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March, 2008



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The Last Shoe Drops
By Edward W. Miller, M.D.

They made a wasteland and called it 'peace.' -Tacitus
When, on February 18th 2008, the tiny Balkan State of KOSOVO declared independence from Serbia the International Herald Tribune noted: "Confronted by Kosovo's declaration of independence, a divided European Union on Monday agreed to differ over the legitimacy of Europe's newest nation. Britain, France, Italy and Germany said they would grant recognition, and the United States did as well... Once again, the issues of identity and land raised by the long, violent dissolution of the old Yugoslavia split the nations of Europe, and Kosovo's status assumed global significance because of the precedent this independence could set for separatist movements elsewhere."
The announcement of Kosovo's independence was made by Hashim Thaci, chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, (PDK), Prime Minister of the Provisional government and former KLA leader Thaci, nicknamed "The Snake" during his KLA days and former rebel commander, is known for his links to organized crime and determination to preserve relations between his party and the United States," (The Scotsman 20 October, 2000).

Americans may remember, that ten tears ago, on April 30, 1998, the U.S. Senate, under furious lobbying by the armaments industry, voted to extend NATO membership to Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, and on March 23, following a campaign of misinformation and vilification of Milosevic, the U.S. Senate, with no significant debate, voted 58/41 to authorize President Clinton to conduct military air operations and missile strikes against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Thus, in a cowardly move and in direct contradiction to the powers expressly given to Congress by our Constitution, we were at war with a sovereign nation without an express declaration of war.

With few complaints from most of the world NATO initiated 78 days of an intense bombing (March 24 - June 10, 1999), destroying the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia and decimating both Kosovo's and Yugoslav's economy. The bombing left millions homeless, cities in ruin, factories and refineries smoking environmental hazards, and highways and waterways (the Danube) unusable. Thousands were killed, maimed, starved, made homeless and turned into refugees; the Balkan economy set back some 30 years. Yugoslavia's industry was wiped out. NATO missiles destroyed the Yugo auto plant putting its 36,000 employees on the street. NATO's " humanitarian war" plus international sanctions; resulted in today's 20% unemployment-a $12.2 billion dollar debt.

Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania, and other neighboring countries are still depressed.

Since the 1999 bombing the demographics of Kosovo have changed. Following a mass exodus of 12,000 Serbs, the Albanian population now outnumbers the Serbs by 9 to 1.

The UN Interim Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) with troops in tandem with the NATO Police Force (KFOR) today maintains a virtual occupation. Serbia and its Kosovo operate as two separate entities with separate tax systems and jurisdictions over schools, hospitals and the like. The EU now will send its own occupying force.

Russia as well as several European countries have severely criticized Kosovo's move to independence, fearing that other countries with politically active minorities may now follow suite, however, as writer Elise Hugus noted, throughout its history, " Serbia has hosted a never-ending series of power struggles. From the Romans to the Byzantines to the Bulgarians and Mongols, to the Austro-Hungarians and the Ottomans... Serbia played out viciously during its brief glory as the dominant state in Tito's Yugoslavia."

The ongoing dispute between Serbia and Kosovo over the recent separation is a bitter struggle between two peoples, badly damaged in the Balkan conflict of the 1990's. Another chapter in the destruction of the Yugoslav Federation by the Clinton Administration in tandem with Germany's former Chancellor, Helmut Kohl.

Americans may remember that after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, political groups in both the reunited Germany and Washington saw the Balkan States as a potential area for their political and economic expansion. This region, properly exploited, might also limit the new Soviet's efforts to extend its hegemony westward. Secretly acknowledging this policy, President Clinton, speaking at Berlin's Brandenberg Gate on October 12, 1994 referred to Germany's then-Chancellor Helmut Kohl as " my principal partner in Europe."

To politically separate the Balkan States, the new U.S.-Berlin Axis targeted politicians: activists who had learned to appeal to both religious and nationalist sentiments. These leaders, targeted by the West were first: Slobovan Milosevic, president of Yugoslavia, who represented Eastern Orthodox Christians, and in a 1989 speech, had reassured his audience of over one million that "Kosovo would remain integrated with the Yugoslav Federation despite the Albanian majority's increasing clamor for separation."

It was Milosovic's dream to maintain the Yugoslav Federation of States as a political unit, and would fight Balkan fragmentation. He was therefore seen as a major threat to western expansionism and would have to be eliminated, along with his Serbian supporters living in other Balkan States.

The second Balkan leader to be maneuvered as a pawn on the Western chessboard was Franjo Tudjman in Roman Catholic Croatia. Tudjman, once a communist general in Tito's army, an avowed fascist and jailed as an activist, on his release created the right-wing HDZ Croatian Party. Tudjman became president of Croatia in May 1990. While Croatia was still in the Yugoslav Federation, working quietly behind the scenes, Germany's Chancellor Helmut Kohl met in Germany with Tudjman in 1988, to promise political, financial and covert military support for Croatia's planned secession for the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. On October 4, 1990 the Roman Catholic Church, using a secret order (Chevailers-Hospitaliers de Malta) quietly extended a $2 billion loan to Croatia for similar support. Tudjman had formed his own ZNG or National Guard Corps, patterned after Croatia's WWII Ustashi, with a public blessing of the Roman Catholic Church, and on December 22, 1990, with German support, but against the wishes of other members of the E U, declared Croatia a " sovereign state." Croatia's new constitution identified Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and Muslims as second-class citizens and with the help of our CIA, ethnic cleansing of Croatian Serbs began in 1991. Over 250,000 Serbs were murdered or driven from Croatia by 1992, 245 Serbian villages, burned to the ground and another 10,000 Serbs driven across the border into Bosnia and Serbia. At a meeting in Masstrict in December 1992, Kohl's Germany again over-ruled the other EU members, so both Roman Catholic Croatia and Slovenia were recognized as independent states. The Vatican officially acknowledged this separation.

Meanwhile, the third leader, activist Alija Izetbegovic, in Islamic Bosnia-Herzegovina, who had been jailed six years for anti-state "Islamic activities," after release, as candidate for his Muslim Democratic Action Party, secured 86 seats, Serbs and Croats coming in second and third. Though the B-H

Constitution required the presidency be rotated between the three parties on an on an annual basis, Izetbegovic, once in office, refused to share the presidency.

On February 1992, Izetbegovic declared Bosnia-Herzegovina would also secede from the Yugoslav Federation despite its 34 percent Serb population, which refused to vote on the referendum. Ninety-nine percent of the Muslim population voted for secession. Germany forced through EU recognition of Bosnia-Herzegovina separation on April 6, 1992 and the 34 percent Serbs who owned some 65 percent of the land immediately declared an Independent Serbian Republic with its own army. President Izetbegovic then ordered the Serb barracks attacked. Fierce fighting ensued as a Cato drive the Serbs from the country got underway. Izetbegovic employed thousands of mujahideen from Afghanistan, courtesy of our CIA for this "Serbian cleansing".

Though, after international negotiations, the Serbs agreed to withdraw their police into Serbia. The UN Security Council under U.S. and German pressure adopted Resolution 757, imposing economic sanctions on Yugoslavia (both Serbia and Montenegro). A second Resolution, 816, declared air space over B-H a no-fly zone, impeding Serbian defense of their oppressed minority.

Thus the U.S. and Germany, using both the UN and NATO as cover-up, maneuvered to separate Roman Catholic Croatia and Slovenia, as well as Muslim Bosnia-Herzegovina from the Yugoslav Federation.

Though Yugoslavia's President Milosovic made every effort to hold his Yugoslav Federation together, the U.S. and Germany continually thwarted his efforts. Employing both NATO and the U.N., as well as compliant members of the EU to shield their activities, the Bonn government with Washington's help secretly supported the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from these states, while waging a media campaign against Milosovic

The Rambouillet Agreement, drafted by NATO which Milosevic refused to accept, was used by the US and NATO as justification to start the Kosovo War This proposed agreement, forced on Milosevic by Albright and Holbrook contained provisions aimed at destroying Serbian autonomy' which the Washington delegation knew president Milosevic would refuse to accept.

According to writer Diana Johnstone noted: " NATO's land is a gated community whose armed forces are being prepared to intervene worldwide, at the bidding of Washington, to defend members' interests..." Johnstone also reported (7/10/2000) that a recent study by Freedom Fight, found " absolutely no labor organization within 50 of the largest and middle-sized private or foreign-owned companies in Serbia"

Further evidence of Big Industry's role in the Balkan takeover.

As author Diana Johnstone notes: "The entire Balkan campaign was carefully hidden from the American people by what Noam Chomsky calls it "the principle of retrospective justification," presenting our military adventurism in such a way as to hide both intent and process, thus achieving tacit support from an

uninformed public while avoiding such politically embarrassing backlash as Washington suffered during the Viet Nam war. Johnstone adds (18 Feb 2008) " Across this last weekend, the Western propaganda machine was working overtime, celebrating the latest NATO miracle: the transformation of Serbian Kosovo into Albanian Kosovo. A shameless land grab by the United States which has used... to install an enormous military base (Camp Bondsteel) on other people's strategic located land, is transformed by the power of the media into "national liberation".

As President Eisenhower warned us, the "military-Industrial complex will continue to get us into trouble around the world unless we remain politically alert. The breakup of the Yugoslav Federation, a prosperous post WWWII group of Balkan countries, was decimated while Americans' attention was focused by our compliant media on a purposely-criminalized Slobovan Milosevic who was eventually murdered by Washington while defending himself in a US-structured pseudo- International Count in The Hague.

Furious with our repeated interference in their politics, on Thursday, as over a million Serbs gathered to protest in Belgrade, the crowd set fire to our embassy, and on Friday rioted on that Mitrovica bridge, over the Ibar River which separates the two provinces. Serbs also tossed grenades and torched the hated UN and NATO facilities located in Kosovo. Washington's policy of manipulating ethnic groups already involved in political disputes, has again backfired.

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