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February, 2007


Two Presidents
By Frank Scott

" Our past efforts to secure Baghdad failed for two principal reasons: There were not enough troops to secure neighborhoods that had been cleared of terrorists and insurgents. And there were too many restrictions on the troops we did have."
President George Bush, Jan. 10, 2007

So our great leader assured us all would go well in Iraq once we increased the number of our troops and no longer placed restrictions which would keep them from killing more people. He also raised greater threats to Iran and Syria, thereby pleasing evangelical Zionism and bringing the middle east closer to total chaos. The dithering incompetence of our mass murderer in chief as he faces much deserved shame and political failure, is in flagrant contrast to the behavior of Saddam Hussein confronting his legal assassins. Hussein was portrayed a fiendish monster by our consciousness controllers, even if it took incredible lies and distortions that treated the American public as a population of morons .
"I call on you not to hate because it does not leave a space for a person to be fair and it makes you blind and closes all doors of thinking and keeps one away from balanced thought ...I also call on you not to hate the peoples of the other countries that attacked us and to differentiate between the decision-makers and peoples..."

President Saddam Hussein, Dec. 27,2006

The dignity with which Saddam Hussein faced his lynching was hardly in keeping with the image of him projected by western mind managers. His last moments may have been deemed out of character by his enemies, but it was their abysmal lack of character which created the whole sordid affair.

The pornography of his execution was accompanied by claims of justice having been done, along with some of the most tasteless political cartoons since the Mohammed caricatures. That last indulgence of alleged western freedom helped bring about the Tehran conference on the holocaust, which clearly revealed the hypocrisy of the west's claim to free speech , both in its treatment of criticism of the holocaust story as heresy punishable by imprisonment, and its blatantly biased coverage of the conference itself, which paralleled its slanted reporting of Hussein's show trial.

Saddam's much heralded brutality was really small time by comparison to the mass slaughters of Bush and Blair. These butchers wade ankle deep in Iraqi blood, all the while proclaiming their humanitarian search for justice and end to terror. They achieve a perverse level of coordination in raping language and logic, while they annihilate people and nations.

How does the west look when it massacres in the name of humanitarianism, and attacks freedom to speak, think or even, in the case of Palestinians, vote ? Societies practicing western values are revealed as dishonest at their very core, when real democracy raises its head and is immediately decapitated. The attempt at achieving democratic power is labeled fundamentalist or terrorist, by an oppressive force which makes fundamentalism or terrorism inevitable.

On those occasions when the voice of the people has actually been heard , the west has worked to smother it now, and strangle it later. The example of Hamas in Palestine is most glaring, but throughout the Arab world where it, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah increasingly represent the common people against their tyrants, the empire depicts them as antidemocratic forces. This, as it murders with impunity, arms local despots who keep their people in physical and mental bondage, and sucks the earth dry of the poisoning petro that propels its crippled civilization towards ecological doom.

The same is attempted, though with far less success, in Latin America, where predominantly Christian communities react to centuries of domination by minority rulers and elect governments of their own. These are immediately dubbed extremist, communist and any other negative label empire can find to denigrate an emerging counter force. But the people vote to use the material abundance of their societies to better their own lives, rather than watch foreigners and homegrown elite minorities gorge themselves while majorities live in poverty.

Globally , democratic power is rising at a time of the most serious threats to humanity. It is given great lip service in our own founding myth, but is violently suppressed when it attempts to mobilize people to counter those threats. They are posed by an economic regime with little regard for our majority's long term future, but only on creation of a minority's short term profit. When market capitalism is in denial of global warming and climate change, and in dependent alliance with doctrines of racial and religious supremacy, the world faces a terror originating at the core of its economy. The danger is not any external object, but the internal subject of our imperial system.

Distortions of our values that motivate us to consume at the near speed of sound and spend at the near speed of light, could bring a terminal darkness to the planet. Menaces to our environment are often blamed on individuals who pursue greedy policies, but they are the only policies that can be pursued in a system that does not recognize the possibility of detriment to all of humanity, but only operates on the creation of wealth for some of humanity.

The crisis of our time may not be any clearer than in the brief quotes of two leaders, both in their words and in our minds. One was demonized as evil, by the west, while the other represents real evil, to the rest. When the assassinated villain speaks with a more humane sense of reality than the leader of the world's most powerful nation, we should all think twice about what we are told about anybody, and what we believe about anything.

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