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Fri. Jan. 2, 9-1, French Gypsy Band D G I I N
Sat. Jan. 3, 9-1 rockn'roll P O T S & P A N S
Sun. Jan.4, 8-11, OPEN MIC w/THE PINKS
Mon. Jan. 5, 8-12, record spin, raggae SUCKER FREE
Wed. Jan. 7, 8-11, LARRY'S KARAOKE
Thurs. Jan. 8, 8-11, Magic Leaves, Paper Leaves
Fri. Jan. 9, 9-1, JUST FRIENDS
Sat. Jan. 10, 9-1, blues STEPHANIE KEYS BAND
Sun. Jan.11, 8-11, OPEN MICw/New Moon Players
Mon. Jan. 12, 8-12, record spin, raggae SUCKER FREE
Wed. Jan. 14, 8-12, LARRY'S KARAOKE
Thurs. Jan. 15, 8-11, The Mushrooms
Sat. Jan. 17, 9-1, honest country TWANG DITTY
Sun. Jan.18, 8-11, OPEN MICw/New Moon Players
Mon. Jan. 19, 8-12, record spin, raggae SUCKER FREE
Wed. Jan. 21, 8-12, LARRY'S KARAOKE
Thurs. Jan. 22, 8-11, This Old Earthquake
Fri. Jan. 23, record spin, raggae SUCKER FREE FRI.
Sat. Jan. 24, 9-1 THE THUGS
Sun. Jan.25, 8-11, OPEN MICw/New Moon Players
Mon. Dec. 26, 8-12, record spin, raggae SUCKER FREE
Thurs. Jan. 29, 8-11, Dearest - Birdie Busch
Fri. Jan. 30, 9-1, rockn' blues W T J2
Sat. Jan. 31, 9-1 country BURNING EMBERS
January, 2009 Volume 34, Number 01

(415)868-1600 - (415)868-0502(fax) - P.O. Box 31, Bolinas, CA, 94924
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Bush Insider, Who Planned To Tell All, Killed In Plane Crash
Michael Connell told a close associate that he was afraid that George Bush and Dick Cheney would ``throw [him] under the bus. `` 12/22/08 Michael C
Tel Aviv Rally Decries Gaza Assault
Amid cries of "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies!" and banners reading, "Enough!" thousands of Israelis took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturd
Gaza-'This is only the beginning' By Ewa Jasiewicz
As I write this, Israeli jets are bombing the areas of Zeitoun and Rimal in central Gaza City. The family I am staying with has moved into the int
White House Blames Hamas For Israeli Bombing By ROBERT PEAR
DEC. 28, JAN. 28, CRAWFORD, Tex. - As world leaders called on Saturday for an end to the Middle East violence, the Bush administration issued blisteri
European Parliament Denounces Israeli Occupation
The European Parliament (EP) today refused to vote on a request by Israel to upgrade Europe-Israel relations. The majority of European parliamenta
Pacific Islands Will Go Under First The culturally diverse 7 million Pacific Islanders live in 22 nations. They only contribute 0.06 percent to global greenhouse gas emissions but are three times more vulnerable to climate change than countries of the global North, according to the IPCC. By Margarita Windisch
These words were spoken by a Carteret Islander in an unfinished documentary, The First Wave, the evacuation of the Carteret Islands. For the inh
Border Control Israel Style
The United States government, which allows people to waltz on over most of our border, and allows our border patrol agents to be out gunned, needs
Never Again! By Karen Nakamura
This article is dedicated to our friend Afif's mom, Mrs. Amnah Nimer Houssain, 1918-Nov. 2008. Ninety years old, she died in her hometown of Shafa-
Many High Bush Officials Violated Anti-Torture Laws By Sherwood Ross
A Report released December 11, 2008, by the Senate Armed Services Committee charged that top Bush officials, including former Defense Secretary Don
John Dean: 'Serious Consequences' If Obama Doesn't Prosecute Torture BY David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Vice President Dick Cheney's admission that he authorized water boarding has focused attention on possible Bush administration war crimes, and form
The Newspaper Industry Is Dying Before Our Very Eyes By Bill Boyarsky, Truthdig
As we know, the death of the American newspaper is fast approaching. Specifically, the paper editions of newspapers are dying. Readers and adver
Foreclosure Storm Will Hit U.S. in '09 Amid Job Loss By Dan Levy -
Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. foreclosure filings climbed 28 percent in November from a year earlier and a brewing "storm" of new defaults and job losse
New Figures Detail Logging Giant's Vast Herbicide Use
Over 770,000 pounds of chemicals used by Sierra Pacific Industries since 1995; some toxins linked to ovaries in male frogs Statistics released toda
Obama's War By Patrick J. Buchanan
December 19, 2008 "Creators Syndicate" -Just two months after the twin towers fell, the armies of the Northern Alliance marched into Kabul. The Tal
Bush Gives Parting Gift to Peabody Coal; Navajo & Hopi Citizens Vow to Stop the Process By Billy Parish
Flagstaff, AZ - Two days before Christmas, officials from the U.S. Office of Surface Mining (OSM) have granted a permit to Peabody Coal Company to
Bush Plans to Kill Mercury in Fish Warnings to Mothers and Children
Leaked FDA documents reveal last-ditch effort to put tuna and swordfish profits first Mothers and children would be encouraged to eat unsafe leve
2008 Ocean Conditions for Fish Among Best in Half-Century
NEWPORT, Ore. Ocean conditions during 2008 for many fish species in the Pacific Northwest, including chinook salmon, were greatly improved because of
'I Was Still Holding my Grandson's Hand -The Rest Was Gone' By Clancy Chassay
In the second of our series of dispatches from the ravaged country, Afghans explain how mounting civilian casualties are aiding Taliban recruiting
Gaza Voices, American Silence By Kenneth Ring
[Author's note: Just after this article was written, it became evident that Israel is likely to launch at least a limited attack on Gaza, which on
Pearl Project Lawsuit Filed Against Eight Federal Agencies
FBI, CIA Among Biggest Roadblocks to Files on Murdered Wall Street Journal Reporter Daniel Pearl WASHINGTON, D.C., December 17, 2008 - Barbara Fei
More Piggies at the Federal Trough: Big Banks Squeal for TARP 'Goodies'
Washington, D.C. - The Project On Government Oversight (POGO), in its continuing scrutiny of the Troubled Assest Relief Program's (TARP) implementatio
Obama Chooses Wall Street Over Main Street By Robert Scheer
Truthdig: Nov 25, 2008 Maybe Ralph Nader was right in predicting that the same Wall Street hustlers would have a lock on our government no matter
Attacking Alzheimer's with Red Wine and Marijuana By Tom Jacobs,
Two new studies suggest that substances usually associated with dulling the mind -- marijuana and red wine -- may help ward off Alzheimer's disease
More 10th-Graders Are Smoking Marijuana Than Cigarettes By Aaron Houston, AlterNet
Buried in the latest Monitoring the Future survey -- the major annual, federally funded survey of teen drug use -- is an astonishing finding: More
Court Reinstates Clean Air Interstate Rule
Dec. 23, 2008: In a major decision benefiting clean air and public health, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit today issued an order that l
Environmentalists Against Gold-Mining Fever By Raœl GutiŽrrez (IPS)
The protest was held by the ``I Reject Metal Mining`` campaign launched by members of organizations opposed to the granting of mining concessions be
EPA Initiates Enforcement Action over Hazardous Waste Problems at Nevada Gold Mines
Conservation Groups Urge EPA to Investigate Nine More Mines The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has initiated enforcement action at the Gold
Ghosts of Iraq Sentencing Statement
Prepared for Monday in Washington, D.C.12/15/08 Your Honor. My name is Eve Tetaz. I am 77 years old, and have spent several decades teaching in in
Tsunami Warning Signs Pop Up Along Coast
Eventually, all coastal communities in California will have tsunami warning signs, Troy Nicolini of the National Weather Service told the Redwood T
A Hundred Eyes for an Eye By Norman Solomon
Israelis and Arabs "feel that only force can assure justice," I. F. Stone noted soon after the Six Day War in 1967. And he wrote: "A certain moral
Wring Out The Old, And Hurry By Frank Scott
2009 brings a new administration to the USA and new hope to many Americans and much of the world. But that new executive staff continues to support
Exponential Usury On Wall Street By Edward W. Miller, MD
Thou hast taken usury and increase, and thou hast greedily gained of thy neighbors by extortion, and thou hast forgotten me saith the Lord." - Eze
Moo Town News BY Judy Borello
This all starts with Andrea Blum, a very gifted reporter for the West Marin Citizen, who captured my attention with some of her more than newswort
Remembering Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter--Is Our Conscience Dead? By Ann Wright
Retired U.S. Army Reserve Colonel and former U.S. diplomat On the news today of the death of Harold Pinter
Why Santa Sucks By Stephen Simac
No, this isn't another screed bemoaning consumers' credit crazed Christmas carol. Turns out only a record breaking shopping season could have saved
No Room For Failures BY Antonio Serna - Rohnert Park
Our lawmakers should take note of a serious deficiency in our process of transitions of power and authority between an outgoing and incoming presi
The New World (money) Order
Back in 1997, in the February, March and October editions of the Marin County Coastal Post, I penned a few columns on matters of California's then
When Would You Say "Enough"? By David Swanson
Imagine that you took your family to the White House for a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, and you were all standing in the front row as the pres
Letters To The Editor
George's Good Call Remember when President Bush encouraged Americans to own their own homes? What followed were financial institutions getting heav

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