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Fri. Mar. 2, 9-1,Rock&Funk; ADAM TRAUM BAND
Sat. Mar. 3, 9-1, country BILLY BOYS
Sun. Mar. 4, 8-11 OPEN MIC with THE PINKS
Mon. Mar. 5, 9-12, HipHop SPIN
Wed. Mar. 7, 8-12 LARRY'S KARAOKE
Thur. Mar. 8, 8-11, singalong w/DOUG
Fri. Mar. 9, 9-1, POOL STICKS
Sat. Mar.. 10, 9-1 D G I I N
Sun. Mar. 11, 8-11, OPEN MIC w/John Chapman
Mon. Mar. 12, 8-12, HipHop SPIN
Wed. Mar. 14, 8-11, LARRY'S KARAOKE
Thurs. Mar. 15, 8-15 Ryan Stively & his poison band
Fri. Mar.16, 9-1, rock-funk BIG SKIN BAND
Sat. Mar. 17, 9-1, jug band JIMBO TROUT & THE FISH PEOPLE
Sun. Mar. 18, 8-11, OPEN MIC w/John Chapman
Mon. Mar. 19, 8-12,HipHop SPIN
Wed. Mar. 21, 7:30-9:30 LARRY'S KARAOKE
Thurs. Mar. 22, 8-12 singalong with DOUG
Fri. Mar. 23, 9-1, bluegrass BURNING EMBERS
Sat. Feb. 24, country HOWDY
Sun. Mar. 25, OPEN MIC w/John Chapman
Mon. Mar. 26, HipHop SPIN
Wed. Mar. 28, Monthly Birthday w/Irish Folk MIDNIGHT ON THE WATER
Thurs. Mar. 29, 8-11 Last of the Blacksmiths & guests
Fri. Mar. 30, 9-1, blues band, THE BLUE ROOTS
Sat. April. 1, 9-1 country D G I I N
, 20 Volume 31, Number

(415)868-1600 - (415)868-0502(fax) - P.O. Box 31, Bolinas, CA, 94924
mailto:[email protected]


Local Briefs - March 2007
Highway One Gone? The recent uptick in media coverage of global warming and what it can mean for the coastal areas of California is very welcome, al
Congress Wants To Monitor All Emails, IMs, Etc. By The Seminal
A bill introduced last week by Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) is beginning to raise eyebrows. [It] would require ISPs to record all users' su
Two Villages And A Valley By Jeanette M. Pontacq
In West Marin, the village of Bolinas anchors the south end of our area, while Point Reyes Station anchors the smaller villages around Tomales Bay
The Frogs Are Dying By Dorie Turner, AP
ATLANTA - Ponds and swamps are becoming eerily silent. The familiar melody of ribbits, croaks and chirps is disappearing as a mysterious killer fu
Bush's Threatens The Constitution With Signing Statements By Mercede Ramjerdi
Many Americans are aware of President Bush's deceptions and debacles with the economy and the war on terrorism in Iraq, but few are aware that the
A Sanctuary Poisoned By Marie Siegenthaler
Like the final word after a pause in a sentence, the Midway Atoll lies insolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Once a naval compound and shi
First Person Opinion: What Stinks For The Poor At Marin's Housing Authority By Sandra Mendoza
America was shocked at how arrogantly and cruelly the very poor were treated during the Katrina disaster and the astonishing incompetence at every
Moo Town News Gets Award! By Jeanette M. Pontacq
In February, at the annual Marin County Farm Bureau dinner, Coastal Post columnist Judy Borello (Moo Town News) was presented with a special achiev
737 U.S. Military Bases = Global Empire By Chalmers Johnson, Metropolitan Books
http://www.alternet.org/story/47998/ The following is excerpted from Chalmers Johnson's new book, "Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic"
Barbara Boxer's Plans By Karen Nakamura
Northern California legislators have been assigned powerful positions in the new Democratic controlled Congress and Senate. To understand how thes
A Personal History Of Smoking By Jon Moore
Smoking in enclosed public places is now illegal in California. Personally, I have known cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobaccos for over 50 years. My
Introducing Fred Smith of EAC By Jeanette Marie Pontacq
Frederick M. R. Smith, Jr., also known as Fred, biked to my home on the Mesa in Point Reyes Station to be interviewed. Actually, he bikes just abo
How Global Warming Could Cause The Next Ice Age By Thom Hartman
While global warming is being officially ignored by the political arm of the Bush administration, and Al Gore's recent conference on the topic duri
The Marine Mammal Center Says Leave Seals Be
The best way to help young seals, abandoned or ill along the Bay Area coast, is to call the experts (SAUSALITO, Calif. - February 20, 2007) The Mari
Repeal the Military Commissions Act and Restore the Most American Human Rights By Thom Hartmann
- Winston Churchill The oldest human right defined in the history of English-speaking civilization is the right to challenge governmental power
SALMON SAFE: Protecting West Marin's Salmon Habitat By Alan Mart
Marin County, CA -- Marin Organic (based in Point Reyes Station) announced the introduction of its newest program "Salmon Safe" in mid February. "
Suicide: America's Sick Soul By John W. Whitehead
February 8, 2007 Every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide. And every three seconds, someone attempts to take his or her life. This means that i
Unhealthy Flowers: Why Buying Organic Should Not End With Your Food By Jason Mark, AlterNet
In recent years conscious consumers have enjoyed a spike in the availability of socially and environmentally responsible products. Worried about sw
The Learning Curve And The Coastal Post
As editor/publisher of this paper, I am glad that February is over. I welcome the new month as it marches in on sturdy, hopefully soggy, feet. The
Going Local By Helena Norberg-Hodge
Today, the planet is on fire with global warming, toxic pollution and species extinction, with fundamentalism, terrorism and fear. The dominant med
URGENT NOTICE! By Judy Borello
The Marin Countywide Plan (CWP) Update is now in the FINAL public input phase! The Draft CWP contains many policies that will be detrimental to ag
Myths And Other Stuff
Affordable Housing for the Workforce Point Reyes Station presently has the greatest amount of officially sanctioned "affordable housing" in West M
From The White House To The Dog House For Bush By Edward W. Miller, MD
With November's transfer of the balance of power to the Democrats, plus growing public unhappiness with Bush's war in Iraq, now is the time for Am
Iran, Israel, The Big Lie, And The Real Threat By Frank Scott
If the continuing propaganda barrage succeeds in casting Iran as a global menace, and Ahmadinejad as a global monster, there is no possible outcom
The mass media's coverage of U.S. foreign policy would often be funny -- except for the fact that the future of the world is at stake. After the
The Tour Of California Takes A Wrong Turn By Stephen Simac
Well, nothing lasts forever, however my gig as Stinson Beach town columnist ended way too soon. Before I'd even scored a free meal and drinks at a
Letters To The Editor
Paying To Break The Law Let us please be reminded that we PAY for a system of checks and balances in our government. Please let's remember that we

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