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October, 2006


The Continuing Tale Of Palestinians: Death Statistics
By Karen Nakamura

The following are statistics released under August 2006 by the State of Palestine Ministry of Health. ( They were assembled 9/9/06. This reporter has only edited the material.
1. 1/06 to 3/06: 67 killed by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), 29 were militants

2. 4/06 to 6/27/06: 126 killed by IOF, 74 were militants.

3. 6/28/06 to 8/31/06: 257 killed by IOF and 1280 injuries.

This is an increase of 88 % in civilian deaths and a 61% increase in wounded civilians when compared to the first two quarters.

Then there are the August Summer Rain operations from 6/28/-9/9/06. During this time, deaths increased 284% in deaths and 144% in wounded civilians. During August 74 Palestinians were killed, 13 were children under 18 years old, 247 civilians were injured including 100 children, 40.5 % of the total number of injured civilians

The IDF attacked a medical team working for the Ministry of Health and injured a medic from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS). In the same period, the IOF denied access to 21 ambulances and attacked 6 health facilities, prevented ambulance access to injured civilians and access to a pregnant woman in labor, even after co-ordination with the Israeli side.

The IOF closed the Gaza/Israel Ieraz crossing terminal for 12 days. That was 50% of normal opening time plus it instituted reduced hours when the terminal was opened.. Patients waited 3 hours at the Ieraz terminal, placing their lives at risk. Two died.

During August, the IOF denied access to 35% of patients who needed medical care in Israeli hospitals (51 of 155). The Israeli Occupation Forces also denied access of all Palestinian ambulances through the Iarez terminal to Israel. In addition the occupation forces prevented all Gazian patients from reaching medical facilities in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Women under 40 years old, cancer patients, leukemia and cardiac cases were among the patients prevented from getting access.

At the recently opened Rafah border terminal to Egypt, where patients referred to Egypt and Jordan hospitals make their crossing, traffic has increased to 2,500 crossings since May 25. During August, however, the IOF operated the Rafah terminal for only 5 days, thus only trickle were allowed through, 183 patients using ambulances and 671 using cars.

The IOF also executed a series of military invasions into Palestinian territories killing and injuring many civilians. From August 3 to August 6, the IOF invaded the Al-Shoukah neighborhood in Rafah causing 16 deaths and 38 injuries. They also closed the Al-Shoukah clinic and shot 3 missiles into the Abu-Yousef Al-Nagar hospital. Furthermore, the IOF struck the power station in Rafah, cutting off electricity.

On August 27, the IOF invaded the Al-Shagiah neighborhood for 4 days causing destruction and killing 20, including 2 children, with 31 injuries. An Israeli jet struck a press vehicle causing injuries to 2 journalists. The IOF then obstructed medical teams and ambulances from moving and carrying patients, while firing on ambulances. They also prevented ambulances from reaching three injured civilians leaving the three to bleed to death.

On August 31, the IOF invaded the old city and Balatah Refugees camp in Nablus, killing one and injuring 8, including a Palestinian Red Crescent Society worker. In the West Bank, there were 12 deaths and 96 injuries. Those killed in August by shelling and missiles amounted to 71.71% and 48.6% of injuries. 20.3% of those killed died due to live bullets with 16.6% of injuries.

The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) estimates the average per capita annual income of Palestinians next year wouldn't exceed $1,000, the lowest since the 1980s, with unemployment running at 35% but expected to run at 50% by the end of the year. Rioting has broken out among workers who aren't being paid on a regular basis.

In the middle of all this, the IOF was reported to have robbed one of the few operating Palestinian banks and walked off with over a million US dollars. Kidnapping and assassinations of Palestinian government officials continue, as do the bombings and civilian shelling.

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