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August, 2007



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Local Briefs for August 2007

Defining Ticky Tacky!
Last month's LB comment on 'Ticky Tacky on Highway One' (about the TT at the south end of Point Reyes Station on weekends) hit a nerve on both sides of the 'hill' in Marin! How does one define 'tacky?' It seems that towns on the 101 Corridor, as well as the villages of West Marin are being inundated by the dreaded "TT," according to anecdotal evidence.
According to Webster's dictionary, 'tacky' can be either a sticky surface or 'inelegant, in poor taste or just plain shabby.' We don't have that many sticky surfaces in Marin, so 'inelegant, poor taste and shabby' seem to be the point of contention. FOR A START, know that one person's 'tacky' might be another person's 'soulful.' Nonetheless, speak out and let's hear what YOU think is 'tacky' in Marin or just West Marin. The Coastal Post will print the top five responses in September if you send by August 20 (email [email protected]), don't use swear words and stay under 200 words each; do try to keep your sense of humor, folks! The winner will get a prize, the Totally Tacky Award (TTA), given out once a year (September) from now on by the CP Publisher, along with a free beer from Smiley's in Bolinas, and your picture in the paper... drinking the beer.

Farmer's Market Errata
The Farmer's Market at Toby's in Point Reyes Station has been up and running for over a month already. It's a great venue on Saturday mornings! Fresh, organic foods, most locally grown; super-fresh local oysters, music and other entertainment, cooking lessons and more. Its all quite elegant and charming (probably the most charming of all the fm's in Marin)! However, the aforementioned 'more' is now including a number of prepared food booths (hamburgers, oysters sometimes, and other ready-to-eat items) plus 'tchotchke.'

Unfortunately, when the market started about ten years ago, an agreement was made between the town merchants and the market administration to never serve prepared foods or sell 'tchotchke.' The reason for the ban on prepared foods and 'tchotchke' was so as not to compete with existent restaurants and shops on weekends because the local stores had a year-round overhead to support, whereas the market is only here during the prime tourist season for sales. As much as we all love the Farmer's Market, a gentle correction needs to be made to keep the original agreement, don't you think?

Rejecting West Marin Schools
Quite a few parents are going as far as packing up and leaving West Marin for as long as 4 years, renting a house in East Marin or southern Sonoma or elsewhere, in order to provide their kids with the ability to attend over-the-hill schools rather than our local West Marin schools. WHY? Naturally, the question arises as to what is wrong with local schools, especially from Tomales to Stinson/Bolinas, to push parents to rent out their main homes and, in turn, rent other homes 'over the hill' to allow their kids to legally attend Drakes High School and other educational venues? This is a question that needs to be answered and dissected in order to improve West Marin educational offerings, or squash the myth driving students away.

It is not just a question of Tomales High, but of West Marin School, Inverness School, the school on Highway One in Stinson Beach and others. Sometimes great expense is paid out by people who cannot even afford it, in driving little kids over the hill every day to school. WHY? Why are we in West Marin not having a respectful and public conversation about this issue, so long swept under the proverbial table? Is 2007 the time to finally face the issue and openly discuss it? Let us know at the CP.

District 4, Marin County
There are approximately 11,000+ people in West Marin right now. There are about the same number of people just in the Canal District of San Rafael -- and even more numbers in Corte Madera, San Quentin Village, Novato and parts of Larkspur, along with Homestead Valley in Mill Valley. West Marin is thus now a step-child to the more vote-heavy eastern corridor of Marin.

The gerrymandering that produced this oddity was based on politics, but also based on an attempt to give the District 4 Supervisor an equal number of constituents with other Supervisors. The result, however, doesn't work well for West Marin. Not because the present Supervisor is or isn't doing a good job, but because the needs of the eastern corridor folks are so different from those of rural West Marin.

Any Supervisor only has so many hours in the day and night. Meanwhile, West Marin has important issues and needs our only elected Marin representative to put us first, not just in rhetoric, but in reality. Is it time for rural West Marin to have its own, dedicated Supervisor? Anyone for a District 6 or a District 5A?

The Duck Derby Cometh
Now in its 4th glorious year, the Great Dance Palace Duck Derby is about to happen again! The Derby will be held on Saturday, September 15, from noon to 3pm at White House Pool on Sir Francis Drake between Point Reyes Station and Inverness Park. Tim Cain is already booked to perform live and Indian Peach Food Company will again be providing a delicious BBQ.

The Coastal Post is giving you all advance notice to prepare yourself for the race! In case you have not done this before, here is a run-down of what happens: Thousands of numbered yellow rubber ducks are released into a race course in Papermill Creek (Lagunitas Creek) at White House Pool. A number of initial heats of ducks are run so that the top 25 from each heat can be plucked out to run against each other in the prize round. 1st prize is $1,000! If you would like to 'adopt' a duck for the race you can purchase tickets at the Saturday Farmer's Market in PRS, at Zuma (PRS), the Marshall Store or at the Dance Palace office. Tickets are $5 each or you can get a Quack Pack - 5 ducks for 20 bucks. Each ticket has a number that corresponds to a duck - yours could be the winner! A WEST MARIN STELLAR EVENT! Be there or be square!

Do Animals Have Emotions?
I know a chicken in Bolinas that has more personality, and more hang-ups, than most of my human friends. But then, that's Bolinas. Do animals elsewhere have emotions? Absolutely yes according to Marc Bekoff, PhD, author of The Emotional Lives of Animals. Point Reyes Books and the Marin Humane Society are jointly presenting An Evening with Marc Bekoff on Saturday, August 11, 7pm, at Toby's Barn, Point Reyes Station. Sliding scale tickets: $15-$25.

World-renowned animal behaviorist and author Marc Bekoff will captivate listeners as he challenges the idea that science and the ethical treatment of animals are incompatible. The author is a Guggenheim fellow and a co-founder with Jane Goodall of Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This is a not-to-miss event in West Marin, and my dog has already made it known that he expects me to be more compassionate, generous and mindful of his needs after attending. Frankly, I don't care how sensitive my dog is, he still is not getting the last piece of my Sun Farm roast beef!

Grandi Building REDUX
The latest word on 'what is going to happen' to the ol' Grandi Building at the south end of Point Reyes Station has been pronounced. Thirty-four (34) hotel rooms, a 'fine' restaurant to be chosen from finalists in the bidding, and a minimum of 110 designated parking spaces for guests. Probably opening in Spring 2009. The project not only includes the brick entity so long left abandoned, but adjacent buildings, all to have red lipstick and tight corsets put on to appeal to lots and lots of visitors, all arriving and driving around in cars, trucks and vans (if they have enough money to afford the hotel or restaurant, of course). Can stoplights be far behind? Wow. It is hard to even imagine how that much traffic and movement in and out could work at that corner area of Highway One in a small village. But then, it won't be a small village anymore, will it?

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