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July, 2007



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Moo Town News
King Steve and the Royal Serfs
by Judy Borello

No, this is not a rock group! This is a spoof mixed with humor and salient and satirical points.....

It came to pass in those days that a decree went out from King Steve that all ranchers and farmers be deemed royal serfs. This took place in West Marin County, which was governed by King Steve in the year 2007 A.D.
King Steve pondered for many moons how to bring the independent ranchers and their private lands under the complete control of the kingdom of Marin. Mostly illegal restrictions placed upon them over the years were already suffocating them, but that wasn't good enough for good ol' King Steve.

King Steve's philosophy is akin to Robin Hood - to take from the rich and give to the poor, except the opposite occurs He has a nice demeanor, with a crooked smile and straight, white teeth. A walking contradiction, with his preppy, college-boy look and the heart of a flower child with a socialist twist.

If the mandates to take control of ranch and farm lands go through, as desired by King Steve, there would be nothing left of the ranchers' rights to their private property as guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution. Mandats to restrict the overall square footage of ranch buildings, requiring permits to change crops or move livestock, and allowing public trails to cut across private ranch/farm lands to endanger livestock and crops, would mean that the title of their land would be in name only from now on. The reality is that King Steve and his assistant potentates in the blue-roofed castle over the hill will own the land of the hard-working serfs without spending a penny.

If all of this comes to pass, that will be when King Steve dubs the ranchers and the farmers his 'Royal Serfs.'

In the IJ (Independent Journal) of May 12, 2007, Steve Kinsey as quoted as saying that "I have more constituents living in a 1 1/2 mile canal area of San Rafael than in all of West Marin." Well, golly gee, say I, we in West Marin don't count because his votes come from the Canal area rather than unruly West Marin - so he can do irreparable harm to us and not care because he can be re-elected without West Marin. This quote of Mr. Kinsey's marginalizes us and begs the question, is he really a friend of agriculture as he professes?

In the May 17th edition of the Point Reyes Light, Steve Kinsey was quoted, as he passed through Seadrift in Stinson Beach, 'I see an enclave of the privileged. It is an anomaly to the West Marin experience.' Being that Main County is probably he richest county in California, it's quite hypocritical for a supervisor to be prejudiced against the rich, especially when he accepts donations and whole campaign funds are raised in their 'trophy homes.'

On May 30th, Steve Kinsey met with the Marin County Farm Bureau directors and Nancy Gates, the chair of the Land Use Committee. When the subject of public trails across private ag lands was brought up, Steve went on about how great England was because trails were 'everywhere,' crossing hill and dale, meadows and ag lands. Well, Merry Ol' England is a socialist country with no Fifth Amendment. Also, Steve, please remember all those trophy castles and elegant Victorian homes!

On the topic of restricting the overall square footage of ag buildings, a quesiton was posed as to how it was thought a rancher would fare when trying to get a loan during hard times with such heavy restrictions on his use of his land. Steve 'took notes' on the issue, saying he would check that out later. I can guarantee him that loans get much tougher to get the more restrictions one has on one's property because I have faced that very problem.

Steve stated that he didn't like 'large homes,' but then he stated that Mrs. McEvoy's large villa on her olive ranch was really beautiful and he liked it a lot. He then mentioned that, traditionally, homes were small in the vintage years. The Farm Bureau jumped on that one because old-time ranches (most) had large homes because they had many children. When he asked us to name them, we did, much to his chagrin.

Obviously, Kinsey's thoughts are that large homes will destroy agriculture. There is no correlation between the two! That's a personal prejudice of our supervisor and should not direct public policy!

If, however, Kinsey were right, there would be no agriculture in California, Check out the square footage of ag buildings in the Napa Valley as well as the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys.

The 4th District Supervisor told us that he'd get back to us on June 27th, which has now been changed by his office to July 28th. Yet he knows how important these issues are to us. I would assume that he has stated himself to be a 'friend of agriculture' so many times already that he would attempt to do more to live up to his words.

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