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November, 2008



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Change? Yeah, Right
By Frank Scott

"It is now clear that the U.S. financial system is in cardiac arrest."
- New York economist Nouriel Roubini
"The world is on the edge of the abyss because of an irresponsible system."
- French Prime Minister Fran¨ois Fillon
"If money isn't loosened up, this sucker could go down."
-George Bush
And those are supporters of capitalism. Here's what one socialist has to say:
"The world will never be the same after this crisis. A new world has to emerge, and it is a multipolar world. We are decoupling from the wagon of death."

-Hugo Chavez
Chavez is kind in calling global capitalism a "wagon" of death, given the speed at which this missile is hurtling towards destruction. Problems unnoticed by establishment leaders only a short while ago have become major threats to the superstructure of an economy which has been rotting at its foundation for quite some time. But present fears expressed by those most responsible for speeding up the process of decomposition never question the system. Only greedy people and bad ideas are responsible for market chaos, and it's easy to find individual demons for the blame game. But we need to see the whole picture and not just the trees on which mind managers focus our attention, while they blur the rest of the forest. We live as renters in a fast deteriorating public environment, while we are directed to protect only specially chosen private landlords.

This system has always privatized profits and socialized loss, but never to the massive extent of recent experience. The sorry state of political disorganization allows this gigantic rip-off to go on without a furious demand for a new economic order. We collectively lend billions to the banks, and then go to them as individuals and plead for a loan or credit line. But don't hang by your lip expecting leadership for a new order to come out of this election.

That seemingly endless Halloween Horror of a campaign will likely bring victory (?) to the lesser evil half-white, over the greater evil half-wit. Both serve corporate command, sharing slavish devotion to the privately controlled market, the global empire and the Jewish colonial state in Israel. Representing those with the highest capacity for accumulating wealth, the greater evil has directed his campaign at those with the lowest capacity for accumulating knowledge. The lesser evil has relied on a massive ad campaign stressing symbolic hope, and is certainly less debased than the other, as polio is less deadly than cancer. But whichever one moves into the publicly subsidized usually all - White House, both assure that we will still be suffering a malignant disease. The taxpayer burden of support for rich welfare chiselers, now claiming billions in payments almost every day, will continue no matter which chairperson capital has had rubber stamped by a minority of the electorate.

A choice of Nader or McKinney would be for real change, but given the control still exercised in support of crackpot realism, few will cast such a vote. Perverse democracy reproduces perverse leadership, with differences that are physically minimal and only appear significant to the psychologically desperate. But they mean continued disaster for a society still addicted to the political drugs administered by servants of the status quo, presented to them as agents of a word without meaning in this context: change.

The drain on taxpayers is greatest in supporting a global killing machine of weaponry, armies and foreign military bases to make wars that preserve the empire. It will still be a while before this imperial energy guzzler finally runs out of gas, but its over extended forces were helpless in Georgia, and further signs of its diminished capacity are evident, for which we should be at least slightly grateful. The ghouls who wish to increase bloodshed in Afghanistan, like the half-white and the half-wit, can only do so by decreasing bloodshed in Iraq. The end may indeed be near, but it can't come soon enough for those still in the path of this "wagon of death".

But singling out presidents, CEOs and other market culprits only clouds the mind with satanic symbols so that a demonic system escapes perception, let alone understanding. For the present that system will continue bringing great wealth to some, but for the future, it threatens more wars, poverty and devastation for all.

We need real democratic change, from the roots of our political economy, and we need to create it before it is forced on us by further calamity. Americans should take heart at foreigners who, with far less material wealth, take control of their own social environments. They are ridding themselves of corrupt and unjust old orders run by and for minorities, and creating truly democratic new ones for the benefit of previously unrepresented and terribly exploited majorities. We will eventually have to do the same thing, for our own survival. The signs are clear that this farce cannot go on much longer, unless we believe in race suicide. Just don't expect anything substantial to happen after November's vote, except for; a possible market boom, tales of new riches, the survival of capitalism, and shortly thereafter, the next bust. Let's hope it isn't the final explosion, and we'd best be working to uncouple ourselves from this "wagon of death" long before that occurs. While prayer for that outcome may be useful to some, action will need to be taken by all for real change to occur.

And that doesn't simply mean changing the age, sex or race of a leader, but the nature and practice of democratic organization of a society in order to truly serve all of its people. In the process of creating such change in the USA, we would not only save ourselves, but help serve humanity as well.

Copyright (c) 2008 by Frank Scott. All rights reserved.

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