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January, 2008



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Litmus Test For Wannabe Presidents
By Antonio R. Serna

There are currently seventeen presidential wannabes from our two major political parties who are trying to woo the American electorate into electing them to the highest office of the land. As expected, they are trying to out do each other in projecting the most positive image of themselves. Some are eloquent, some are not. Some are forthright, some are not. Some love to play with your emotions and some are brutally frank.
It is amusing to note that their campaign strategies are all focused on efforts to bring down the one who is leading in the polls. If they were up against an incumbent, they would all be ganging up on him. But because the incumbent is on his way out and it does not serve them any purpose to criticize what he has done nor what he is planning to do in the balance of his term, he is not even worthy of any mention, good or bad. The incumbent is proving to be an untouchable as far as these wannabes are concerned. He has one more year remaining in his eight years of disastrous administration, which by all indications he is capping with plans to further expand the war in the Middle East and sink the country's economy into further unfathomable depths.

But these wannabes just do not care. The American people are demanding that the incumbent be impeached now that congress is in the control of the people but these wannabes do not want to rock the boat during a presidential elections year. They are more interested in being elected than holding an erring president accountable for his numerous infractions and censuring him for his irresponsible behavior before he steps down.

The incumbent's supporters are even daring the president's opponents to impeach him with the firm belief that they do not have what it takes to impeach a president, not because he has not committed impeachable offenses but because the country is at war. The incumbent therefore is using the war as a license for him to do what he pleases and the wannabes are allowing him to do that. We are hardly a year away from electing a new president and are currently in the process of choosing who the 44th president of this great country will be. One thing is for sure. Anyone among them can easily prove to be better than the incumbent. The performance bar that measures the President's effectiveness has been lowered by the incumbent so low that his successor can hurdle it in their sleep. No wonder these wannabes are hesitant to rock the boat at this time. They would prefer to simply run with the ball that the incumbent will pass on to them and appear to be a hero with whatever little changes they may need to make.

In the remaining debates, we should use the "impeach the president" issue as a litmus test in determining who among these wannabes qualify to be our next president. We should know who among them do not believe that President Bush and his Vice President have done irreparable damage to the moral integrity, economy and the good image of our country as the leader of the world.

Anyone who does not believe that the offenses committed by this duo are impeachable offenses can easily do the same if given the position and power. We want a president who will be very indignant with what has happened to our country the past eight years. Her/his first instinct should be to correct a wrong and hold those guilty accountable for their misdeeds. This is a very strong signal to those who will comprise her/his government that she/he will never tolerate any form of betrayal of the people's trust. Besides demanding the impeachment while the incumbent is still in office, our next president should promise the American people that when successfully impeached she/he will not grant him any form of forgiveness or pardon. This will not only guarantee that our next administration will be what the people deserve but will also restrain the incumbent administration from springing more mischief in the last year of it's term, like plunging the world into a nuclear war. Otherwise the incumbent government will feel emboldened to continue using the war as its license to do as it pleases and still protect itself from the wrath of the people.

The role that the impeachment issue plays in the 2008 presidential election is providential in the sense that the candidates aspiring to replace the incumbent have to clearly define to the American electorate where she/he is coming from. It is a well-known secret that the incumbent was installed through the efforts of special interests and won two elections through decidedly fraudulent means. It is therefore obvious why it is their interest and not of the American people that has occupied the mind and attention of the incumbent in his entire two terms in office.

These special interests are still wielding enough power to ensure that the winner of the 2008 presidential election will also end up in their pocket. This is a very imminent possibility. The only assurance the American people can get that this will not happen is if the elected president in 2008 will announce this early, that she/he will not pardon the incumbent if successfully impeached. It can also spell between defeat and victory for the candidate depending on how much the American electorate has matured after eight years of Bush presidency.

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