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Thurs. April 3, 8-12 Sam Global Grooves DJ set
Fri. April 4, 9-1 Hawaiian uke band, SAGE
Sat. April 5, 9-1, French Gypsy group DJIIN
Sun. April. 6, 8-11, OPEN MIC The PINKS
Mon. April. 7, 8-12, HipHop, Raggae, Spin
Wed. April 9, 8-12 LARRY’S KARAOKE
Thur. April 10, 8-12, Moomaw & Miwa Gemini(NYC)
Fri. April 11, 9-1, 5 folk SKIFFLE SYMPHONY
Sat. April 12, 9-1, MAD MAGGIES
Sun. April 13, 8-11, OPEN MIC the Djiin Players
Mon. April 14, 9-1, HipHop Reggae SPIN
Wed. April 16. LARRY’S KARAOKE
Thurs. April 17, 8-12, MISISIPI
Fri. April 18, 9-1, acoustic BLUEBELLIES
Sat. April 19, 9 -1, rock-jazz, TOM FINCH
Sun. April 20, 8-11 OPEN MIC Djiin players
Mon. April 21, 9-12, HipHop Reggae SPIN
Wed. April 23, 8-12 LARRY’S KARAOKE
Thur. April 24, 8-12, DEAREST
Fri. April 25, 9-1, , HipHop SPIN SUCKER FREE FRIDAY
Sat. April 26, 9-1, country, WHORSESHOES
Sun. April 27, 8-12, OPEN MIC Djiin Players
Mon. April 28, 9-12, HipHop, Reggae SPIN
Weds. April 30, 8-11 LARRY’S KARAOKE
April, 2008 Volume 33, Number 04

(415)868-1600 - (415)868-0502(fax) - P.O. Box 31, Bolinas, CA, 94924
mailto:[email protected]

Marin City's Affordable Housing Threatened; Exec. Director Leaves By Karen Nakamura
There's been an interesting development in the ongoing struggle for affordable workforce housing and actually affordable housing. It's the exit of
Half New Orleans Poor Permanently Displaced: Failure Or Success? By Bill Quigley
Government reports confirm that half of the working poor, elderly and disabled that lived in New Orleans before Katrina has not returned. Because o
Nader Speaks Out On Gaza
Ralph Nader slams Israel's brutal siege and America's complicity Gaza is the world's largest prison. It has 1.5 million inmates and many of them a
Bottled Water Isn't What It's Cracked Up To Be
American consumers drink more bottled water every year, in part because they think it is somehow safer or better than tap water. They collectively
Rain Down 90 Percent In China Rice Belt
BEIJING (Reuters) - Large areas of south China are suffering from serious drought, with water levels on two major rivers in rice-growing provinces dr
Abalone Fishing Season To Open April 1; New Tagging Requirement
The season for California's popular red abalone sport fishery will open April 1 in waters north of San Francisco Bay. New in 2008, the Department o
The Bad Science That Created the Cholesterol Con By Maggie Mahar, Health Beat
The widespread belief that "bad Cholesterol" ( LDL cholesterol) is a major factor driving heart disease -- and that cholesterol-lowering drugs like
Corner of 5th & B Streets, Point Reyes Station 415-663-1075 [email protected] INSOMNIAC THEATRE - THE 24 HOUR SHOW PRESENTS
Contaminants In Drinking Water Are a National Problem Worthy Of A National Solution By Wenonah Hauter
Statement of Food & Water Watch Executive Director What the recent story about traces of pharmaceuticals in our drinking water makes very clear i
Bush Spending U.S. Tax Dollars to Foment Unrest in Bolivia By Benjamin Dangl, The Progressive
A thick fence, surveillance cameras, and armed guards protect the U.S. Embassy in La Paz. The embassy is a tall, white building with narrow slits of w
Recycle Christmas Tree Lights!
JACKSON,, and online retailer of energy-efficient Christmas lights and decorative lighting, reports that its 1st annual recycli
Why Spitzer Was Bushwhacked By F William Engdahl
The spectacular and bizarre release of secret FBI wiretap data to the New York Times exposing the tryst of New York State governor Eliot Spitzer, t
Why Marin County Has The Highest Breast Cancer Rate In The United States By Leuren Moret
RIVERBANKS AND COASTLINES HAVE HIGHEST CANCER RATES Fresh water has higher concentrations of radionuclides than seawater because there is a greater
This Pupping Season, Remember to "Leave Seals Be"
(SAUSALITO, Calif. - February 28, 2008) - As seals give birth on beaches this season, The Marine Mammal Center is reminding people along the Californ
Unfavorable Ocean Conditions Likely Cause Of Low 2007 Salmon Returns Along West Coast
ScienceDaily (Mar. 4, 2008) - NOAA scientists are reviewing unusual environmental conditions in the Pacific Ocean as the likely culprit for the dra
McCain Statements Approve Occupation Of Jerusalem By Abed Rabu
Wednesday March 19, 2008 16:44 by Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC News Yasser Abed Rabu, the General Secretary of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PL
Violence, Protests Spread from Tibet to Neighboring Chinese Provinces
KATHMANDU, SUN. MARCH 16-Violence spread from Tibet through neighboring parts of China on Sunday as anti-Chinese protesters took to the streets
Opinion/Editorial Dehumanizing the Palestinians BY Ali Abunimah
The Electronic Intifada, 21 September 2007 The Israeli cabinet has voted to declare the occupied Gaza Strip a "hostile entity," thus in its own ey
An Election Without Meaning By Peter Phillips
Will November 2008 bring a meaningful change to America? Will getting rid of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney without impeachment or indictment re
Israel: Time To Boycott, Divest and Sanction By Frank Scott
The situation in Israel has become more murderous and unjust than ever in the sixty year life of that nation. Founded over the bodies of an indige
Greed-The Worm In The Capitalist Apple By Edward W. Miller, MD
Last summer's fall and shaky, uncertain recovery of the stock market bubble which, as it burst, toward the end of August had cost investors over $6
The War Election By Norman Solomon
Maybe it sounded good when politicians, pundits and online fundraisers talked about American deaths as though they were the deaths that mattered mo
Moo Town News "SPAWNing Hypocrisy" By Judy Borello
Last month in my P.S. I said it was unfair for Marin County to slap a "temporary" moratorium prohibiting the issuance of building permits on certa
Are Microwaves Killing The Insects, Frogs, And Birds? And Are We Next? By Paul Raymond Doyon
A severe crime is being committed by a cell-phone-toting humanity against all life on this planet. The only true solution is for us to give up our ele
Lose Weight And Save The Planet, Too! By Stephen Simac
Two devices symbolizing the American Way Of Life (AWOL) greatly increase our Greenhouse Gases (GG) and obesity. Both are shiny and fast, at least wh
Letters To The Editor
Legal And Penal System Out of Control A legal doctrine called "laches" applies to both civil and criminal law. Laches is the failure to act timely.
U.S. Chief Auditor Leaves, Giving Dire Warning About National Debt By DAVID S. BRODER
Washington Post It was sheer coincidence that David M. Walker spent his last day Wednesday as comptroller general of the United States at the same
Outrageous Anti-Pot Lies: Media Uses Disgraceful Cancer Scare Tactics By Paul Armentano, AlterNet
On Tuesday, January 29 -- three days prior to the publication of a forthcoming study assessing marijuana use and cancer -- Reuters News Wire publis
A Real Threat to California Home-Schoolers By Steven Greenhut
I'm not sure how the Free State Project is going in New Hampshire, but the Police State Project appears to be advancing rapidly here in California.
Climate Change's Most Deadly Threat: Drought By Todd Wilkinson, Christian Science Monitor
Spring is on its way back to northern latitudes. In many locales, it will arrive earlier than "normal," yielding, ostensibly, a longer growing seas
The Iraq War Is Killing Our Economy By Robert Pollin and Heidi Garrett-Peltier, The Nation
There is no longer any doubt that the Iraq War is a moral and strategic disaster for the United States. But what has not yet been fully recognized
US Spends 6 Times More on Prisons than Education
For the first time in history, more than one in every 100 American adults is in jail or prison, according to a new report tracking the surge in inm

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