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December, 2006


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On November 12, Steve Kinsey, our district supervisor and his lovely lady-aide, Liza Cross, held their annual Ag Roundtable for the fourth year at the Walker Creek Conference Center.
As I walked into the building the full aroma of fresh-brewed coffee and a myriad of assorted fruits and pastries assaulted my senses. Liza Cross was the main co-ordinator of this get-together and one of Kinsey's greatest assets. Good job Liza!

As you can tell, good food is a top priority with me and the lunch was even better. The organic farmers did a number, donating lots of goodies prepared to perfection along with delightful treats from traditional ranchers.

Steve Kinsey opened up the meeting with his amnesty program for second units in the ag community and also non-ag neighborhoods.

As I understand it, if you have a second unit that was never permitted you can have the county permit it and it will cost you half the price of the permitting process. This will help the county put more tax action bucks in their coffers.

Talking to ranchers and some other folks in the community, allot of them feel they are not going to come forward and accept the amnesty because the county only responds to complaints and then you are targeted. Most of them feel they won't be targeted but I can tell you from experience even though the complaints are fake, the money you spend and the havoc it raises in your life is horrendous. The stress alone is torture and some of the accusers get off Scot free because the county won't tell who they are. Sometimes these do-gooders have ulterior motives that are not environmentally sound. Some of it boils down to jealously or just plain vengeance.

These false accusers skip down their yellow brick road with no responsibility for their misdeeds. Steve Kinsey stressed that ag and the county are partners and the county wants to work with ag to help keep the small family farms viable.

Well, we'll see how sincere these proclamations really are when push comes to shove on some of the issues that the Marin County Farm Bureau are concerned about such as public trails on private land; keeping hunting lodges on ranches validated under the grandfather clause; coyote control, and so on. I would like to believe the positive attitude Steve Kinsey portrays is really true.

To put it all into context, Mark Pasturnar, a grape grower in Nicasio, said it all. The hierarchy at the county really want to be helpful with the ag people, but the heads of departments and their staff aren't getting the message. The positive attitude of partnership is not trickling down!

There is hope because there will be three supervisors on the board expressing a total commitment toward agriculture-Steve Kinsey, Suzanne Adams and Judy Arnold, the newly-elected supervisor from Novato who replaces Cynthia Murray, who was also a great supporter of agriculture.

Judy Arnold has been a great lady in the history of West Marin. She founded the Pt. Reyes Village Association and was its president for years. Her personality was so gregarious and inclusive that many of us attended. Now its down to half a dozen people in attendance due to its exclusivity. She also founded the West Marin Alliance which encompassed organizations from Tomales down to Stinson Beach. She served as Gary Giacomini's first supervisorial aide and later worked as first district coordinator for the late Senator John Burton, and currently serves as district chief of staff for State Senator Carol Migden.

Along with being very poised, light and confident, she also brings a whole lot of political savvy to the table. She will certainly be an enormous asset to the board of supervisors.

The Taste Police are at it again. Remember my spate a few months ago in the Coastal Post about taste police and a fantasy future of overbearing laws and regulations. Well, some of it isn't so far-fetched. The county of peacock feathers, hot tubs and pot smoking has passed an ordinance that says you can't smoke a cigarette near public buildings, parks or your next door neighbor's yard.

Well all I can say is what about the smoke from cars, buses, barbeque pits, fire places and so one. This county promotes pot shops, but don't you dare light up on the sidewalk with an organic cigarette. Second hand smoke from a joint is allot better for children because they can get a contact high and mellow out.

Such bizarre hypocrisy. I can't believe it. But the do-gooders overdo their political correctness all the time. Pretty soon if you burp in public you'll be fined for emitting methane into the air.

PS Happy Thanksgiving everybody and don't forget to count your blessings. If you can count beyond three, you're not only rich but intelligent too!

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