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May, 2008



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Letters To The Editor

If The Clintons Lose
Gore Vidal, a noted author once said, "Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies." Perhaps that's how the Clintons feel about Senator Barack Obama nipping at their heels in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. You get the feeling that Hillary has already ordered new drapes for the inaugural ball and doesn't want Obama spoiling the dance.
I don't believe Senator John McCain or Senator Barack Obama will have much trouble returning to a normal life if they lose the presidency. McCain will probably feel like a POW being freed again and glad to return to the Senate for a long rest. Obama would no doubt implore Reverend Jeremiah Wright to have more influence with the Lord next time and hope for a victory in 2012.

But if the Clintons lose, the pain may be more intense. If someone asks Chelsea about the loss, she might say, "It's none of your business." As for Bill, he can always seek comfort counting their 109 million dollars and Hillary can go back to bed and wait in anticipation of a "3 a.m. call" to hear if there was some mistake about not taking over on "day one?"

David A. Whelan
Forest Knolls

Cancelled On Orders From Higher Up
I just received word that the CBS affiliate out of Boston, who was supposed to interview Betty Hall and Daniel Ellsberg early this morning, called at the last minute, saying the interview was being cancelled due to orders from higher up.

Now if everyone isn't tired of hearing the total nonsense on the news of what Obama said, what Hillary said, then there is no hope for this country. If there are those who still believe the next President is going to correct this mess, forget it. If Bush attacks Iran, and it looks more likely everyday this will happen, then forget about Obama or Hillary saving the nation, Bush will declare Martial Law then say good bye to any hope of seeing this Republic survive.

PEOPLE... Last week President Bush admitted on ABC news that he approved the torture, yet we don't hear a word about this!!! I want to know why isn't the media covering and demanding Congress look into these charges. Don't you think Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Ashcroft and the whole string of criminals should be hauled to The Hague on war crimes?

I am calling on All Americans, everyone to take a stand now.

¥ Call your newspapers, cancel your subscriptions,

¥ call the advertisers backing News Shows,

¥ lets call a National Strike - stay home from work

¥ Let's protest outside Newspapers, TV and Radio Stations.

¥ Have truckers stop their rigs where ever at a designated time...lets see how the police state copes with that? If Bush attacks Iran, $5.00 a gallon will look cheap

I would like to see it take place tomorrow night at 7:00PM but I doubt that's enough time to alert the masses. I would like to see it with the week. But lets pick a date and lets do it people.


Joanne ONeill
NJ Progressive Caucus :Communications Director

PDA/DFA Progressive Democracy South Jersey

Crime is not Politics
Recently, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome dismissed a strongly worded resolution passed by the city council condemning China's ongoing human rights abuses and accepting the Olympic torch to the city with "alarm and protest," saying that the Olympic Games are not about politics. President Bush and IOC Chairman Jacques Rogge have made similar arguments against using the occasion of the Olympics to pressure China on its human rights record. This is a false argument because advocates are not accusing China of politics. They are accusing the Chinese Government of crimes against humanity.

Let's make a clear distinction. If a politician says that you should vote for them because they have a better health care plan, that is politics. If a politician murders their opponent, that is a crime. Anyone who is paying close attention knows that China is committing crimes against the people of Tibet, Falun Gong adherents, unregistered Christians and others while propping up the regimes in Sudan, Burma and North Korea who are guilty of their own crimes against humanity. Let's not make the mistake of equating China's crimes against humanity with politics.

Michael Courter
Chico, CA

Democrats Making A Mistake
A lot of people are talking about which candidate is most electable. Unfortunately the Democratic Party's primary rules do not reflect the rules of the general election. In the primary votes are divided up proportionally, but in the general election it's winner take all. In the primary the Democrats say that Florida and Michigan don't count. But in the general election they will count. In the general election winning the big states counts. The 8 biggest states are California (55), Texas (34), New York (31), Florida (27), Pennsylvania (21), Illinois (21), Ohio (20), and Michigan (17). Of those top 8 states Clinton beat Obama in 7 of them with Obama winning only is home state of Illinois.

I think Democrats are going to make a serious mistake by taking the results of their primary with all their funny rules and expecting it to be a predictor of a candidates strengths in a contest where the Democratic party bosses get to decide who's vote counts. If you don't win the big states you don't win. The super delegates need to look at the numbers from the perspective of a general election if they expect to actually win against the Republicans in November.

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

Problem With Youth Center
The Novato Youth Center should be publicly reprimanded and needs to publicly correct their work with children.

We called to inquire about booking the Novato Youth Center's facilities for a party. We were told that in addition to paying their nominal hourly rate, we also had to carry our own insurance policy, perhaps on our home insurance as umbrella, plus pay for a custodian/referee.

This referee would have the duty of seeing to it that children at our party were not playing in the playground, even if parents were supervising and even though we would be required to carry our own insurance policy. Not only is it offensive to be required to pay for a Campus Police for a private event, but the biggest insult of all was the thought that children could not have their needs for play and exercise met.

Kids cannot be expected to sit like Victorians in a tea parlor at parties, and as studious intellectuals at school all day long. If we as a society squelch the joy in our children, and if we hold them back from the exercise which they need, no wonder crime is on the rise. No wonder our kids are over-diagnosed with ADD.

Perhaps the Novato Youth Center runs a marvelous daytime program for our kids. But if this policy at private parties is any indication, it would seem to me that there is a lack of understanding and respect for children and their needs. Shame on the Novato Youth Center and here is a public call for a change in policy which would serve the real needs of real children, not fantasy creatures born into an ideal fairytale land. Please let's not work to squelch the joy in children and please let's serve their needs.

The community should see to it that this happens at the Novato Youth Center. Thank you for your support.

Sophia Rivers

Spraying For Moths Before Checking For Safety

Pro-life. Pro-choice. To be for or against either one, that would now appear to be the question. No, I am not talking about abortion. I am talking about Schwarzenegger, Bush and the Dept of Agriculture's plans to spray the entire San Francisco Bay Area----urban and rural areas alike----with pesticides never before tested on humans, once every 30-90 days, for the next five years. Such unremitting release of untested poisons into the air of areas inhabited by millions of people----including San Francisco, the East Bay, Monterey, Tiburon, Belvedere and everywhere in between-----would threaten ill health to all those inhaling the toxic rain.

Severe illnesses have been documented by Monterey County residents, including Alzheimer's-like forgetfulness and flu symptoms with debilitating fatigue. One child in Monterey County almost died. Yet, the government plows ahead, with sprayings scheduled to begin this August. While We the People pay our taxes to fund our own abuse, I suggest it's time that we take a stand and ask Schwarzenegger the question: Are you pro-life, pro-choice, or for or against US, Mr. Schwarzenegger? Time for class action lawsuits coming out of every corner. This is a criminal act, doubled by the insult that we must pay for it with our tax dollars. Americans, unite! Lawsuits, protests, hi ho silver! Here we come! It's no accident that politicians in the highest offices have resigned to avoid scandal: Time to question Mr. Schwarzenegger's mental competence to maintain public office?

Drina Brooke

Martial Law In America
Martial law in America - a story that won't go away. The Bush administration has passed several omnibus bills in the last four years that relate to martial law. Every once in a while you read nefarious reports that concentration camps and detention centers are being outfitted. Who are the shadowy groups involved with this clandestine plot.

On another level, The Progressive magazine published an article about the FBI and Homeland Security deputizing 25,000 people from the private sector to report on suspicious activities and unusual events.

Infragard, as the organization is called, is another secret surveillance unit that is keeping tabs on Americans.

One chilling reference mentioned in the article was a agent advising the group "when - not if - martial law is declared." A FBI spokeswoman's response to the statement, how ridiculous.

Ron Lowe
Grass Valley

Press Doesn't Get To Pick Candidate
One of the reasons I'm supporting Hillary is that I don't want the news media picking the Democratic candidate. The news media has always favored Republicans and it's clear to me that they would rather have a Democrat with no history of experience or accomplishment run against McCain rather than a candidate that is fully qualified. I'm still waiting to meet the first person, not from Chicago, who knew who Barrack Obama was 5 years ago.

I'm Marc Perkel-And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

Long Term Investing
I read an article by Lawrence E. Mitchell about his book 'The Speculation Economy: How Finance Triumphed Over Industry' in the July '07 issue of 'Business Week' and a review of the book in 'The Economist' in January '08. The guy is right on the money as current events show. We have to get away from short-term speculation and go back to long-term investing in this country, and abandon the consumer society to become, once again, a producer's society. That is what made America great and most Americans well off.

I hope your losses, if any, are light.

Art Llebrez
Portland, OR

Sect Members Not Criminals
I am concerned with the way the families of the sect members of Zion Ranch in Texas are being treated. While it may be true that they are a cult and there was abuse there, we have to remember that these people are individuals.

Many of these people were born into this life and this is all they know. I think it is important as they transition into "normal" society that they do so as a family. Of course, what is a family in a polygamist society is an issue, but I think it's important that they at least keep the mothers and children together. These people are not criminals and should not be treated as such. They have to see us as a compassionate caring society and not as armed invaders who are going to steal their children.

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
San Bruno

Sheldon Whitten-Vile Writes Again
Friends ask why I bother responding to your paper's outrages. They insist that the only people who take you seriously are alien abductees. They may be right. Nevertheless, there may be a fair-minded, but ignorant person who believes your lies about Israel, and who could benefit from a dose of history and common sense. Also, Ed Miller, that champion of free speech, who complains of being stifled when called an anti-Semite, explicitly asks me to "shut up," so of course I must speak out.

The claims your paper makes against Jews and Israel are nothing new. As a matter of fact, they're as old as history. One can find the same claims in the writings of Persians, Babylonians, Romans, Greeks, Moslems, every European country (all of which expelled Jews at some time in their history), Czarist Russia, Communist Russia, and of course, Nazi Germany. Jews have been accused of being well prisoners, child murderers, blood drinkers, in league with the devil, and bent on world domination. Jews have been the most persecuted and vilified people in history. The absurd claim that American Jews are traitors, more loyal to each other than to this country, is tiresome and repetitive.

Now that the 2000-year exile is ending, and Jews are returning to their ancient homeland, it makes sense that the world's Jew hatred would be directed at the Jewish sate.

If there are fair-minded readers out there, I would encourage them to consider what possible motive Israel could have for its nefarious deeds. The most commonly cited reason is: "territorial expansion." Even a casual knowledge of recent history reveals this to be false. Israel gave more than half its territory to Egypt for a peace treaty. Israel withdrew completely from the Gaza strip, and left it to a group of genocidal maniacs who openly declare their goal is Israel's destruction. What country bent on territorial expansion repeatedly gives up territory to her enemies?

Here are a few more questions. What could be the purpose of the "oppression" of the Palestinians? How does that help Israel in any way? If "the settlements" are the problem, why were Arabs trying to kill Jews for a hundred years before there were "West Bank settlements," from the 1800's to the creation of the state in 1948, and from 1948 to1967? There are over a million Arabs in Israel, with full civil rights, how does that make Israel an "apartheid state?" Could it be that the underlying assumption (Jews are evil) is the reason Israel is receiving the same condemnation Jews have always received throughout the world and throughout history? Indeed, wouldn't it be odd if the near-universal anti-Semitic impulse were to suddenly disappear upon the creation of a Jewish state? "People don't hate Jews anymore, they hate Zionists."

The only major difference between the current wave of Jew hatred, and this recurrent historical phenomenon, is that this time the Jew haters aren't openly acknowledging their prejudices. I don't understand this. Since Ed Miller believes Jews are so malignant, why bristle at being called a Jew hater? Why not honestly revel in it, like his buddies in Hamas and Hezbullah? At least they are honest about their goal of destroying Israel, and their hatred for Jews. The Hamas charter states that Jews are behind every war and revolution in history. The Moslem Arab world in general, and the Palestinians in particular, are taught that Jews are "apes and pigs." Why can't Ed Miller, and the rest of your writers and editors for that matter, take some pride in their Jew-bashing and acknowledge that, to them, Jews are the enemy?

Sheldon Whitten-Vile, MD
Oakland, CA

Editor's note: Sheldon: It's always great to get a your cheerful notes. Thanks. But it really isn't an outrage to publish stories on the Palestinian side of the beef.

Weapons of Moth Destruction
We must END, once and for all, the plan to SPRAY PESTICIDES FROM AIRPLANES on the seven million people of the Bay Area and Santa Cruz and Monterey and the eco systems therein. It will contaminate the Bay and its marshes and rivers and our water supply at Lagunitas. They intend to spray every thirty days, nine months of the year, for up to ten years, beginning in August and June, respectively. Often the media relegates this news to the back pages, when they cover it at all.

I have noticed that they like to show us pictures of the LBAM (Light Brown Apple Moth) as if it is huge. Actually, the moth measures one-half inch, about the same size as the crop damage so far. It has been in this area for forty years and they didn't even know it!

One thing the media says nothing about is what happens when the chemicals poison you and the eco systems; i.e., birds, bees, fish, animals, your cat and dog, your child, your unborn child, and you - years from now. What happens?

Dr. Larry Rose, who just retired from twenty-eight years at Cal/OSHA and worked on the state-wide pesticide advisory committee, has analyzed the chemicals to be used, known as Checkmate. All of the ingredients are toxic. There is no antidote. There are carcinogens, mutagens, an acute poison, an asthma sensitizer, several irritants, and a hormone disruptor. As a result of being sprayed in November 2007, post-menopausal women began to bleed again.

Furthermore, there is a warning by the manufacturer that the product is not to be used near water. Many birds and fish will die immediately and many more will die as the poison bio-accumulates in flora and fauna. We know this from Rachel Carson's work: Silent Spring. Thousands of birds died immediately after Santa Cruz/Monterey were sprayed. Naturally, officials of CDFA and USDA (California Department of Food and Agriculture and U S Department of Agriculture) say there was no connection. I don't believe them at all.

What does this aerial spraying mean for air-breathers? Small plastic particles will lodge in your lungs, where they will stay, slowly emitting toxins, placing you at risk for these chronic long-term illnesses: leukemia and cancers, multi-generational hormone disruption, genetic damage, and reproductive disorders, such as infertility, low birth weight in newborns, miscarriages, birth defects, and gross and subtle developmental disorders. Not to mention central nervous system diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and immune system dysfunction.

People with asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, emphysema, or respiratory problems will have to re-locate or risk their lives. Anyone who is chemically sensitive will have to leave. As the chemical burden on the body increases, thousands more will become chemically sensitive.

We are talking about seven million people. There will be an unimaginable health crisis for which no provision has been made. Why do the media tell us this plan is safe? Maybe Cuba will offer to send doctors.

Pesticides have never eradicated any variety of insect, and insect resistance always develops. Natural predators can absorb this immigrant apple moth into the ecosystem, as long as they are left alive to do so. New Zealand has already made the mistake of aerial spraying. Moth numbers increased as natural predators died. CDFA and USDA should apologize for their stupidity and reclassify this very minor pest. The governor should be recalled and the plan terminated.

What can you do about this War on Terra? You could sit there like chickens in the dark, while weasels slash their way through the flock. You could sell your house quickly, pack up, and move away. Or you could stand up and prevent this looming disaster. We can all do something. What will you do?

Call the governor at 916-445-2841
Call CDFA at 1-800-491-1899
Charlotte Bertram,

What Is It Really?
None dare call it what it is! Texas state troopers have rescued 400 children, mostly girls, from the compound of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints. Where are all the boys and what is so saintly about this religious sect?

Why is this End Times cult popping out so many children when they believe an Apocalypse is right around the corner? Could it be this was more of a ranch of prostitution to satisfy the pent up sexual desires of male egos?

And what really boggles the mind is why Republicans, including John McCain, continue to pay homage and pander to fundamentalists who have infiltrated, hijacked and found a comfortable home in the GOP?

Ron Lowe
Grass Valley

Witless Anal Apertures
Let's put an end to this shameful and silly posturing about flag lapel pins and whether or not Obama wears one. Among our great freedoms is to be free from mandatory dictation as to what the good citizen must wear.

For witless anal apertures to suggest that failure to wear the flag indicates incipient disloyalty is political correctness run amok.

It smacks of the worst aspects of McCarthyism, and of Nazi Germany when neighbors denounced neighbors to the Gestapo for showing insufficient ardor in their seig heil salute. We cannot ever again allow this in America.

Fielding Greaves
Lt Col, US Army, Retired
Registered Republican

You Are All Crazy
No wonder we Texans call California the land of the fruits and nuts. You are still upset that John Kerry lost the election in 2004. I saw the editorial. Get over it. It is ancient history. The only thing you in California did right in recent history was to throw out Grey Davis and elect Gov. Schwarzenegger. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave. I do not think he would be glad to be a Californian these days.

And you have the temerity to say good riddance to Charleston Heston. He was an outstanding actor, a Christian man, and a man you saw where the Democratic Party was going. That's why he and President Reagan left. Your base still lives in the 60's. Flower Power. I remember antidisestablishmentarianism. What a great bunch of role models. Hanoi Jane. Her pathetic ex husband. I could go on. If Chappaquiddick happened in Texas. Kennedy money would not have helped Ted. He would have spent time in jail. No matter how you slice it... he was guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Even though you will never admit it. When President Reagan told Gorbachov to tear down that wall. He made history. He and the Ayatollah (sp) recognized that Jimmy Carter was a wimp. That sorry rescue attempt was exactly that, sorry and inept. Wasn't it amazing that when Reagan was elected President, the hostages were returned before Christmas?

We should all be students of history…

Because he had the guts to call the Communists "evil". That the Soviet Union was the evil empire, we no longer live under a world where we have a Berlin Wall. No cold war. Now we have to deal with the Muslim fanatics. President Bush is doing that. Why you guys do not see that is beyond me.

Well I have said as brief as possible what is on my mind. If any of you guys want to talk to me, just e-mail me... I will be glad to call you back and further this discourse. But my gut feeling is ... that you won't. Just write it off as a crazy Texas loon who served his country as an aviator in Desert Storm.

Dave Strange
Texas A&M; Class '81

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