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January, 2007


Letters To The Editor

Taking the Next Steps
It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of Elizabeth Terwilliger, fondly known to generations far and wide as Mrs. T. While we will miss her presence terribly, we will celebrate her spirit, energy, curiosity and enthusiasm for life. Mrs. T showed us that unless we save what is natural around us, our children will not see it, appreciate it, or value it themselves. Mrs. T's work is at the heart of WildCare's programs, and we are proud to follow in her ambitious footsteps.
Her vision is more important now than ever. "Never before in history have children been so plugged-in - and so out of touch with the natural world," writes Richard Louv in his groundbreaking work, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. He defines this condition as the "human costs of alienation from nature, among them: diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties, and higher rates of physical and emotional illnesses."

Now, more than ever, our technology-immersed young people need less "screen time" and more direct and personal experiences in the natural world. WildCare's nature education programs - all inspired by Mrs. T's multisensory teaching methods - can give them these experiences. Our Terwilliger Nature Van travels to classrooms throughout the Bay Area, and thousands of children join Terwilliger Nature Guides on the trail each year. Nature camps, volunteer opportunities and classes help forge experiences in nature that can last a lifetime. Our work to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured, ill and orphaned wildlife not only saves the lives of thousands of wild animals each year, it helps to improve the relationship between the wild world and the human world. As Mrs. T often said, "Teach children to love nature. People take care of what they love."

We hope the community will support WildCare as we take the important next steps to improve our relationship to wildlife and provide experiences for our young people to develop their own personal relationships with the natural world. In the end it is we humans who will benefit most from protecting the health of our environment and the welfare of the creatures with which we share it.

Thank you, Mrs. T. You showed us the way.

Karen J. Wilson

A Most Civil War
It is a Civil War, George. The Americans know it. The Generals know it. The whole world knows it. And we think we had better let you know it.

I realize that a Civil War doesn't help President Bush's cause in staying the course in Iraq because if it is called a Civil War he'd have to pack up and git. Bush can't justify staying in Iraq to defend one faction of the Iraqi nation against the other when the civilians of a country are busy butchering one another. It's not his fight.

Bush can pretend otherwise but the Iraqi people aren't interested in his western style democracy being forced upon them. They really don't want to sit down at the table and have a Thanksgiving dinner together either. Instead they seem to only want to roast each other over the barby.

So it's time to step aside and get our troops out of the crossfire. Bush can no longer think he has a dog in this fight.

David A. Whelan
Forest Knolls

Bushes Bad Options
The Pentagon has said that we have three options, "Go big, go long, or go home." The first two option assume there is some sort of change for some sort of victory. But there is no victory in this war. If we go big or go long we just kill more people and in the end we still don't win. The problem is that the enemy and the people who we are trying to liberate are the same people thus making victory impossible.

This war is lose only. If we go big we lose. If we go long we lose. If we go home we lose, but we lose less. And quite frankly we should lose because we are on the wrong side of history. This is Bush's war. Bush lied our way into is for less than honorable reasons. He went in spite of the United Nations refusing to join in. Everything about Bush's war is was wrong. America doesn't win till Bush is in jail. Iraq is in a civil war and our presence is just making it worse. We are going to have to get out eventually so why not embrace reality and get out now?

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

Regarding The Death Of Our Son...
Thank you for the courage to print the article, prepared by David Anderson , regarding the death of our son, Cary Grime.

You may not be aware of the fact that it was sent , originally, to the Marin I. J. but, apparently, because of their close ties to the Sheriff's Department, the San Rafael Police Dept. who did a fine whitewash, and the District Attorney's Office, they decided not to print it.

Cary died at the jail under horrible circumstances, and he was brain dead upon arrival at Kaiser Hospital.

Our hope, throughout this ordeal, was that the public becomes aware of the deep seated problems that need to be addressed in the Sheriff's Department and changes made before another fine family man or woman becomes the next victim. God knows we live with the loss of our son every day. Thank you again.

Robert and June Grime
Lakeridge, Nevada

Liars, Extortionists, And Thieves?
As the rainy season approaches and as talk about flooding has been a topic of discussion since last year's deluge, the following must touch many of us in our pocketbooks. Keep it in mind if you plan to refinance or take out a home mortgage. Many banks don't rip you off like Wells Fargo.

Do you want to do business with liars, extortionists, and thieves? Do you want a mortgage that has hidden fees that could cost you between $7,000 - $30,000? If not, read below:

For several years, ever since Wells Fargo (WF) became my 7th mortgage company, they have attempted, sometimes successfully, to force me to over-insure and overpay for flood insurance on my house. According to FEMA and Nation Flood Insurance (NFI) statutes, only the outstanding balance on a mortgage must be covered for those in a flood zone, and rightfully so.

Wells Fargo, starting a couple of years ago, insists upon coverage at $250,000 and a $1000 deductible with out any reason or scientific basis. This "policy" makes flood insurance more expensive than homeowners insurance. I have objected to this and have been rudely hung up on. When I instructed them to sell my loan since they obviously don't want my business, I was informed they never sell a loan. This is an absolute lie as several others at WF were forced into admitting.

I was routed recently to Penny Merchant who told me she worked for WF (I asked her this several times), that WF definitely buys and sells mortgages, and, if I could prove by letter from a real estate professional, that my property with no house on it, has a value greater than the outstanding mortgage, WF would then waive the $250,000 coverage demand and accept coverage of the outstanding mortgage. A real estate agent wrote that my property alone is about 300% over the balance due.

Wells Fargo's response was first there was no one by that name who worked for them, followed by another call by me where I was told she did work for WF, followed by her superior telling me she didn't work for them, which when followed up again, I was assured she definitely did work for Wells Fargo. In any event, WF refused to honor this letter and intimated that I was totally delusional and invented this whole scenario.

No other business venue that I am aware of forces one to carry almost a 300% coverage in insurance over exposure. This percentage will only increase as one pays down the loan. Furthermore, WF states they are doing this for the homeowner's benefit. I have asked numerous times for an "actuary" table showing scientific proof that a home with an 80% new foundation, the house bolted to the foundation ostensibly for earthquakes but the same physical principles would apply in flood, in which flood waters reach a one foot depth would sustain sufficient damage to warrant damage coverage of $250,000. Wells Fargo has no proof. It is up to company to prove they are not ripping you off, not vice versa.

Our present policy costs about $550 from NFI, a policy for $250,000 costs about $1300. If WF force places a policy, they charge the maximum in the range allowed by the state which would run about $5000 or more a year. Oh yeah, they have only you and me in mind. Can you say profiteering? Which brings us full to circle to:

Do you want to do business with liars, extortionists, and thieves?

Mark Bell

No Family Justice
Dear Center for Judicial Excellence,
Back in 1995, I was told by Marin Abused Women's Service that over 12 cases where mother's had reported that they were abused by their husbands, custody was given to the husband who abused them. My reports and photos of abuse from my doctor were picked up by the Marin sheriff, but the District Attorney never reported or charged by former husband. I was court ordered very quickly into a psychological evaluation with a Dr. Edward Oklan. So were these 12 other cases of abuse. Permanent supervision is ordered which will isolate, condemn and never will custody be regained even with more evaluations or reports from the pediatrician or whomever.

There is a site online that shows how to get custody through evaluation. You simply pay the psychologist a lot of money through your attorney that is in the club the FLEA's (Family Law Elite Attorneys). Terrace Colyer and Mauna Berkov who were cited in many cases in the Karen Winner report don't practice anymore in Marin. Why? Because a girl named Alana Krause sued the law firm of Peggy Bennington for representing the father and not allowing her to see her mother.

All of this should never to forgotten by the CJE.

My case and child has suffered down right bias and prejudice being the "longest case in Marin County history." John Irish has contributed many thousands of dollars How about $500,000 to Judges and attorneys. How about orders by Judge Dufficy and Judge Lynn Duryee taking child support or spousal support to pay evaluators or attorneys which is totally illegal.

Has the CJE put this on its agenda?
Since the arrest of John Montgomery, I went into court and was assigned to Pro Temp Goldfine (can't turn in a Pro Temp Judge into the Judicial Counsel in San Francisco. It is only reported to Marin) I went in on a motion to have my son brought here to California to see him 5 times a year, since I could not afford going to Hawaii any longer.

Goldfine turned this motion into a TRIAL without any paperwork or notice. I had an expert witness on "enmeshment of a child" by Dr. Deidre Rand who has been dealing with this with her husband Randy Rand for more than 25 years based in Marin. After getting 2 days in each month of March, April, May, June and July, I received or my son received one six hour day a YEAR. That bears repeating. ONE SIX HOUR VISIT ONCE A YEAR. NO PHONE CALLS Or EMAILS. NO CONTACT. On a motion of Reconsideration, I was denied by Judge Goldfine my December, 2006 visit with my son, Landon with no explanation.

Dr. Rand's testimony wasn't even mentioned. My son shouldn't have a say in seeing me since all reports name the father, John Irish, as the person who has "brainwashed the child" with the help of the very court that I and you were raised to believe would protect us and our children.

What people don't realize is appealing a case is so costly and what attorney would take on a 12 year old case.

Children that must choose what parent, is totally "brainwashed" and moved to another state, will never believe in any justice and will become the future citizens who will never vote and statistics show probability in violence.

Taxpayers should also know that privately owned corporations like John Irish, Accounting Firms, etc. pay many thousands to Judges and attorneys. Mr. Irish went through two long divorces totaling over 16 years and wrote to Judge Goldfine that he has spent over one million dollars in a letter in 2006 That's right $1,000,000.00. That is what we can see.

We must stop psychological evaluations and Attorneys for Children including Special Masters. They take the "responsibility" off of the Judges. Judges must have "checks and balance" on their decisions based totally on evidence and not "theories." Judges are removed immediately by not following the law that the child has both parents equally in their lives.

The law that a parent can move away in California and the non custodial parent must prove why they shouldn't leave is "crazy." The ability to use the "Burgess" case other than for more than a county change is what is was written for AND NOT A MOVE TO ANOTHER STATE. We are one of the few states or the only state that allows a parent to move away. Where or how could a non custodial parent prove that parent shouldn't move away.

And finally like Canada, All financial records and IRS statements including corporations files should be given without an attorney or subpoenaing them. I never got his records even though a "Joinder" was filed with him and his many corporations as one entity.

Our children are worth a real change that this stops happening to them, and parents never recovering because it is the "horror" that they will never forget or get over. It was bad enough to have an abusive spouse, and your child taken illegally, but to have our court system that we believed would protect us from "the bad guys" turn into a "Money Pit" for corruption is to say the least repugnant and repulsive..

Deborah Planet Irish
FL10797 May 1995 -December, 2006

About "Racial Balance" In The Schools
In Meredith v. Jefferson County Board of Education and Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1, the Supreme Court will decide whether government schools can ship students around to different schools in the name of achieving a "racial balance." What are the boards of education in question really advocating? Racism.

Back in the 1950s, when some schools were segregated by race, a monstrous injustice existed. Many students were prevented from going to the best schools because of their skin color--a completely non-essential characteristic. That was racism.

Today's proposed "racial balance" programs also prevent some students from going to the best schools available to them because of their skin color. This too is racism. Anytime the government arbitrarily treats some of its citizens differently, it commits a horrendous injustice. Let's hope the Supreme Court remembers that one of its functions is to protect the individual against the government's abuse of power.

Debi Ghate
Vice President, Academic Programs
Ayn Rand Institute

Republicans Don't Get It
Even after the landslide election last month Republicans still don't get it. Newt Gingrich is proposing what I would call "supervised free speech" as a dinner in honor of the First Amendment. Republicans are still using Bush logic. They think that freedom is giving up your freedom to the government. They think that peace can only be achieved through war without end. They think fiscal responsibility is spending like there's no tomorrow. They shred the constitution and call it patriotism.

Republicans have no chance of winning in 2008 for the same reason they lost in 2006. That reason - George W Bush. If the voters don't like Bush now they definitely won't like him 2 years from now. So Republican will either have to embrace Bush and go down with him, or try to be more against Bush than the Democrats are. Quite frankly if I were a Republican up for election in two years I'd switch parties now because the Republicans are stuck with Bush and he's going to bring them down again.

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

Marin County Housing Authority In Big Trouble

I have waited for three weeks for my response to your article dated December 6, 2006 concerning the Marin Housing Authority. It was "sugar-coated" and "tainted" against the residents who live at the Marin City Golden Gate Village in Marin City. It projected the image that Marin City residents want a "free" ride. You did not tell the "real" reason why the Marin City complex is in trouble and that is because of "gross" mismanagement of the Housing Authority Commission. The Board of Supervisors/Housing Authority Commission are to blame because they have allowed their Executive Directors to do "whatever" they wanted and they "rubber stamped" all of their recommendations. So, do not blame the residents for this "gross" mismanagement of funds. Here is an example of "gross" mismanagement: Housing Authority has two maintenance coordinators who are paid about $80,000 a piece to supervise three people!

In 1955, Supervisor Vera Schultz went to Washington DC and obtained Marin City Public Housing for the people of Marin City - African Americans! Currently, the Housing Authority wants to move to "privatize" public housing in Marin City. They want to do what is happening throughout the United States:


Look at the Filmore district and other areas where African American "used to" live in San Francisco or in West Oakland. Our residents made it clear that we are not going to be tricked into being forced out! As Hazel Goff, the Resident Commissioner said so well, the Housing Authority of Marin County will create a major "rebellion" in this county because as African Americans-THIS IS OUR HOME AND WE ARE NOT LEAVING! PERIOD!

The Housing Authority has a mission to systematically remove poor African Americans from Marin City. The County gets offers from developers to buy this prize piece of real estate, but first, the Housing Authority must force out the African Americans who live there!

The Marin City Golden Gate Village Resident Council (MCGGVRC) knows the "not so secret" "secret agenda" to gentrify the Marin City Golden Gate Village.

Our position regarding the future of Marin City Golden Gate Village is simply this:


1. The Housing Authority staff has investigated contracting these services to an outside vender and has a recommendation to present to the Board of Commissioners; however, you and the Board of Commissioners must stop and provide the necessary training and opportunities to the MCGGVRC.

2. We want to immediately begin to meet with the Housing Authority staff to discuss and develop the plan for Resident Management Training including Maintenance for the Marin City Golden Gate Village Resident Council Board and all interested residents of MCGGV.

3. Housing Authority, in a collaborative with the MCGGVRC, obtain training dollars through the Marin Community Foundation, HUD or other sources.

4. During the same time frame, begin to develop a viable Low-Income Co-op strategy, whereby in 2010 homeownership will be a reality for residents.

5. During this same time frame, HA and MCGGVRC develop and begin the operation of the Sustainability Plan. We have had many discussions of the "Return of the Flea Market" in Marin City. The Flea Market will sustain the Housing Authority during their current woes, and by 2010, the Flea Market operation would be turned over to the MCGGVRC as part of the Sustainability Plan.

6. We know that we can not buy the property for $1.00, but we know that we can buy it as a "low income" cooperative like the Galilee Harbor and the Gate Coops both in Sausalito as well as the very successful cooperative in Marin City, the Oak Knolls Coop. We are aware that the Oak Knolls, by their choice, have recently decided to become a "market-rate" Co-op, but that was after paying off their mortgage.

I am trusting God in Jesus name that only HIS Will be done at the Marin City Golden Gate Village. "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein." HE brought our forefathers to Marin City and He is still in control, regardless.

So, work with us because we do have the TRUE AND LIVING GOD intervening for us. Remember Moses and Pharaoh! You will let God's people go in Jesus name!

Royce McLemore, Evangelist
President, Marin City Golden Gate Village Resident Council

Marin City

Saving The Union
President Bush seems to be the last person to know that his war with Iraq was a colossal blunder. Most members of Congress, the media, and world leaders now realize that they were suckered into believing his war with the Iraqi people was justified, but no more.

The Iraq war has not only cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers, wounded 25,000 seriously, and killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis but has bankrupted our nation with a trillion dollar war debt.

Does Bush honestly think that adding 20 or 30 thousand more troops to the tragedy will achieve some kind of vague victory? Just what is his objective? Our troops are caught in the middle of a centuries old Civil War between the Sunnis and Shiites.

Sending soldiers out on patrol day after day for almost 4 years to get blown up by IEDs is not very smart. I think the Generals are even ashamed of their mission. They look embarrassed every time they stand beside Bush trying to give credence to his puzzling rhetoric during news conferences.

Unfortunately, Bush probably has already made up his mind to send in more troops to Iraq in January. But every human life that is wasted in this unjustifiable war is a black mark on the soul of our nation. I realize that he thinks that historians 40 to 50 years from now will justify his blunder. But if he envisions that his war is Lincolnian in its essence, he should forget it. He is not saving a union, on the contrary, he is tearing one asunder.

David A. Whelan
Forest Knolls

Walls of Intolerance
The walls of Jerico did not last, the great wall of China is a relic of the past, yet Republican and anti-immigration hard-liners want to wall out Mexican and Latino workers with a 700 mile fence along the southwest border - they want to objectify their wall of prejudice, bigotry and intolerance.

The Berlin wall was a temporary stall, will the 700 mile immigrant wall be any different? Walls throughout history cast an evil spell.

Ron Lowe
Grass Valley

Arthur Lee Harris
January 28, 1922 - November 29, 2006
I am sad to pass on the news that Art Harris, my friend and comrade from the Blues Fuse, passed away this Wednesday in Memphis, Tennessee. Art was born in Hubert, Georgia but grew up in Sanford, Florida. Art told me of his early fascination with the musicians that would play as they wandered through the streets of Sanford at night. As he said, "I pestered the town's finest player until he agreed to show me how to hold the ukelele."

Eventually Art taught himself the guitar and played with many bands throughout the South, before and after World War II. He toured with Percy Mayfield and other R & B reviews like the Honey Dippers, where he met Ray Charles. They had a trio that covered the "chitlin circuit" and on one memorable ride home, Art let Ray drive!

After serving in Europe during the war, Art "decided to do something that my Mother would consider work." So he enrolled in tailoring school in Detroit, where he learned the craft while playing guitar at night. He settled in Miami, Florida and went into business as "Art the Tailor." In his Miami heyday he had five shops and a factory in Haiti.

While in Miami, Art started the Mind Science Industrial Church, and during this time began playing the Hammond B-3 organ. Art relocated to San Francisco in the late 70s where he opened a clothing shop on Third Street. I met him one evening in the Spring of 1996 at the Bay View Boat Club. At the time I was on the Entertainment Committee, and Arthur had come by looking for a place to play. He told me he sang and played organ as he handed me a business card for "The Blues Fuse" which proclaimed "old pros love music" and in the fine print at the bottom added, "we don't fuck around!"

Shortly thereafter I checked him out at the Hunter's Point Restaurant where he had a regular Sunday gig with Berisford "Shep" Shepherd accompanying him on trombone. B-3 and bone! Seemed like a natural for the Bay View and the Blues Fuse took over the second Thursday slot at the club for the next 7 years. Art had asked me to manage the group, and within the next few months they had regular gigs at Pier 23, Cafe Babar and were the official band for Margo St. James' run for the SF Board of Supervisors. Attired in suits handmade by Art himself, the dapper duo also played for Terence Hallinan, the Black & White Ball, Smiley's in Bolinas, and many other social functions.

The Blues Fuse added a drummer for the 1997 San Francisco Blues Festival and played as a trio from then on. Their regular Friday evening slot at John Lee Hooker's Boom Boom Room gave rise to their classic 1999 CD - Happy Hour. The band also appeared at the Hooker's Ball, the Make Out Room and held a monthly gig at the Atlas Cafe. The Blues Fuse changed personnel over the years but the cool sound of Art's voice and his gentle touch on the organ remained constant. Charles Brown loved the way Art kicked the bass pedals.

Then, in the Summer of 2003, Art suffered a heart attack and underwent surgery. The following year he closed up the tailor shop and moved to Memphis to be with his daughter Nancy, her husband Sidney and his grandson Samir. I got the call from Nancy on Wednesday with the sad news ... but as she reminded me, Art never really cared about the body, and after suffering increasing health problems, was ready to go. He used to tell me, in regards to appreciating life, that it's all cool as long as the horizon isn't getting any closer, we're all born with the same intelligence, and that every tick is final ... Art's clock may have stopped ticking, but his memory lingers in the songs he gave me and his humor, grace and style. I'll often take time out for a smile as I think of his gentle, suave, philosophical manner, or recall his hands as they coaxed sound from the B-3, the time spent in "the nest" behind the tailor shop, getting pulled over for driving too slow ... or my favorite phone message from him , "Mr. Dingle, would you give me a jingle ... I'd like to tug your coat." Thanks for everything Art, my Aquarian brother ... guess I'll see you after awhile!

If you would like to send a card to the family, address it to: Nancy Ford, 903 North Avalon, Memphis, TN 38107Fu

You can hear selections from Happy Hour on the Blues Fuse website: ... and if you never heard the Fuse, no time like the present to get acquainted!

You'll also find a wonderful photo of Art and the Fuse's final line-up.

We will be re-arranging the website in the weeks to come and welcome submissions, your stories and photos ... please email me at [email protected]

Mike Dingle
San Francisco

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