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September, 2008



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Palestine Exists, Folks!
By Yousef Salem

The language of the 1947 UN Resolution that wrongfully divided Palestine is the only legitimacy of Jews claiming more than fifty-percent of that land as their state in 1948. The rightful refusal of the Palestinians to accept that resolution remains irrelevant since its language has never been modified or changed in any way, therefore every inch of land allotted to them in UNR-181 legally and rightfully belongs to them. The fact that the Palestinians have been negotiating for less and less of that land is baffling.
International law forbids the theft of land belonging to others by force, or its annexation, seizure, or any other means of dispossession. International law also forbids collective punishment, the harassment and mistreatment of civilian populations, destruction of homes, uprooting of sustenance and income-producing citrus and olive trees, interference with their commerce, and it forbids torture and every other aspect of barbarity and savagery that the Palestinians and Lebanese have had to endure from the brutal and inhuman Israeli military occupation of the Palestinians over the past six decades.

Israel is a signatory of the Fourth Geneva Convention (FGC) that guarantees the right of all occupied peoples, including the Palestinians and Syrians (Golan Heights) to use any means at their disposal to dispel their illegal occupiers. Under that ruling there is no such thing as a Palestinian, Lebanese, or Syrian "terrorist" if any part their land is under illegal occupation. The FGC does not disallow any weaponry. Whatever is available to them, whether it is rocks, broomsticks, Molotov Cocktails, bombs, rockets, napalm, or, alas, desperate humans whose lives are filled with such intense remorse, futility, and hopelessness who opt to strap bombs to their bodies. With regard to Palestinians inflicting harm on Jews on the other side of the green line, such as Tel Aviv, Haifa, et al., one would have to ask them about that, and perhaps they may say that they are using the same tactic that israelis have used against them over the past sixty years, namely, "retaliation".

Jerusalem was declared an international city and therefore can never be the capitol of israel, but rather it is to be shared by both peoples.

Israelis use romantic empathetic language. The frequent former total shutdown of towns was called a "curfew", and the israeli policy was "stick your head out your door and we'll blow it off!" The illegally occupied Arab-owned lands were called "administered territories", etc, all benign and surgically clean room connotations. They are now declared to be "disputed territories", but that, too, is another lie in a very long history of despicable zionist lies. Likewise, the israeli soldiers taken by Palestinians and Hezballah were not "kidnapped", which evokes heartfelt sympathy from an unaware populace. It is civilians that are kidnapped. Military personnel, or spies, are captured as prisoners of war.

Israel is perhaps the fifth most powerful military in the world due to American military cash and weaponry gifts that total about 160 billion US dollars since 1948, thus it is ludicrous for it to use "security" as its justification for creating enormous pain and suffering, misery, anguish, torment, mayhem and destitution, which constitute crimes against humanity.

Many sources globally have asserted with good reason that what the israelis are and have been doing constitute war crimes which are punishable under the precedence of the Nuremberg Trials and Israel's own 1961 trial, conviction, and execution of the nazi war criminal, Adolph Eichmann.

It is incredulous that israelis and their US/UK-wagged ink 'n' air media and elected officials continually demand that Hezballah disarm under UN Resolution 1559 while israel has defiantly and blatantly refused for many years to comply with about 80 such resolutions, including UNR-425 since Jews still occupy that area of land in Lebanon known as Sheba's Farms. The US has also used its veto option in the United Nations to veto scores of resolutions that were introduced to condemn israel for its unacceptable conduct and illegal practices.

There is voluminous evidence that zionism is in fact and indeed a racist ideology, and volumes can be produced to prove this reality.

Israel is not a democracy. It does not even allow israeli citizenship, only Jewish citizenship. When, for example, will there be an Arab (Muslim or Christian) president or prime minister of that exclusively Jewish land which Jews themselves refer to as "the Jewish state"? That, on its own merit, makes the claim of being a democracy ridiculous. It is often the case that during israeli elections the victorious prime minister will be decided by rabbis in Brooklyn, New York, and not necessarily by the israelis themselves.

The Hamas victory, by contrast, was the cleanest, most democratic election ever held, and its process was very closely monitored by the EU and by former US President Jimmy Carter. The lie that Muslims in Palestine are systematically destroying Christian life in Palestine, as has been suggested by a zionist Jewish staffer of a member of Congress, is one of the biggest that zionist Jews have told.

Israel is the only country that uses illegal and state-sponsored torture in violation of international law, and the US emulates its barbaric practices of torture, detaining without warrant, kidnapping, hooding and sleep deprivation, humiliation, detention for indefinite or prolonged periods of time, denial of due process and legal representation, trials by military courts with no appeal, seizure or confiscation of property, denial of entry into the US based on one's assumed or actual personal political views, and one wonders how long it will be for US officials to decide to destroy the homes and the uprooting of income-producing crops and orchards of those who are merely accused of unproved wrongdoing. The government of my country ought to be above such horrendous practices.

Israeli is the only country that refuses to declare its permanent borders, thus it cannot legally be called a country. It is a state, i.e., in a state of becoming much larger in order to achieve its ultimate goal of establishing eretz yisroel, or greater israel. This area includes all of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, the eastern part of Egypt that includes Cairo, and the western part of Saudi Arabia as can be seen on the israeli 10 Agarot coin that has a Menorah on the other side. Its original flag was a navy blue Mogen David (six-point star) on a field of white. It was changed to include an aqua blue stripe above and below an aqua blue Mogen David. Those two aqua stripes are believed to denote the Nile and Euphrates rivers. Clever, no?

Truthful orthodox Jews will verify that according to their devout religious beliefs there cannot be a lawful and legitimate State of Israel until the prophecy of the arrival of the Messiah is fulfilled. Guess who the Muslims believe that Messiah will be? Prophet Jesus Christ, may peace be upon him, who is declared in the Talmud to be a false prophet whose punishment by God was to be thrown into eternal hellfire immersed in boiling excrement.

The best friends that Jews ever had before the European non-Abrahamic Ashkenazi zionist Jews twisted Harold S Truman's arm to have Palestine divided (first the kit and then the caboodle, then more, more, more...(from the film "Dick Tracy") were the Muslim Arabs who ruled Spain from 711-1492, and when it fell back to the Catholic Christians, millions of Muslims and Jews (later known as Sephardic Jews, or Spanish Arab Jews) were beaten, tortured, and many murdered during the infamous Spanish Inquisitions if they did not convert to Christianity. Arab Muslims sent their ships to Spain to rescue both peoples from that horror, and Jews were given safe haven in many Arab and Muslim countries where many still live in peace with their Arab and Muslim neighbors as they once did in pre-UNR-181 Palestine. Many Jews became very wealthy, and many held high political positions of trust. The personal physician of a famous Caliph was a Jew. Of interest is the fact that every Hispanic name ending in "ez" was originally Muslim families in Spain. Sancho/Sanchez, Hernando/Hernandez, Gutierro/Gutierrez, Fernando/Fernandez, et alia, were established so that Muslims who were forced to convert to Christianity could be observed to make certain that they did not stray back to Islamic beliefs.

Whether or not The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a fabrication has no significance since the fact is that anyone that understands the power that zionist Jews have achieved in the world today and has read the Protocols (available online), will know that they have employed the exact techniques outlined in that book to achieve their disproportionate power and influence in the world, especially in the US where our national capitol in Washington, D.C. has been proclaimed by them to be a much higher prized israeli occupied territory. Former israeli prime ministers Benyamin Netanyahu and Arik "Ariel The Butcher" Sharon both said essentially that zionist Jews own American and control our seat of government and that there is nothing Americans can do about it.

The term anti-Semite, which should be "anti-Jew" since Arabs are also Semites, used to rightfully refer to those who hated Jews qua* Jews. Its meaning has been changed by zionist Jews to refer to those that they hate regardless of how appropriate criticism and condemnation of Jewish wrongdoing may be. In other words, the term is now used to muzzle any criticism of the zionist wrongdoing. Jews who condemn Jewish atrocities and war crimes are referred to as self-hating Jews yet those who make such ridiculous accusations fail to realize that they are Jew-hating Jews.

As has already been reported by others, israel's $100 billion economy is larger than all of its immediate neighbors combined, so why does Congress still appease israelis out of fear of being dubbed "anti-Semitic" by giving its racist and war-crimes-bent government and citizenry three billion dollars of our hard-earned tax dollars plus about an additional ten billion dollars each year in various benefits while many thousands of children in America go to sleep hungry every night because their parents cannot afford to provide them with adequate food, medical care, or adequate shelter from the elements? That amount of money can create a free national health plan for the millions of Americans that cannot afford a private plan and thus have little or no access to medical care. Our Congress has given the undeserved israelis about 160 billion dollars since 1948 while too many Americans are unemployed or homeless.

It is a lie that the Jews made the deserts bloom in Palestine in 1948, where prior to the loss of their land fruits and vegetables were the best and most prolific in that entire region long before zionists arrived there. Had the US Congress given $160 billion dollars to the Palestinians instead of their zionist invaders then we would see a far grander land than that which exists today, many thousands of Arab, Jewish, and even American lives would not have been lost, many thousands of homes and hundreds of thousands of olive and orange trees would not have been maliciously uprooted and destroyed, the word "terrorism" and all that it implies would have little relevance in the world today, the Twin Towers would still be standing - and I continue to suspect that Arabs and Muslims had nothing to do with that great tragedy** - and the entire Middle East would be nuclear free.

The US Foreign Assistance Act, Sections 502B and 116(a) specifically states: "No assistance may be provided under subchapter 1 of this chapter to the government of any country that engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights, including torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, prolonged detention without charges, as noted in the law." These violations relate very specifically to the barbaric israeli treatment of the Palestinians and Lebanese. Why is our Congress violating its own laws by extending its illegal largesse to the israelis? Before zionist Jews seized Washington and made it israeli occupied territory, our own State Department annually listed israel as one of the worse violators of human rights, and in this case, a euphemism for war crimes.

Congress also passed the US Arms Export Control Act of 1976 that strictly forbids the use of US military equipment to be used against civilian populations, so why do the israelis always get away with such crimes, and why does our Congress alibi and excuse such violations and crimes against humanity, and why do our elected officials continue to provide US-made weapons of mass destruction in the form of munitions and aircraft to a people who have a long history of committing atrocities and war crimes?

In 2003 the EU unanimously voted that of the five governments that constitute the greatest threat to world peace, israel is the Number One threat. Why, then, do we continue to give financial, military, and (im)moral support to those people?

At a dinner party hosted in December 2001 by ultra pro-zionist "Lord" Conrad Black, owner of England's Daily Telegraph in London, and his wife Barbara Amiel, the late and Honorable Mssr. Daniel Bernard, then the French Ambassador to the UK, asked why the world should be in danger of entering World War III because of the israelis, and referred to israel as "that "shi**y little country." Inappropriate words to some, perhaps, but the message was clear.

John Sheehan said it best: "Anytime anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can't help remembering that, before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East." Thanks for that quote, Dan Stone.

It is a profound lie that Arabs hate Jews qua Jews (just because they are Jews). They are hated and despised because they stole Palestine and a part of Syria and have caused six decades of horrific suffering and have murdered many thousands of innocent Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese and now perhaps Iraqis as well. Had those war criminals and ziofascnazis been Dutch, Italian, or Russian that it would be they who are hated and despised.

My point is that ongoing zionist deception, lies, manipulation, coercion, intimidation, political threats, arm-twisting, buying-off, and holding Americans in a stranglehold of acquiescence to the will of zionist Jews and their zionist Christian supporters will eventually and inevitably be exposed and we may see a new wave of anti-Jewish sentiments that will bring the downfall of zionism and brand its adherents and supporters as the cause of many of the world's woes. The irony is that Jews complain that they have been discriminated against "since the beginning of time", yet they fail to consider what they have been doing to upset so many people for eons.

They can start by apologizing the Palestinians, Lebanese, and Syrians who once allowed them to live in peace and harmony prior to 1948. Then every Jew should pack one bag and leave Palestine, including the honored heroes of our time, such as Uri Avnery and many others. No jewelry, nothing of value...nothing. Only the honored and trustworthy Jews may then return, but only by invitation, and they will reclaim all their possessions and properties held for them in safekeeping except homes and other properties that once belonged to Palestinians.

Lastly, if one understood the extreme racist and hateful teachings in the Jewish Talmud then one would easily agree that there is no such thing as a Judeo-Christian heritage, values, or tradition from a zionist and Talmudic point of view, but rather it is a Judeo-Christian fraud, lie, and hoax. Jews had a great opportunity to use their intellect and wealth to benefit humankind but zionism got in their way. Is it too late? I think not, unless like the scorpion that bit his frog benefactor, it is inescapably in their nature to attempt to dominate all humankind and all earthly resources.

N.B. Lower case spelling of "israel" and "zionism" are intended.

Yousef Salem

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