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August, 2007



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Mad About Libby, Mute About Lobby
By Frank Scott

The presidential pardon of Scooter Libby, in the tradition of executive mercy for the privileged class, elicited outrage from liberal sectors of the ruling party. Calls for the impeachment of Bush, Cheney, Mrs. Bush, their dogs, and several members of the Bush family, have grown in vehemence as the president's lame duck term nears its end. His reign of terror may soon end and be turned over to those who favor a slightly less blatant expression of America's role as self-chosen world ruler. The opposition, while still desperately needing a spinal transplant, has become much bolder as polls and term limits reveal a president who has become much weaker.
How significant is the Libby case, compared to others in the pornography business we call justice, where those with power get the gift of love, while the powerless pay for it by getting screwed? Not very. Thousands of innocent people are wasting away in America's penal colony, while many who are guilty of crimes affecting no one but themselves are serving incredibly long sentences. These innocent and non-violent people are members of an economic class, which cannot afford to buy leniency from the ruling establishment.

The outraged cries at this alleged assault on our democracy would be more convincing if they were raised on behalf of those thousands, and not simply over one diseased tree in a terminal ward of a forest. Libby broke the law, but his is only one of many cases of well-connected criminals going free, while the laws protecting power assure that the powerless usually don't notice.

We should never forget that the legal system serves the ruling forces of society. We need merely check our holy Bible, Talmud and Koran of legality: the constitution. It was written by the original rulers primarily for their own benefit, to protect their status and their property from what they saw as the common mobs. Those mobs almost immediately amended it with the Bill of Rights for everyone else, demanded when there was still some fight among the ruled. Now, though it may seem that most of us have surrendered to the corporate nobility, many have grown disgusted with the entire process and its product. They are justifiably concerned over the contradiction between an allegedly democratic society in which equality is a hallucination, and a desired ideal of freedom, justice and opportunity for all, and not just a few.

Calls for impeachment have been loud, clear and numerous, but only from the people and hardly ever from they're representatives. Now, a handful of those are finally aroused, but only since this latest alleged assault on a constitution usually treated as a non-binding resolution by the regime.

The war that has nearly destroyed a nation, killed hundreds of thousands of its people and more than three thousand of our own, draws mealy mouthed opposition from establishment figures, while this pardon of Libby saw the usually docile rise up in anger. How many people have to be murdered before these devout believers in the sacredness of the law notice what that unholy law has done to Iraq? Don't hang by your lip waiting for congressional employees of corporate power and a foreign nation - not necessarily in that order - to do anything but dance to the tune of those who finance their campaigns.

Why is there no outcry about the illegality of a lobby for a foreign country exercising power over the American government? Especially since that power has led to Americans spending billions of dollars and thousands of lives to protect Israel, which has won the war that America has clearly lost. At American expense, Israel has rid itself of the only Arab ruler who openly supported the Palestinian resistance, and is now working, through its American lobby, to get the USA to destroy Iran under pretenses even more flagrantly idiotic and dishonest than those used to get us into Iraq. How many more billions will we spend to murder foreigners, demolish their societies, become as hated in the world as Israel is in the Middle East, while continuing to deny vital needs at home?

Again, do not hang by your lip, or any other sensitive body part, waiting for this pathetic posse in Washington to do anything but cash paychecks from the taxpayers, who receive nothing in return, while sucking up campaign money from the Israel lobby, which gets everything it pays for: a criminal performance by our government on behalf of a foreign interest which threatens America's safety and well being.

In the face of this reality, the choreographed fury about constitutional law which the Libby case has brought about should be seen for what it is; standard performance by the hypocritical fulminators of our one-party-with-two-factions ruling regime. If they confronted their own guilt in much larger crimes that shatter moral as well as legal codes in the commission of mass murder elsewhere that brings greater threats of terror here, they'd have to impeach themselves.

Term limits may finally get rid of the Bushites, but it will take something more to transform all these hypocrites into servants of the American people. And it won't happen because of some law already on the books. Those scriptures will need to be rewritten, by the demands of the people. Maybe when we finally express and act on those demands, we'll have something approaching actual democracy. To create it, we'll need to stop worrying about diversions like Libby, which threaten a few of us, and start dealing with realities like the Lobby, which threaten all of us.

Copyright (c) 2007 by Frank Scott. All rights reserved.

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