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January, 2008



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Sustainable Castles in the Sky: How to Reduce
Greenhouse Gases, Save Money and Lose Weight.
By Stephen Simac

"The President believes that it should be the goal of policymakers to protect the American Way of Life. The American Way of Life is a blessed one." Ari Fleisher, White House press secretary.
This is no scam, even if it sounds suspiciously like one. When we're told that Greenhouse Gases (GG) are causing Global Warming (GW) we want to prevent this. Especially if we live near the coast or in a trailer, tragically susceptible to the predicted results from GW.
Americans are addicted to generating ginormous GG's. Politicians who claim that the American Way Of Life (AWOL) just needs to be tweaked a bit to neutralize our Carbon Bigfootprint are either lying or ignorant. However we expect our politicians to lie to us, so that's cool.

Since AWOL causes widespread obesity, serious stress and the worst health in the western world, changing it seems like a great idea. Yet it plays poorly from the blessed heartland to the continental shores.

Americans burn through one quarter of the world's energy use and emit an equal percentage of GG's. AWOL, defended by our military overseas, is touted as a safe yet stimulating affair by the advertisers selling it to us. AWOL deserts our duties as stewards of the environment and it's guaranteed to put on weight.

Changing AWOL to stop GW will be a hard sell, no matter how many celebrities sign on. Throw in guaranteed fringe benefits like losing weight; better sex, lower energy bills and even Al Gore could sell this package. Normally you'd expect to pay a fortune for this on the installment plan, but the new, old Coastal Post is offering it to readers for Free! You can send a dollar or buy a subscription, of course.

GG's absorb heat radiating away from the earth. In general this is a good thing for life on earth. The impact of human generated GG's on long-range climate change is disputed by scientists, as is the potential for stopping GW by reducing them. Some meteorologists claim measurable changes in solar cycles are the main driver for heating up or cooling down the planet. They point out that several planets in the solar system are currently heating up, not just Earth. That the climate has changed considerably in the geological past before humans generated significant Gig's.

Water vapor is the largest GG, but barely mentioned in the GW debate. Human activities increase water vapor, but what percent compared with natural causes is even less precise than for Carbon Dioxide (CO2), the main GG in the news.

The political, media and scientific experts predicting catastrophic GW unless we reduce our carbon footprint or sequester it, ignore all dissenters from their 'consensus' and are using GW as a tiller to steer popular opinion towards expensive regulation of carbon generation.

The corporate megaphones we have for a free press are in full GG hysteria, which means there is big money behind it. The corporate media doesn't focus on an environmental issue this obsessively unless future profits for their owners and advertisers are involved.

The Carbon Cap and Traders and the Nuclear Power Industry are poised to rake in billions, based on media hysteria rather than reasoned legislation.

Neither will significantly reduce human production of carbon dioxide, but they will saddle consumers with higher energy and radioactive cleanup costs. Neither the Kyoto Protocols nor the Bali Initiative will reduce human generated GG's, even with the U.S. signed on, unless China, India, Brazil and other third word emerging economies comply. They refuse to go along with GG reduction, seeing it as post-colonial exploitation. They want to develop just like western countries did, by burning Fossil Fuels (FF).

Many environmentalists on board the GW gravy train are True Believers. Others jumped on because they think GW hysteria will scare humans into cutting back on wasteful energy consumption. The Cap and Traders and Nuclear Power industry are paying for the hype. Americans and third world industrializing nations won't herd easily towards cutting back on an energy guzzling lifestyle, or aspirations for having one, based on guilt alone. Bureaucratic regulations, financial penalties and even stronger methods will have to be applied to torque us into compliance.

Dire predictions about future catastrophes will not persuade us to change AWOL, because we are addicted to it. Addictive behaviors aren't influenced by negative future outcomes, they exist for the now. Regardless of whether we can change the weather by reducing our carbon footprint, we can enjoy a healthier, more affordable, sustainable lifestyle by reducing FF burning, which produces most of our GG's.

We can save money, lose weight and improve our environment. Those incentives are more persuasive than carbon taxes to save the polar bears or someone sinking somewhere else, FF burning also spews Toxic Waste, (TW) of one kind or another as well as CO2 into the environment, which includes us. GG emissions by humans correlate with a wide variety of TW, substances known or suspected of harming the ecology, human health, and the general welfare, even causing obesity. Lower GG's means less TW.

If they truly believe in their doomsday predictions for Climate Change, then the puny measures that experts and policy wonks are proposing to reduce GG's to slow GW will prove as futile as a bailing brigade on the Titanic. The "solutions" being pushed are little more than cynical and self serving snake oil, designed to further enrich and empower the governing agencies and corporations pushing for them, as they position the planet to plunge into the deluge.

Yet there are simple, highly effective actions we can take as individuals, citizens, organizations and governing bodies that will help us Save Energy and Money, Reduce Greenhouse Gases and Toxic Waste, while helping us Feel Better, Get Fit and Lose Weight, Guaranteed or your Money Back.

This is a condensed version of an article on-line at 2020Vision.bes

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