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January, 2008



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The Greatest Threat to New Hampshire and the Rest of America
By Daniel Gilbert

Conservative Republican Presidential Candidate
A husband and wife were getting up in years and were weary. Every day they rose at 5am to open the cafe and worked the day through to 10 pm, trying to scratch out a living from their business. They said, "We make just enough to pay the bills and we are not getting ahead." They hope that the weather will bring snow to draw the tourists for the winter. The worried business owner down the road who runs a small restaurant says, "I am just hoping the tourists will show up for the winter sports, in spite of the high gas prices. If we don't make money during the winter we don't make it."
I was in the beautiful North Country for three days of meeting and talking to the hard working men and women of New Hampshire. Further south, I stopped by an American Legion Post. I wanted to shake hands with some fellow veterans and thank them for their service. They were playing cards and sitting at the bar. Their concern was that they had just received the news that the Wausau paper mill was closing on December 31, tossing 300 American workers out of their jobs. The local businesses will be impacted by this loss of workers and the mill pumping dollars back in to the local economy. Further south, while I was checking in to a motel room, the desk clerk commented that she had previously worked in a factory that closed...the production moved to Mexico. She told me how she had to train a Mexican to do her factory job.

I heard what New Hampshire citizens and workers are worried about, what they are upset about, and what they are frustrated about. Of course politicians can't do anything about the weather, but they can certainly do something about gas prices that strangle the country and about the trade practices that unfairly favor any nation except America. In addition, politicians can certainly do something about tax codes and Federal regulations that encourage businesses to close their plants, instead of keeping them open and retooling.

The greatest threats to the citizens of New Hampshire and the rest of America are not high gas prices, NAFTA or unfair trade agreements. The greatest threat to New Hampshire and the entire United States is entrenched career politicians in Congress who do what is best for special interests, big businesses, lobbyists, and big donors, instead of what is constitutional and what is best for the citizens of the United States of America.

Instead of spending endless hours in nonstop mind numbing hearings over the past 10 months, Congress should have broken off in order to vote to open up Anwar and all wilderness and offshore areas for environmentally safe oil exploration. This one Congressional action would immediately place tremendous downward market pressure on the speculative oil market, resulting in lower gas prices

The entrenched career politicians should also break off to repeal NAFTA. NAFTA has gutted many American industrial plants, throwing American workers out of work while allowing the idle industrial machinery to be moved to Mexico.

Further stabs to the American worker's backs are the unfair trade agreements which benefit foreign workers to the detriment of our own livelihoods. Our political leaders need to renegotiate existing trade agreements that will balance the cost savings to the American shopper with the job losses of the American worker. If Congress never considers the job losses resulting from unfair trade agreements, then, at some point in the future, there will be few American shoppers to buy the foreign made products.

Moreover, the entrenched career politicians need to fix the tax code to enable businesses to make wise decisions based on pure business facts instead of whether or not taxes will have to be paid or not paid on the business decisions.

Additionally, politicians need to reduce regulations and red tape in order that small and innovative businesses may obtain easier access to the markets that are presently dominated by the big business or foreign companies.

The greatest threat to New Hampshire and to the United States is the entrenched career politicians who will not do what is best for the country, our children and grandchildren. The American people need and deserve national leaders who will follow the constitution, who are citizen statesmen and who will serve the people instead of themselves, special interests and the lobbyists.

Information on Republican Presidential Candidate, Daniel Gilbert:

In 2000 I voted for President Bush and the Republicans. I had high hopes that with the Republicans in control of the legislature and the executive branches that real change would occur in our government. I thought that the principles that we all thought the Republicans stood for would guide the Republicans to do what is best for the country. I thought I would see a new higher moral standard. What we got was corruption, bribes, moral decline, hearings with no action, tax breaks for big business, McCain Feingold and last year 15,000 earmarks. We get a Republican majority in the Senate and a President who think that the best way to handle the illegal alien problem is to give them amnesty. And just last month we had a great break through with the North Koreans where they agreed to not do what they agreed to not do under Clinton. How much will it cost the American citizens this time?

There has to be a change in Presidential and Congressional leadership to affect change in this country. There has to be a way to get the politicians out and the statesmen in. Those politicians who vote only for the sake of the party, the lobbyist or big business have to be removed. To bring about substantial changes in the government these new statesmen must control the House, Senate and the White House.

Bio: Born 1946 in Winston-Salem, NC, married with two grown children, daughter and son

4 grandsons and 2 granddaughters, businessman, member of Biltmore Baptist Church, Asheville, NC, dad owned a small trucking company-passed away 2002, Mom worked as a cafeteria worker-passed away 1989, Eagle Scout, grew up on a farm in rural North Carolina, worked hard and long in the hot and the cold. Milked cows, slopped hogs, fed chickens, etc, graduated in 1969 from Virginia Tech with a BS in Civil Engineering, Army ROTC commission Stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, Fort Jackson, SC and Vietnam, Black Mountain Center Human Rights Advocacy Committee.

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