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July, 2008



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And So?
By Antonio R. Serna

After stealing the election twice to seat President Bush in a two term presidency, the Republicans used their power, influence and political clout to do almost anything they wanted to do in order to push Corporate America's agenda, led by the oil and war industries.
Long established rules governing the constitutional functions of our democratic society are either being ignored, bent, modified, compromised or down right violated to achieve the ends of the powers to be. As a consequence we opened up our homeland to the most vicious attack a foreign enemy can launch against our homeland. On September 11, 2001, hardly a year after inaugurating the Bush government, nineteen Saudi Muslim radicals, using commercial jet airliners as missiles, managed to crash them into three specifically selected symbolic targets causing the horrible death of over three thousand innocent Americans.

This all happened while our government was taking a nap. Despite repeated warnings from various reliable foreign sources of an impending terrorist plan to attack our country in exactly the way it was carried out and by the very people who did it, our president was so nonchalant about it that when the blow was struck, he was curiously attending a grade school reading class. The president was reportedly reading to the class when he was notified of the attack. Rather than exhibit shock and react accordingly, the president reportedly took his time to finish his reading before he was ushered out of the classroom by his security detail. Why would our president behave this way?

Could it be because he knew that at that very moment, his Vice President was already in his bunker, directing operations?

Rather oddly, the president was more concerned about the relatives of Osama Bin Laden residing in the U.S.A. than the innocent victims of the three waves of attacks. To safeguard the family of Bin Laden from possible retaliatory actions from anguished Americans, he authorized the immediate evacuation of Bin Laden's family, using government aircraft, at a time when all other planes were grounded. This action must have been pre-planned to be executed in such short notice.

Why was the Bush government all set and ready to launch such an extra-ordinary measure to protect the family of the number one terrorist who was already at the time a wanted man? Shouldn't they all have been rounded up and arrested instead? Why did the Bush administration demonstrate such love and care for Osama Bin Laden's family? Was it because Bin Laden's terrorism helped the Bush administration compel the American people to support him as a war president?

As a war president, Bush was able to go to war with Afghanistan and Iraq with the American people's support. Instead of going after Bin Laden whom the president promised: "He can run but he cannot hide", the number one terrorist was guaranteed safe haven in Pakistan through the cooperation of President Musharaf, a Bush administration ally.

It was President Saddam Hussein who was not able to hide. He was easily plucked out of his underground hiding place and summarily hanged after a quick kangaroo court trial. The poor guy paid with his life for having purchased weapons of mass destruction from us during his government's war with Iran.

We nodded and winked at Saddam when he was gassing his own people during that conflict. He did not realize that he was then signing his own death warrant. We now all know that we did not pre-emptively attack Iraq for the reasons given to us by the Bush administration. Wasting the lives of our loved ones in the military and squandering hundreds of billions of our tax payer's money to referee an Iraqi civil war is most certainly not the reason either. Only Bush and Cheney know and they will not tell unless we can get them to testify under oath if and when we get the courage to impeach them.

It is now obvious that we did not go to war in Iraq because of the weapons of mass destruction that we were so sure Saddam possessed.. We also knew then that the weapons of mass destruction that we gave him have long been expended. Our intelligence was cognizant of the fact that the saber rattling techniques of Saddam Hussein was designed to scare his Arab rivals. He knew that we were privy to his limited military capabilities. He wouldn't have dared pull the Kuwait stunt without Uncle Sam's approval -- much less tinker with a nuclear program to scare us. In the process, he turned himself into a Frankenstein that was begging to be destroyed.

It is not Saddam Hussein alone who paid the price for our Middle East adventures. We are now paying with the sky rocketing prices of all our basic commodities led by the record breaking price of gasoline. We are paying with the record drop of the value of our dollar in the international market. We are paying with the loss of jobs that are going abroad. We are paying by getting our poor to be poorer and the rich, richer through the Bush administration's favor the rich policies.

With all of these negatives swirling in our mind, we have been wondering how our country can become a basket case in the very short period of seven years. Our country had impressive achievements during the Clinton administration that gave us a robust economy and high grades in every area of our nation's endeavors. Enter George W. Bush and company and everything went awry except for the wealthy who put them in office.

Only recently, a newspaper reporter put this question to Vice President Dick Cheney. The Vice President put his face close to the reporter's face, looked at him in the eyes and said: And so? I guess that sums it up. If we were not able to do anything about it during the seven years that we were being put in the grinder, why ask the Bushies now that they are on their way out.

The articles of impeachment is gathering dust in Speaker Pelosi's office while President Bush is still exercising his veto powers to frustrate all legislative efforts to curtail his abuses. Is Speaker Pelosi of the belief that the impeachment process will not prosper because the president will veto it? I guess the Vice President is right. The American people presently control congress and are making all kinds of noises but getting nowhere. We should therefore either put up or shut up.

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