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July, 2008



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U.S. Colonialism In Iraq
BY Mathaba

This so-called Iraq-U.S. 'security agreement' needs more correctly to be called 'The Legitimization of America's Occupation of Iraq'. According to some reliable Iraqi sources, the agreement does not assure Iraq's independence, national integrity and national sovereignty as an inalienable right.
By Ardeshir Ommani
Last week that part of the world humanity that respects its own freedom and dignity was a witness to an impending conclusion of a unilateral 'security' agreement between the U.S., the sole author of this forced concession, and the U.S.-installed government of Baghdad.

The one-sided accord is an example of colonial rule and a pseudo-legal foundation for the extension of the U.S. violent occupation of that country.

By means of this so-called treaty, with no time and space limitations, George Bush's Washington intends to disguise its ugly and brutal treatment of the people of Iraq with a veneer of legality, such that in the eyes of the least-informed American people, and some of the European members of the U.N. Security Council, the presence of the U.S. military machine in Iraq and the Persian Gulf region would not be construed as a continuation of the U.S. military occupation indefinitely. Furthermore, the agreement would be exploited to serve as a basis for using Iraq's territory (land, water and air) as a launching pad for yet another war against the neighboring countries, but especially the people of Iran in their drive for progress and economic cooperation with the countries of the region.

On Sunday, June 8, 2008, Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki visited Tehran with the intention of convincing the Iranian government that the long-term presence of the United States military in Iraq would not pose a threat to Iran's security. However, in his talks on Monday with the prime minister, Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made his rejection of this proposed 'security pact' clear by stating that "occupiers who interfere in Iraq's affairs through their military and security might" are the main cause of Iraq's problems and are the "…main obstacle in the way of the Iraqi nation's progress and prosperity." There is no doubt that the continued aggression of U.S. forces in Iraq will constantly pose a threat to Iran's security, peace and progress in the long-run and should not be tolerated by the Iranian people.

Some years ago, when the early draft version of today's pact was at its infancy, the nationalist forces and religious leaders of Iraq were led to believe that signing the agreement would sooner or later lead to U.S. troop withdrawal and Iraq's independence. But today that presumption has turned on its head and it has become transparent to everyone that the U.S. objective is to pull the noose tight and attain the rank of a permanent hangman in modern history. Today the U.S. Iraqi corrupt puppets pretend that they are acting independently and try to convince the Iraqi and Arab popular masses that the agreement will result in invalidating paragraph seven of the U.N. resolution on Iraq that made the U.S. the guarantor of Iraq's security until the end of this year.

At the same time as this hoax is being pushed, the U.S., by presenting Iran as a serious threat in the Persian Gulf region, makes every effort to define the agreement between Washington and Baghdad as a means to maintain Iraq's security as a shield against Iran's interference in Iraq and the region. What hypocrisy: the invader of Iraq and Afghanistan claims to be an agent of peace and security!

This agreement imposes capitulation on Iraq for decades to come. It is revealing to mention that the details of the 'agreement' have not been made public and grasped by the people of Iraq, who will have very little say in the matter and that is why the package is being furiously pushed through the puppet Parliament before its terms are thoroughly exposed. This so-called 'security agreement' needs more correctly to be called 'The Legitimization of America's Occupation of Iraq'. According to some reliable Iraqi sources, the agreement does not assure Iraq's independence, national integrity and national sovereignty as an inalienable right.

The empire also has to deal with its own American public, which is war-weary and demands an end to the occupation. The intent of the Bush Administration is to blur the differences between the Democratic and Republican candidates on the question of immediate troop withdrawal. Should the White House be able to impose such an enslaving order on the people of Iraq, the chance of Senator McCain's election improves, while the lot of Senator Barack Obama plummets. It seems tricky George has a card up his sleeve for stealing yet another election.

Once again, the sorcerer in the White House is orchestrating another fabrication: if the current administration can pull this off, they intend to proclaim to the American people that the U.S. continuation of the occupation of Iraq is with the agreement of the Iraqi people who "want us to stay to protect them."

On the other side of this cruel and long occupation stands a fighting force, led by Moqtada al-Sadr, who announced and called for widespread demonstrations against the disreputable and colonial infliction. Responding to the call on Friday, June 1, 2008, hundreds of thousands of indignant and offended Iraqis poured into the streets of all major cities and their reaction was a clear refutation to George W. Bush's plot: they burned the American flags in the hundreds.

Should this Washington document between the invader and the invaded succeed, it is a clear violation of the national sovereignty of Iraq, to say the least. Meanwhile, the U.S. will continue to plunder Iraq's natural resources and subject its labor force to the most de-humanizing exploitation and degradation.

The patriotic forces, first and foremost the laboring people's movement, led by Moqtada al-Sadr, along with other nationalist organizations, have expressed their outrage to such an agreement that capitulates its independence to an occupying power. Nevertheless, some of the American-Iraqi stooges, installed as decision-makers in the puppet government, speak in favor of signing the agreement. A draft of this 'agreement' emerged for the first time in 2006, and was aimed at serving as a legal document for officiating and legitimizing the crimes committed by individual U.S. servicemen and contract mercenaries (Blackwater comes to mind) against Iraqi citizens with no involvement in the national conflict. The document denies the right of the national Iraqi state apparatus to arrest and prosecute any American involved in service to the occupation, even when he or she commits crimes not related to the U.S. war effort. In the last quarter of 2007, the Bush Administration has once again brought this issue of the 'agreement' forward for discussion in Iraq's Parliament.

It could be safely said with a high degree of certainty that, for a long time, the U.S. has not been a country which could attract other nations to follow its path to peace, democracy and lasting prosperity, the way it has been showcased by an army of advertisers, promoting the old cliché of American exceptionalism. In the minds of the overwhelming majority of humanity, including the nations of Western Europe that the U.S. has for almost a century taken for granted, the U.S. socio-economic system has increasingly become a symbol of violence and fraud. The history of the last half century in particular brilliantly shows that the U.S. has been synonymous with wars, killings, palace coups, threats of annihilation, strangulating sanctions and false claims against many countries and nations on earth, Iraq and Afghanistan are only the latest examples.

--Mathaba author Ardeshir Ommani is an anti-war activist who can be contacted at:

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