty ideals. Bush claimed ... divine inspiration for [his] wars. More recently elected leaders fit the Capricorn mould: pragmatic and grounded. Instead of expansion with expensive foreign quasi-religious wars of the Sagittarian era, less adventurous plans and legislation with lasting practical benefit will be prioritized. Such projects could be connected with control of the environment and a fundamental redefinition of the rules of fair trade with Africa and the third world."

Pluto in Sagittarius also saw the technological advances that allowed the globalization of corporate power, the Internet and communication. In 1995, only cosmopolitan centers had mass immigration. In 2008, it's rare to find a place that doesn't have some immigration. That's as true in the rainforest of Brazil as in Mumbai or Omaha, Nebraska.

Regarding Pluto in Capricorn, Jeanne Mozier stated in the Mountain Astrology issue: "Regardless of opposition, global business is here to stay. Unfortunately, the cosmic plan, as indicated in the movement of the outer planets over the next quarter century, seems to be a blueprint for world government and mono-culture of globalization." This can be either good or bad and will probably be both. It depends on who is in control. Therefore it might be best to apply this information to current conditions not through the reflections of the past.

However Mozier warns things will grow more chaotic. "The five years from 2010 to 2015 can be called the era of chaos." In 2011, when Uranus moves into Aries and squares Pluto, the resulting conflict will "pit the rights of the individual, including individual regions, countries, and cultural groups, against the enforced conformity of a global, corporate-dominated world."

Interestingly, also in 2011, Neptune moves into Pisces possibly causing an intensification of the "psychic and emotional energy stream." A worldwide "conscious" may develop from the instant communications already active, or from "the other side" ruled by Pluto. Mozier notes people are going to become increasingly psychic and "Pluto's transit is being guided by higher forces that will not allow the nation, the earth, to perish."

Another important factor is that while the water supply around the world has been falling since the 1990's, by 2012 it will be substantial. Bioengineering will also change life as we know it. Under the right governing that could also apply to organic farming.

According to Robert Blaschke in The USA Capricorn Ingress Horoscope published Dec. 28, 2009 will become a year of survival for the United States due to an exact Sun-Pluto conjunction on the Cardinal Point, (0 degrees Capricorn) "the depth and extent to which the United States will have to change during the next year is at the present time unfathomable to all but the astrologers... 2008 will go down in history as the year in which the worst and most vile practices of free-market capitalism were exposed by the ingress of Pluto into Capricorn." The Mid-heaven represents the leader of the country. Obama has an exact trine of Venus to the Ingress Mid-heaven. "He is sure to earn the affection of the populace through his even-tempered handling of one crisis after another."

Other aspects show the public will go along with Obama's programs and the administration will get off to a good start "to help stabilize the middle and working classes." However, with hard aspects between Jupiter and Venus, money from "declining tax revenues in a recession will not be there finance the enormous cost of the social and infrastructure programs... By the end of the year, that lunar square to Jupiter will have produced deficit spending at levels unheard of in American history.

"The American banking system has additional structural weaknesses in the economy... Beyond the sub-prime mortgage meltdown of 2008 lie two additional financial crises awaiting the American public in 2009. ... Millions of additional Americans fall prey to unemployment, lost health care, defaults on mortgages, and all of the other ...tribulations... This may result in an epidemic of spiritual escapism... If these mental coping tactics then fail to work, alcoholism and substance abuse may follow.

"Pluto in Capricorn regularly coincides with the establishment of a new world order." Merriman predicted that not only will the US cease being the only super-power, the Euro will overcome the dollar as the world currency. "From 2010, the country will be deeply divided between those who want an isolationist policy and reliance on internal resources and those who want to protect US import needs and interests overseas. ...The solution is a radical ecological program and the imposition of alternative fuel to preserve the existing lifestyle."

Merriman goes on to explain that the shift in world power and money will move significantly to the east, with China starting a new empire and other national groups such as the EU, India, Japan, Russia and Pan-Arabic powers competing for superpower status.

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