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December, 2006


Letters To The Editor

No Draft In A Free Country
A draft is nothing more than enslavement, plain and simple. You can talk all you want about "the defense of the nation" but it won't change the fact that it's the worst form of coercion imaginable. If a military conflict is unquestionably in the nation's interest, people will rush to defend their nation -- assuming it's worth defending, as the US still is. But a draft gives politicians unaccountable power to place the lives of conscripted soldiers on the line.
No free country needs a draft. No country that enslaves its citizens deserves to be defended.

Michael J. Hurd Ph.D.
Bethany Beach DE

Bush Plan Didn't Work
President Bush is out there on the stump criticizing the democrats for not having a "plan" to win the war in Iraq? Well, in case Bush hasn't heard lately, his "plan" so far isn't causing anyone to rush to hold a victory parade soon.

And Bush exclaims on the campaign trail for almost 4 years now that he is fighting them over there so they won't come over here?

Why should they want to come over here again anyhow? They have already succeeded in their mission the first time with a few box cutters and airline tickets that brought down the Twin Towers while Uncle Sam spends $500 billion on the annual defense budget. So far all that the Pentagon has to show for it with all that money is that it can't win the war against the Iraqi Militias?

Osama bin Laden is still riding around on a donkey in Afghanistan and can't believe his luck. He has done so much with so little expenditure. But don't vote the democrats into power, folks, as they don't have a "plan" on how to lose a war?

No, the al Queda doesn't need to repeat another Pearl Harbor attack against the United States again while Bush and the GOP are in charge.

Unfortunately, they already have hit the jackpot.

David A. Whelan
Forest Knolls, CA

Miller Reveals Himself In One Sentence
In Oct. 2006 "Nuclear Jazz", Dr. Miller reveals himself for what he really is in his last sentence: " Washington must allow Iran to pursue her legitimate energy needs, and snatch Israel, this dangerous Zionist parasite off our payroll and out of our politics before she gets us into more trouble. "

FYI, Zionism is the movement of redemption of the Israelite People by returning en-masse to its ancestral birth-place, Cana'an, also called Land-of-Israel. It achieved its initial goal in 1948, defeating seven Arab attacking armies bent on killing every Jew in Israel's then population of 600,000. Zionism is indeed a dangerous movement, dangerous that is, to the medieval mindset of Arab and Iranian left-behinds. It is a beacon of modernity in a region where the supremacy of the male still allows a father or brother to murder any woman in the family for "dishonoring", e.g. for having been seen to speak, no more than that, with an unapproved male. Dr. Miller would have us support the arming of Iran with nuclear bombs, thus allowing it to become the most feared and menacing power in the Mideast world, displacing the US. To prove its point, it almost certainly will be required to live up to its threats, and nuke Tel Aviv, murdering four to six million people, including several million Arabs, for no other reason that it is a Jewish city. Have we not had enough Holocausts to last us a while?

Harry Shamir
Plymouth, MA

Reflections On Marin General's Nurses
Hello (again)..I left you a phone message but didn't give you the spelling of my name so I decided to write.

I am a Registered Nurse that trained in Canada. Even though I am retired I remain loyal to nursing and the mostly women in it who seek to give good care and promote public health.

I volunteered at Marin General for many years and was privy to meetings with the administration who would present the budget and general finances and on-going maintenance. We would report to them what the volunteers were accomplishing.

I saw much money spent on the physical plant and on new technology for the hospital. My main gripe was that nurses were low on the scale in many areas. Millions could be spent on the plant but not on making the staff nurses' work easier or paying them more. I returned as an RN student and was shocked at the work load and the expectations of them with not enough hours on their shifts to get the work organized and done. They came on 45 minutes early to make notes of their treatments and care they needed to give. I imagine they are still doing this.

Now, Dr. Carrig writes "for years patient care at Marin General has been less than exemplary." In the next sentence he blames Sutter Health and goes off on the usual rhetoric about the community losing this asset.("biggest theft of public property in Marin's history".) He has not said how or why the care is not good. Does he mean the nurses are not doing their jobs? Or does he mean they are not properly funded. Or does he not even mean the nursing care? The public needs to be informed properly. What's the real world if I get really sick or suffers head injury and end up at MGH? The care is excellent and my husband and I can attest to that.

I agree that the managing is very important and that funding is difficult, but how much more difficult it would be if the community ran the hospital. They may have to fold like hospitals all across the state had to in the 1980's. We would have to go to large regional medical centers for major care. And if the community does get control, will all residents of Marin have to pay for MGH when we belong to that lovely HMO up the road that has a great plan and great care?

Pat Kaiser

Thanks For Dr. Miller
I would like to thank Coastal Post Columnist Ed Miller for a truly great evening November 4th, at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center.

First an interview with a former Arab resident of East Jerusalem, revealed the reality of life as a refugee with their family after the loss of their ancestral home to Occupation.

Next came a slide show with Brian Malovany from ISM (International Solidarity Movement) showing the Protest Movement against the Apartheid Wall being built by Israel. His slides were mostly from the village of Bil'in in the Northern West Bank and I was saddened to read that five people were injured at that protest the next week.

Finally Steven Rockwell from the Forest Knolls Peace Center interviewed Ed Miller recounting the course of his awakening to the causes of the conflict in Palestine.

It was humbling to realize that Ed had identified the victims and the victimizers 30 years ago and had written on behalf of fairness and truth for over 20 years.

Ed has shown a Light through the deliberate fog of others and in the process revealed himself, what a treat.

PS Dr. Ed Miller began as a syndicated writer for over 30 different papers around the nation covering many varied subjects, he was slowly dropped from every last one of them except for the Coastal Post when he began writing about Palestine. This points to the unreplaceable, practically unfathomable, uniqueness of Don Deane the Publisher of the Coastal Post. The CC, perhaps one of the last truly Free Presses in Zionist Occupied America and the only one in Marin; please support FREE SPEECH get the CC through subscribing.

Kate Hart

Time For Bush To Go Away
I call today for the resignation of Bush and Cheney. This presidency is a failure and a sham. From the stolen elections to the Iraq quagmire no one wants you in office anymore. The Democrats hate you. The Republicans hate you. The troops who you have enslaved hate you. We can't stand to wait two more years while you run America into the ground. You are a criminal. You are a disgrace, and you bring shame on our nation. It is time for you to go!

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

War Is A Rehash Of Vietnam
The war in Iraq is a rehash of the premeditated blunders committed by our government in Vietnam. Both are wars that we had no business getting into. We are continuing to shed blood, sacrifice the lives of our loved ones and squander the resources of our future generations for what?

We lost the war in Vietnam in exactly the same fashion we are losing the war in Iraq. We heard the same gung-ho stance of our leaders then as we hear it now. In Vietnam, we were driven by a frenzied fear of Asia falling into communist hands via the domino theory unless we go to war. In Iraq, the stage was not set as we were made to believe, by Saddam Hussein who we are comparing to Hitler, but by the same foreign policy architects who created our Frankenstein in the Middle East, by assisting him to become the thieving, and murdering dictator that we finally transformed him into. We know that we gave him weapons of mass destruction and it is what we conveniently used to bring him down with. The only problem is - he no longer had them.

These wars were not fought in the battle fields of Vietnam alone as we are not fighting the current one solely in the streets, buildings and deserts of Iraq. We have valiant public servants who were then and now fighting the war in the halls of our congress. Like in Vietnam, the American people are beginning to see the light in Iraq. We are saying enough is enough. We are prepared and ready to admit that, as was in Vietnam, the war in Iraq was a mistake and prolonging a mistake is committing an even greater mistake.

Those who profess to serve American interests in the Middle East by staying our course in Iraq are the very same people who engineered our invading that country by lying to and deceiving the American people. How can lies and deceit ever serve anyone's interest? The only interests served in perpetuating lies and deceit are those who profit from fraud. We know who are profiting from these wars? And they most evidently don't care about how our present and future generations will pay for their cruel and reckless adventures. Let us bring our troops home and start prosecuting these profiteers who are currently trying to wipe off the blood in their hands with the immaculately clean and white towels of patriotism.

The Kennedy brothers were assassinated while attempting to end the war in Vietnam. Is it therefore any wonder that President Bush wants to stay the course in Iraq at all costs?

Antonio R. Serna
Rohnert Park

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