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Mon. April 2, 9-12 HipHop Spin
Wed. April 4, 9-12 Larry's Karaoke
Thurs. April 5, 8-12 Singalong with Doug
Fri. April 6, 9-1 Johnny Cash Ring of Fire with Rusty Evans
Sat. April 7, 9-1 rock jazz Tom Finch Group
Sun. April 8, 8-12 Open Mic with John Chapman
Mon. April 9, 9-12 HipHop Spin
Wed. April 11, 9-12 Larry's Karaoke
Thurs. April 12, 9-12 country Toshio Hirano
Fri. April 13, 9-1 rockn' blues Jeb Brady Band
Sat. April 14, 9-1 country Danny Montana & the Bar Association
Sun. April 15, 8-12 Open Mic with John Chapman
Mon. April 16, 9-12 HipHop Spin
Wed. April 18, 9-12 Larry's Karaoke
Thurs. April 19, 8-12 Sing-Along with Doug
Fri. April 20, 9-1 Reggae Ancient Mystic
Sat. April 21, 9-1 rock Holiday & the Adventure Pop Collective
Sun. April 22, 8-12 Open Mic with John Chapman
Mon. April 23, 8-12 HipHop Spin
Wed. April 25 7:30-9 Monthly birthday party Irish Folk Midnight on the Water
Thurs. April 26, 8-12 Junkyard blues 5 Cent Coffee
Fri. April 27 9-1 rockn' blues Cole Tate
Sat. April 28, 9-1 French gypsy group DJIIN
Sun. April 29, 8-12 OPEN MIC with John Chapman
Mon. April 30, 9-12 HipHop Spin
April, 2007 Volume 31, Number 04

(415)868-1600 - (415)868-0502(fax) - P.O. Box 31, Bolinas, CA, 94924
mailto:[email protected]

Disposable Truths of the Wounded Warrior Commission By Jacqueline Patterson
One might sometimes wonder if George W. Bush sits on his bedroom floor in his underoos playing with G.I. Joes, if perhaps such play inspired the in
Self-Medication & Marijuana
Though one might argue that cannabis would be most helpful in helping a returning soldier work through post-traumatic stress, it may also be utiliz
Ollie ‘Erster versus Smokey The Bear By J. Pontacq
Kevin Lunny is a passionate man. Interviewing him at Drake’s Bay Oysters on a sunny day quickly turned into a fascinating private lesson on the ec
Local Briefs
Tomasini Creek Residents above where Tomasini Creek crosses under Highway One in Point Reyes Station are getting frustrated by the continuing silti
A Snapshot Of Afghan Women BY RAWA
(Revolutionary Assoc. of Women of Afghanistan) There never has been any reliable demographic statistics on Afghanistan for the past two decades. Of
Poverty And Starvation Bring On US Immigration "Crisis" By Karen Nakamura
CNN's Larry King interviewed James Edward Olmos during last summer's Latino workers' demonstrations. King was discussing illegal immigration when O
SF cartoonist, political commentator Phil Frank to speak and draw on April 10
Phil Frank is the creator of "Farley", the only local daily comic strip in the U.S. He will explore his fascinating relationships with five admini
China's growing underclass
reprinted from Amnesty International Internal migrant workers in China are paying the cost of the country's economic "miracle." Most find themselve
Cool Rooms In Asia Warming The Planet By Keith Bradsher
Published: February 22, 2007 NY Hearld Tribune MUMBAI: Until recently, it looked like the depleted ozone layer protecting the Earth from harmful solar
Mike Gale, Rancher: West Marin Ranching In Transition By Mike Gale, President, Marin Farm Bureau
Being a rancher is a constant challenge, here in West Marin and elsewhere.Ranching itself is in transition everywhere in the county. One hundred
Come to the Seder By Rabbi Lerner
It's a unique Seder experience Tuesday night April 3rd with Rabbi Michael Lerner, the Beyt Tikkun band [with Jan (on drums), Achi Ben Shalom, and J
Cuba after Fidel By Maurice Lemoine
Reprinted from Le Monde Diplomatique, September 2006 FIDEL CASTRO, who was about to undergo an operation, transferred his constitutional responsibi
Intensify the witch-hunt By David Keen
London School of Economics/reprinted from Le Monde Diplomatique 2007 Israel's attacks on Lebanon, the United States' pre-emptive strikes on Iraq (a
FBI Lawlessness: "If You Build It, They Will Come" The Unraveling Of The Cheney-Bush Administration By Bernard Weiner
The Crisis Papers Why all the shocked surprise that the FBI was found to have grossly violated Americans' civil liberties (
Secrets and Lies By Ignacio Ramonet
(Reprinted from Le Monde Diplomatique March 07) What is the most apt epithet for European governments caught in the act of colluding with a foreign
The Theocratic Agenda Is Heading for a Statehouse Near You By Rob Boston, Church and State
Posted on March 10, 2007, Printed on March 10, 2007 Utah seems like a strange state to experiment with voucher
Watch Out For Whales!
Spring is the season of greatest danger to migrating gray whales from vessel traffic in the busy San Francisco Bay Area. The staff of Gulf of the F
Volunteer Soldiers Devastated by Iraq Weren't "Asking for It" By Stacy Bannerman, AlterNet
Posted on March 10, 2007, Printed on March 10, 2007 As the war in Iraq has gone from wrong to worse, that ques
A Warning For Tomales Bay from SAN FRANCISCO BAY San Francisco Estuary Institute Report Demonstrates Need to Protect Uplands
The ecological connectivity among the Bay's marshes, grasslands, creeks and seasonal wetlands show that the edges of the to-be-restored Tomales Bay We
Latin America: politics, poverty and crime Nicaragua exports its poor By Rapha‘lle Bail
To desperate Nicaraguans, the prosperity of neighbouring Costa Rica makes it seem an accessible El Dorado. They can enter its labour market just by bo
Wasting the West How Welfare Ranchers and Their Livestock Are Damaging Public Land By Jack Rosenberger
Twenty years ago, much of the public land around the San Pedro River in southeastern Arizona resembled the barren and desolate landscape found in a
Editorial By Don Deane, Editor/Publisher
The redesign of the paper, both physically and philosophically, is still going on. This month, you will notice that the masthead of the paper is c
Ice Storm Snuffs Out Liberty's Lamp By Edward W. Miller, MD
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift
Moo Town News Friend or Foe? By Judy Borello
Keep in mind that 70% of Marin County is off the tax rolls, publicly held by either the federal parks, State Parks or County Open Space. Of nine San
SKEPTIC'S JOURNAL By Jeanette Pontacq
Gambling Last month, there was a giant blip on the face of the artificially-stable world marketplace. China's stock market, mostly controlled by t
Honeybee Capitalism By Frank Scott
The debate between those who view climate change as due to human activity, and the minority who blame it on god, fails to name a cause other than "u
Men Of War --Lynn Cheney, wife of Dick, from her book "Sisters" Maybe the Anna Nicole Smith Drama overshadowed
Local Traffic and Energy News: Solutions Inside By Stephen Simac
When last heard from we were aiming to scare up some subscriptions in Bolinas to NOT have the Coastal Post delivered to their postbox. Subscribe o
Libbygate: Now Let's Get to the Real Story By Dave Lindorff
So Scooter Libby has taken the fall. Three and a half years and a long bloody war after he and a gang of war-mongers in the White House and Blair H
Part Two: Sympathy With The Devil - Opinion By Sandra M. Mendoza
A couple of Supes who had apparently slumbered through my impassioned presentation in behalf of people suffering because of Marin Housing Program
Letters by readers We'll Testify If We Can Lie
Bush says his people can testify to Congress as long as they don't have to swear they are telling the truth, and as long as it's in private, and

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