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January, 2007


West Marin News Briefs

Anonymous funds offer a makeover of a parcel in downtown Bolinas, from vacant lot to park.
The parcel, next to the Bolinas store, 26 Wharf Road, has been vacant since 1974. Locals are astonished at such good news, since most have become used to the vacant lot with a old fixer-upper on it.
The Firehouse Community Park Agency will take control of the property via the anonymous funds.

Drake's Bay
The National Park has announced their intention to not renew the present lease for the longtime oyster operation on Drakes Bay.

Advocates for the present oyster grower, Lunny, have stated the good the revamped oyster operation has done on the bay. They also question how the Park Service can renew use of Park property for cows, but now for oysters.

The Sierra Club, in the person of Gordon Bennett of Inverness, is working against the Lunny operation, and for the bureaucratic order from the Park. What gives, Sierra Club? This might be the classic example of environmental organizations discounting people as a species that is part of the land. It might be better to work with good land stewards like the Lunnys to protect the land and water, rather than discount them.

The County
The state of CA has mandated a substantial increase in Marin's (and other counties) housing and is requiring towns and the unincorporated area to "do their share" to squeeze in more. Nine-hundred more units are technically, but not realistically, supposed to be put in "unincorporated" Marin. West Marin is unincorporated, folks! Who agreed to all this population gain?

Point Reyes Station
Residents who live on the Mesa Bluff, overlooking Tomales Bay wetlands, were recently advised by the NPS that the area at the foot of Mesa Road would be turned into a PARKING lot to serve visitors to the wetlands.

The trail that starts at the parking lot is shown as only going to just under the Los Reyes area of the Bluff, not far at all. Locals want a multi-use trail that goes from Point Reyes Station to the Coastal Access area, now hard to get to without a car. This basic trail should be only one of several paths all around the wetlands, connecting villages for walkers and bikers. The Park needs to work with, not against the community!

Dillon Beach
On December 14, the California Coastal Commission ruled to form a Consent Cease & Desist Order for Lawson's Landing. If properly adhered to, this order can open the door to proper permitting of the recreational facility.

Supporters - most from outside of Marin - provided 18,000 signatures to support keeping the area open for the public. Owners of Lawson's Landing affirm that they are more than willing to help protect the delicate dune areas, if given the chance.

On the "other side" of the issue is the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin (EAC) and it former director, Catherine Caufield. Ms. Caufield supposedly quit as director of EAC in order to spend all her time fighting for the purity of the dunes. It could be said that the Coastal Commission ruling was not exactly want EAC wanted.

It is hoped, however, that Ms. Caufield will take this as a sign that it is better to work WITH the Lawsons to make the recreational area compliant. Logic tells us Lawson's Landing is here to stay after cleaning up and being properly permitted.

Marshall residents, via the hard-working East Shore Planning Group, have been approved to move forward with creating a "town septic system" to solve the problem of so many old septic systems failing and polluting. The plan as put out early last year is to build a 5,000 foot pipe linking homes in downtown Marshall - from Hog Island Oyster Co. to the boat works in south Marshall.

The communal septic system should substantially reduce the cost for a number of homeowners to upgrade their septic tanks to comply with new state regs.

Marin Organic
Marin Organic, an assoc. of organic producers in Marin County, CA, has begun bringing volunteers, from the local community and beyond, onto local farms to help organic farmers.

The program provides free labor for farmers and ranchers, and has already proven itself to be another creative way to help preserve farming as an economically viable profession here.

Jesse Kuhn of Marin Roots Farm, located off the Point Reyes/Petaluma road, needed a hand cleaning his 1,000 pounds of garlic from June's harvest. Kuhn just had too much garlic to manage himself and, with coming rains, the garlic wouldn't last and most of his harvest would be lost.

With Marin Organics help, over 45 people were organized to help. Community businesses donated food and drink (Stella Cucina/Lagunitas; Palace Market, Pt. Reyes, etc.). To join the team, call 415 663 9667 or visit

West Marin
KWMR is hosting a Community & Open Mike event at the Bolinas Community Center on Saturday, January 27, 5-8:30 p.m. It's a benefit for KWMR, the local West Marin radio station.

The caterer, West Marin Green Cuisine, would like at least 4 volunteers, for the 26th and 27th. KWMR itself is also looking for both volunteers to help at the event, and singers, dancers, musicians, ventriloquists, giant Bumblebees or whatever talents that are out there!

Call 415 868 0452 to volunteer with the caterer or 415 663 8068 to volunteer for event handling.

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