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September, 2006


Letters To The Editor

Open Letter To The Marin Board Of Supervisors
I think you should be aware of some of the actions that are carried out by the Marin DA and how much respect they and the Marin Courts have for a person's ri ght
In fact, if you believe in the rule of law and respect for the US and California Constitutions, you should be upset by what they have done to me and my children.

Attached is my criminal appeal for your review. To summarize:

I was the first person ever charged under the custody deprivation Penal Code section 278.5a) where no one was a resident of California( i.e. neither the parents, the children or any other entity was a resident or living in California).

I was ordered by a New Zealand Family Court Judge to pick up the children in California and the Marin DA admitted that I was not prohibited from taking the children from California.(see attached)

I was charged for alleged acts or omissions that occurred entirely outside of California as the children were with me in Louisiana the entire time when the alleged crime took place. This was ruled to be the case by Judge Graham.

The children were not in California when the alleged crime took place and they were not subsequently found in California.

So how can California and Marin have jurisdiction.

They don't.
But the DA started their criminal actions and will not give up, even when they know that they have no jurisdiction and are violating my rights. Please read the attached brief by a staff member of the First Appellate Project.

Before trial, I requested that the Marin Public Defender make every legal argument that this attorney made. But they refused, claiming that they did not have the resources and that I should cop a plea. So much for your right to counsel under the 6th Amendment.

You should be proud of your DA and judicial system.

Hope it never happens to you or your children.

John Olagues
Marin County

Bush's Banality
As Henry Kissinger said: "There is a case for doing nothing and there is a case for doing enough, but there is no case for doing too little." The Bush administration has been doing too little to settle the question of Palestine for years and now is doing even less to stop the deliberate destruction of Lebanon by Israel using American weapons. This is the administration's most recent example of what I, paraphrasing Hannah Arendt, call "the evil of banality.

Art Llebrez
Portland OR

Sad Outcome Of Bush's War
One of the sad outcomes of President Bush's war in Iraq is that no one is scared of Uncle Sam anymore. Bush saw to that. He has weakened our army in Iraq to such an extent that it has emboldened Iran, the Hezbollah and Hamas leaders to thumb their noses at the U. S. as a result of a failed venture there. The Middle East has become one explosive inferno.

The Iraq war has revealed a military shortcoming of U. S. ground forces that was never know to exist before. The U. S. is no longer feared by other nations as it once was. It isn't that the U. S. hasn't a huge arsenal of WMDs, the atomic bomb, to scare everyone but it can't use them. That would only cause other nations who possess same to retaliate by vaporizing one another.

The shortsighted Billy the Kid Bush swagger in dealing with other nations isn't working out very well. It was always "my way or the highway" but other nations are just not going take it anymore. Anti-Americanism is at an all time high.

Bush and his Secretary of State, Condi Rice, are now seeking support to end hostilities in Lebanon from those countries they formerly snubbed and they in turn are now being ignored. They are finding out that Bush oftentimes is "all hat and no cattle" as they say in Texas so they question his sincerity in the pursuit of peace between Israel and Lebanon when he is the chief "shooter" causing a climate of terror and instability in the region.

It is difficult to ask others to lay down their arms while you still have a six-gun strapped to your hip. Asking Israel to keep bombing Beirut and ordering your army to keep "pumping lead" in Iraq is a bad example to display while requesting a cessation of hostilities by others elsewhere?

David A. Whelan
Forest Knolls

Coincidental Airliner Terror Plot
Isn't it a coincidence that this supposed UK airliner terror plot popped up just as 9/11 conspiracy theories and questions from groups such as Scholars for 9/11 Truth have been making the mainstream news, like the 9/11 conference I saw on CSPAN a few weeks ago or the Associated Press article about the 9/11 conspiracy movement gaining steam that I found on my Yahoo! News page several days ago??

Keith Bramstedt
San Anselmo

Democrats Must Hit The Real Issues To Win

Three Cheers for Connecticut Democrats! The countdown to November 7th is off to an encouraging start. Primary voters chose Ned Lamont over Republocrat Joe Lieberman, who uses "partisanship" as an epithet. Of course there are - and should be - substantial differences between and within the political parties. That's healthy competition in a democracy. If members of the Democratic Party expect to take back the House and the Senate, they need to disown the Democratic Leadership Council and take on Republicans where it matters: Iraq, universal health care, job security, global warming, honest transparent government, and election integrity.

Stop the dirty tricks with electronic equipment. Ensure that every eligible citizen can vote, and count every ballot as cast. Make it happen. Get involved!

Eileen Siedman
Mill Valley

Confusing PAS
Val asked everyone for feedback on her editorial. She won't like mine.

Val, I've asked you before to stop confusing people about PAS. No one cares whether it's a "Syndrome" or not, but your ongoing "junk science" confuses women victims, who likewise begin to screech and no one Ever gets around to looking at the behaviors.

Your otherwise excellent editorial continues to confuse people.

I am a victim of PA and also the first person to out Gardner as a suicide.

The book, "Children Held Hostage" explains parental alienation and why the courts don't want to address it.

Bonnie Russell

Is It Done Yet?
Bush said that we aren't going to leave Iraq until the "job is done". I suppose we should have got out of Iraq 4 years ago when Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" because we were closer to having the job done then that we are now. Now Iraq is a lost cause, fighting a civil war, and our troops are there to try to hide the civil war till after the elections. We are left with a choice of accepting failure now or waiting till things get worse. I fail to see the logic in staying the wrong course.

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
San Francisco

Domestic Violence And PAS
This is in response to your August, 2006, article, 'Domestic Violence And Learning to Live Again', by Valerie D. Nixon. It is a sad fact that domestic violence remains rampant in today's society. A recent study released by the US. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics concludes that there were approximately 3.5 million violent crimes committed against family members from 1998 to 2002. This includes violence of all kinds. Indeed, 25% of family violence perpetrators are female.

Valerie Nixon is absolutely correct in stating domestic violence and child abuse are always wrong. However, I wish to take issue on her statement about Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and its misuse in family courts. Ms. Nixon calls PAS an "unscientific theory" of the late Dr. Richard Gardner, who, Ms. Nixon goes on to suggest, "had a belief system which includes a very pro-pedophilia agenda".

Unfortunately, there are a number of "pseudo-scientists" who like to misquote Dr. Gardner's work on PAS. PAS has not been discredited and does not favor child abuse. The official statement of the American Psychological Association (APA) says that, "The American Psychological Association believes that all mental health practitioners as well as law enforcement officials and the courts must take any reports of domestic violence in divorce and custody cases seriously. An APA 1996 Presidential Task Force on Violence and the Family, noted the lack of data to support the so-called, 'parental alienation syndrome'. We have no official position on the purported syndrome."

This was based on 1996 data. In August, 2002, the APA offered a 7 credit continuing education course on PAS, facilitated by Dr. Barry McCarthy of American University.

In addition, the American Bar Association endorsed the work entitled, 'Children Held Hostage: Dealing With Programmed and Brainwashed Children', published in 2003 by Clawar and Rivlin. This study documents the demographics, proliferation, and severity of these types of family law cases.

In November, 2002, the case of Kilgore v. Boyd in the 13th Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, FL, ruled that, "PAS had gained enough acceptance in the scientific community to satisfy the Frye test criteria for admissibility". PAS has been argued successfully in 22 states, 7 Canadian provinces, and in a number of countries internationally.

Ms. Nixon also mentions the 2005 Tatge and Lesseur documentary, 'Breaking the Silence-Children's Stories', which featured the Honorable Sol Gothard, former 5th circuit judge and author. This film which, purportedly, attempted to portray the plight of abused women and children, featured 'heroic' mom, Sadia Loeliger. It was later revealed that in August of 1998, a Tulare County juvenile court concluded that Ms. Loeliger had committed multiple acts of abuse and adjudged both her daughters as dependents of the court. The film also asserts that between one third and two thirds of abused mothers lose custody of their children. In reality, mothers rarely lose custody. A Stanford University study of 1000 divorced couples at random found that divorcing mothers were awarded custody 4 times as often as divorcing fathers in contested custody cases. The film makes no attempt to provide multiple viewpoints and gives only one side of the story. While Judge Gothard's call for action to stop childhood sexual abuse and increase awareness in regards to awarding custody of abused children to perpetrators is something every court must strive for, his association with the documentary is unfortunate.

The film also featured Amy Neustein, Ph.D. In 1986, the court reversed custody of Dr. Neustein's then 6 year old daughter, Sherry Orbach. Courts rarely reverse custody without good reason. It was found that the child had been coached by her mother to make false sexual abuse allegations against her father. Recently, Ms. Orbach, in her piece, 'Silent No Longer', described her mother's intense coaching to tell lies to the judge.

According to Rhea K. Faberman, Executive Director of Public and Member Communications of the APA, "claims made in the film are incorrect and inaccurate."

Ms. Nixon's appeal for courts to take allegations of domestic abuse seriously, to use well trained and highly credentialed experts in testimony, and to consider up to date research on domestic violence is well taken. However, her notion that PAS has been discredited, that Dr. Gardner's work supports pedophilia, and that courts are negligent in the awarding of children to the perpetrators of domestic violence in the majority of cases, is dangerous to the very ones she is trying to protect-the children.

PAS is very real, it is very valid, and it is very well documented. Her focus should be on the harm PAS does to children when they lose their relationship with a loving parent. Her focus should be that PAS, unacknowledged, can be life-threatening. Mother and author, Pamela Richardson, in her heartbreaking book, 'A Kidnapped Mind' describes the torment PAS caused her son, who, tragically, at age 16 committed suicide. The Rick Lohstroh case is still going on in Houston. In this case, a 10 year old child, enflamed by his mother's ongoing rages against his father, used his mother's handgun to shoot his father numerous times.

Indeed, domestic violence and child abuse need to be eradicated. But PAS is emotional and mental child abuse. To deny its existence is, in itself, abusive.

Robin Denison
[email protected]

America's Safer?
President Bush's claim that fighting terrorist "over there" makes us safer here in America is absolute hogwash. Bush's rag-tag war in Iraq does nothing to stop terrorist cells in America from attacking the United States.

Al Qaeda seems stronger than ever and more visible than it was on 9/11. Osama bin Laden is still on the lam, Iraq is spinning out of control and terrorism is expanding around the globe. But, maybe our eyes deceive us.

That the President and Republicans claim the Bush administration has made the world and America safer is a whole lot of hooey.

* * *
They're Taking Jobs!
So Latinos are taking jobs from Americans! Do they come on horses with rifles, and say gimmee your jobs? Do they sneak into town at night, mug you, and say I want your job. No, the newly arrived immigrants do back-breaking work in the fields, kitchens and factories that Americans won't touch.

The next time intolerant white folk, Republicans and anti-immigrant forces say Mexicans are taking our jobs tell them their prejudice is showing and to take their bigotry and shove it.

* * *
Electronic Fraud And Voting
Electronic theft in America. Electronic fraud has been committed in the last two US elections. Does media care? Whodunit, follow the money. Follow who has swept into office since the advent of paperless, unverifiable electronic voting. By and far it has been religious right-wingers and anti-abortiontists flying the banner of the Republican Party who have taken over control of the House and Senate.

Still don't get it? Public elections, the cornerstone of democracy are now in the hands of private corporations, who won't let independent sources verify election results or audit their computer software. This is the greatest crime in US history and no accident and nobody is doing anything about it.

Ron Lowe
Grass Valley

Nuclear Energy Wakeup Call
Nuclear energy is no panacea to global warming. The truth is, it creates global warming. Releases heat up the water, air, and soil. Contamination is another problem that comes from spills, human exposures, and other accidents. We are living under the cloud of a potential Chernobyl and the threat of terrorism far worse than 911. Due to the higher temperature of the Great Lakes this year, there were three evacuations/shut downs of nuclear power plants recently, specifically: Palisades, Fermi and DC Cook. They were heating up, and the warm lake water could not cool them down. The plants were shut down, and evacuated. Some rooms were close to 130 degrees when workers were forced to leave.

This heat causes global warming. It takes fossil fuels to mine and transport uranium, build nuclear power plants, and haul nuclear waste. Nuclear waste is like fire in that it radiates heat waves as it releases radiation into the environment.

I am tired of hearing about nuclear energy being an answer. It is creating tax burdens our Great Grandchildren will be burdened with. Those that promote nuclear energy either have a stake in profits from bilking the taxpayers or are ignorant of the facts.

The real solution to global warming is in wind, water, and solar energy, which should be implemented immediately. Electric cars would end our problems with high gas costs and dependence on foreign oil. Instead of paying for gas at the pump, you could recharge your batteries and pay at the windmill. In areas with greater sun, a person could recharge at a solar station, or at a waterfall hydroelectric station. Ideally, people could have home and business recharge stations. Public transport could run off the same green energy.

The technology is there, it is only the huge oil, gas, and nuclear industries that are taking the money and holding progress back.

Kathryn Barnes
Sherwood, MI

Oil Collusion
When Democrats still had some say and influence, crude oil prices averaged $18 a barrel. Then Dick Cheney hosted a secret meeting with the energy industry. Who attended those meetings and what they discussed, we'll never know...but we can guess.

The price of oil has quadrupled and we're told it's a supply and demand issue. Supply and demand were high before so why is Big Oil all of a sudden raking in record profits? Is there some sort of collusion between the Bush administration, the GOP and oil companies?

How many Americans are paying $50 bucks now to fill up their gas tanks? Thanks Dick and George for your secret meetings.

Ron Lowe
Grass Valley

Play Nice
If Israel doesn't respect Lebanon's right to exist then how can Israel expect the rest of the world to recognize its right to exist? If you can't play nice with your neighbors then you might get find yourself getting kicked out of the neighborhood.

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

Racial Profiling In Marin
This past Saturday night a young Female African-American Novato resident was stopped by three Novato Police Officers on a bogus charge of "tail-light out." She was summerly thrown to the ground, face pushed into the pavement causing cut lips with bleeding. Then handcuffed for "resisting arrest." According to the police, the slightest hesitation is considered "resisting." Very subjective.

The police claimed she had a expired driver license, this was also no ttrue.

When she was released she went to the hospital for her wounds. They consisted of (per the hospital report) "Scalp Contusion with swelling and bleeding under the skin, Upper Extremity Contusion, consisting of swelling and bruising of the arm, wrist, hand, fingers." These officers were not "professional" in their behavior, but over aggressive and variably abusive. When they saw that she was a Novato resident, one of the officers suggested that "she should consider moving elsewhere." No matter the circumstances in this case, the officers are guilty of excessive force and the appearance of racial-profiling.

This woman is an upstanding, hardworking (employed in Novato) mother of two young children. This incident has cost this young women hard earned money that she cannot spare working for minimum wage. This is taking food out of the mouth of her two young children, but feeding the macho- ego of overzealous cops.

This women is a kind, gentle, quiet spoken Care-giver of the disabled and Seniors in our Community. This is an abominable way to be treated by those we trust to protect us from harm.

When the Police were called regarding this matter the attitude conveyed was of a bunker mentality, Police Chief included. The citizens of Novato deserve better than what was given to this resident.

Whether the police or anyone else likes it, minorites are moving to the suburbs for the same reason others move, for a better and supposedly a safer life for them and their children.

Jerry Bakken

Rough Bicycling In Marin
I participated in a cycling event in Marin County this past weekend. It is called the Mt. Tam double century. Overall, great ride with spectacular scenery. I really hope it stays that way. The purpose for me writing to you is that there seems to be little concern for the safety of cyclist on the roads of Marin County. The only Police that I saw where watching over the dead body of a person who apparently had a Heart attack, and another who appeared to be sitting and waiting for cyclist to roll through a stop sign in a neighborhood where there was pretty much Zero traffic.

My next attack is on the quality of roads. I could go on forever about this one, but instead, I will try to keep it short. PCH horrible. Roads by which we traveled on our bicycles were riddled with potholes and breaks in the pavement that could throw a cyclist from his bike easily. Lastly, NO BIKE LANES in many areas.

Now, when there are no bike lanes, it seems that we are to "share" the road. This is where the Lack of police really irritates me. (they do find time to just sit in parking lots though). Motorists and motorcycles violated the law all day long. Passing cyclist in NO-Passing zones with oncoming traffic. No citations. The indisputable fact is that Police and City officials like to accuse Cyclist of being the law breakers when the issue is raised regarding safety on the roads. Cyclist are vehicles and are conveniently cited when police feel like I, and yes it applies to our driving record. So, why do we not have the right-of-way when on roads without bike lanes?

I will answer my above question. The reason why cyclist always fall prey to the police and irresponsible motorists is because politicians and law enforcement choose to modify the laws when they see they cannot or choose not to enforce these laws. Case in point: speed limits - instead of citing drivers for speeding, the speed limit is modified to accommodate a higher speed(freeways and many local roads 45 mph+). As a matter of fact, California will not allow local modifications of the speed limit without a State Traffic Engineer approval. I don't think their formula accounts for cyclist and pedestrians on said roadways.

Otherwise, I am sure that there are numerous ways to protect cyclist. One protection for cyclist, not to mention increased local revenue could be created with enforcement of a law that would state: Speed reduced when cyclist are present. Cannot pass cyclist in No Passing Zones.... The reason this will never happen is because it is not a popular item for the Governator or Feinstein. It would be the right thing to do. Politicians don't do what's right, they do what is popular. Thank you for reading...

Jason Darby
Marin bicyclist

Now I'm The Visitor of Abuse
Thank you for running the letter about abuse. I am one of those moms who was 'walking on eggshells'. I've been in family court three years - accused of 'alienating' the children from their father. No, there's no evidence. There's just the fact that they prefer to live with their mother - me - who was their primary caretaker until the last three years. That has been enough. They figured I was doing something to make them dislike the abuser. I was not. I had tried to the last second to 'make things work'.

What I did do was BIG. I had refused to paint a false picture of ex in the children's minds anymore. I decided to let them draw their own conclusions about their father. That's when he began to prepare for court, to tell relatives and friends I was 'crazy', and to accelerate his tyranny at home. 'Breaking the Silence: Children's Stories' touches on the horrible pain the children go through. I long to give them stability and love... but I'm now a 'visitor' - and they live with the abuser.

Marin County

Time For Your Kids And Emoism
I have to agree with Steve Brooks' letter, Emos are a real problem.

Unfortunately and ironically, the problem stems from too much "pantomime adult" responsibility, on the part of their parents.

There is wisdom, to a degree, in their sulking rebel ion.

Sadly, taken too far, yes - emoism becomes a 24/7 siren of over-dramatized self-pity, producing the classic "emo kid".

I think Steve is right on the button, in-part though. One thing that really snapped my nephew out of his "emo stage" was some rather loud fun-poking and public shaming for it, on the part of his family.

These kids see yuppie mom and dad working 60-70+ hour weeks at jobs that take all their parent's time (no time for the kids, send them to soccer practice - etc.).

You want to stop the emo self-pity fad run amok amongst our kids, these days?

Start living lives with careers they might actually aspire to, instead of being miserable yuppie hacks with no time for them (and all the time in the world to earn and pay for what appears to matter far more to you).

Adult behavior, yes. Stepping-up to the plate and casting a lampooning swipe at the product of too many parents with their values twisted up-side-down, is indeed responsible adult behavior.

Are you a yuppie hack parent with no time for your kids? That is the height of child and family-destructive narcissistic arrogance.

It's time to graduate from high school emotionally, people. Is it really worth "keeping up with the (miserable hack) Jones", if your kids are disconnected from you that much?

Micha Wattenberg

Why Not California
When I worked on Bill Clinton's campaign back in 1992, we had a slogan: "putting people first." In California, it's time to put the people first -- and as a Texan, I urge you to start by ending the free ride the oil companies are getting in your state.

I find it hilarious that California -- of all places! -- has let oil companies get away with basically paying nothing for oil drilling, while Alaska, Louisiana, and my home state charge the oil companies billions in drilling fees.

Why not California?
When Texas is tougher on big oil than California, something is seriously out of whack. Californians deserve the same fair share Texans get. So I'm supporting Prop 87, a California initiative that will end the oil companies' free ride in the nation's third-largest oil producing state.

Even better, those drilling fees will pay for projects to reduce California's use of gasoline and diesel by 25 percent. After that happens -- well, as California goes, so goes the nation. As the world's sixth-largest economy, and as the state that uses the most petroleum in the nation, California will lead the way for the country.

But first, Prop 87 has to win. Join the fight and make the oil companies pay their fair share: When it comes to energy and our environment, California has led the way. In the 1970s, California required cars to use catalytic converters to reduce air pollution. With the California market so large, the auto companies installed catalytic converters everywhere -- and now all of us, from Washington to Florida, breathe better air.

We can make a difference again today. We have a huge energy problem, and we all know it. We also know the solutions -- from electric cars to flex fuel and plug-in hybrids. Forget about more debate and more studies; through Prop 87, we can move our nation away from oil and solve and the economic, national security and environmental problems oil causes.

So join California in telling the oil companies, loud and clear: "It's time to pay your fair share."

Please join me today. Support Prop 87 and the push for cleaner, cheaper energy:

Paul Begala
Californians for Clean Energy Yes on Prop 87

Free Press And Democratic Elections-What More?

The two letters by David Holcberg of the Ayn Rand Institute (May 06) are startling. He also posts his venom at The Capitalist Magazine site. For many years Zionists, pundits, and the US government accused the Arab World of not having a free press. Then Al-Jazeera emerges in Qatar. The Emir himself is publicly criticized with no retaliation. George Bush's illegal wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan are criticized and US atrocities are condemned. Colin Powel then demands that the Emir desist. Such hypocrisy.

The US also accused the Arab World of not having democratic elections. Hamas' victory was far "cleaner" than any in our own history, yet Holcberg demands that all aid to Hamas cease. He refers to Hamas as a terrorist group when the real terrorists are the Israeli war criminals from its presidents, prime ministers, and its military commanders down to the field ranks and civilian vigilantes. This, too, is hypocrisy.

In his second letter, Holcberg, replete with condemnations, insists that "our right to speak, denounce and offend anyone" should prevail, yet I know in my heart of hearts that he will be in the forefront of Zionists that will be quick to scream "anti-Semite!" to those among us that speak out against and denounce the evils of Jewish wrongdoing. Dare I mention "hypocxrisy" again? Yes, I do.

Holcberg accuses Muslims of seeking to "subjugate us to Islam and its taboos", whereas Islam forbids proselytizing, coercion in religion, or forcing Islam on anyone. The Quran makes that quite clear. On the subject of Borders not selling the issue "Free Inquiry" magazine that contains offensive cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him, because they are extremely offensive, then perhaps he can explain why Jews rush to prevent the publication of books that they deem offensive. The failed attempt of ultra-Zionist Jewish attorney Alan Dershowitz to suppress the publication of anti-Zionist Jewish professor and author Norman Finkelstein's revealing book, The Holocaust Industry, is but one example. Such hypocrisy is reprehensible.

Entering the foray of Islamophobic hate mongers is another Zionist, Debi Ghate, an official at the Ayn Rand Institute. Everything lie that she wrote about Islam and Muslims (Aug. '06) should remind us of the filth that the Nazis published about Jews sixty years ago. Ayn Rand would cry if she knew that such abominations are taking place in her name.

Yousef Salem
San Mateo

The Big Lie
Joseph Goebbels said "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." His boss, Adolph Hitler, agreed when he said "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." As I stated in a previous letter, why do we suppose Zionists refuse to allow any discussion of their account about the holocaust? What might they be hiding? And why do we suppose those Zionists do not tolerate any criticism of Jewish wrongdoing and the atrocities that are committed against the Palestinian people, and now the cold-blooded and bloodthirsty wanton slaughter of hundreds of Lebanese civilians that include babies, in violation of international law, seventy UN resolutions, numerous articles of the Fourth Geneva Convention accords, and the laws of God? Simply stated, it is because such discussions and criticism will inevitable expose the big lies that they have been repeating incessantly over the past 59 years. Zionists have learned well from their Nazi tormenters.

Some Zionists repeat these lies because they have heard them throughout their lives from fellow Zionists and have accepted them as being true. Others know better but they repeat the same lies incessantly knowing that Goebbels and Hitler understood more about the human mind and its frailties than they were given credit. Whether Rachel Neuwirth (6/06 and 7/06) is among the first group or the second is not known, but what is known is that she is repeating the same Nazi-styled lies, but for this day, the lies stop here.

Neuwirth knows well enough that as long as Israel has the financial, military and moral (sic) support of Washington then it does not have to make peace with the Palestinians or anyone else. The Palestinians sought peace with their land-theft enemies many times only to be repeatedly rebuked. Israeli, in fact, seeks piece, not peace, as in "Let's look around for another piece of land to steal from those hopeless Arabs."

Regarding Neuwirth's distorted interpretation of UN Resolution 242, it can be read at ("Withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict;" and while it does not mention the word "Palestinian", it is clear who the aggrieved are. Despite the ol' perfected Zionist manipulation of language, it is obvious that "territories" refers to "all territories".

Neuwirth correctly stated that the word "Palestinian" is not written into UN Resolution 338, which can be read by searching at Google, but she deliberately fails to say that "Israeli" or "Israeli" also is not there- they are referred to as the "parties". Is the West Bank part of Palestine? Yes, it is, along with East Jerusalem and every piece of land that was either stolen, seized, annexed, or is being illegally occupied by Israelis in blatant defiance of all the above-cited laws. The text of UN Resolution 181 that originally divided PALESTINE into two states remains in its original form. It has never been altered, thus the Palestinian state legally includes every inch of land that was allotted in 1948, and the rightful refusal of the Palestinians to accept the loss of part of their land is irrelevant.

Neuwirth's claim that "the international community allocated in 1922 the entire territory between the Jordan River and to the sea to the future Jewish state" is unfounded and irrelevant. No one had the authority then to make such an award. She also claimed that "Palestinian self-government is failing". Might that be due to the ongoing slaughter and war crimes that have been routinely committed by Israelis with impunity and with our governments sickening approval? Might it be due to Israelis dropping American-supplied 500 and 1000 pound bombs on civilian populations and getting away with systematic murder and mayhem? True, Oslo failed, and Wye River failed. The so-called "roadmap" is failing. Why? The cause is Israeli intransigence and its blatant incorrigible mentality, as well as its quest to steal all the land from the Euphrates River to the Nile River and beyond, denoted by the two aqua stripes on its flag, to fulfill their mad dream of attaining Eretz Yisroel (Greater Israel) just may have something to do with it. The nature of a thief is to take that which does not belong to him and never be satisfied with what has already been stolen. "First the kit, then the caboodle, then more, more, more." (Dick Tracy).

Neuwirth complains about Palestinian "rocket attacks against Israel". Let me repeat that Israeli is a signatory of the Fourth Geneva Convention that guarantees the right of all occupied peoples to use any means at their disposal to dispel their illegal occupiers. Israelis are illegal occupiers by legal definition.

Neuwirth asks "How could anyone expect the truthÉ" which is pathetic and funny, considering her failure to provide us with verifiable facts. Her reference to "so-called" Palestinian land, the prevalence of "illegal Arab settlers in far greater numbers", and that "every Jew living there had been either murdered or expelled" are odious and abominable lies. To suggest that there were no Palestinian lands is ridiculous and absurd; the illegal settlers were the Jews, not the Arabs, for how can Palestinians be illegal settlers on their own land? That Arabs murdered or expelled Jews prior to 1967 is laughable since they were defending their land, their livelihood, their homes, and their right to life, which were an ongoing systematic threat from their illegal, barbaric, savage, monstrous, brutal, ruthless, cold-blooded and inhuman Israeli occupiers.

To question the 2003 European Union's conclusion that Israel constitutes the greatest threat to world peace is like the story of a Zionist Jewish family that attends the graduating ceremony at their son's military school and as the boys march around the field the mother exclaims: "Look, Shlomo! Everyone is out of step except our son."

Neuwirth accused Carter of not knowing what he is talking about, yet ironically, if she believes what she wrote then it aptly applies to her as well. Former US president Carter may not be a friend of Zionist Jews now, but he was their darling when he was their man in the Oval Office. Now that he is no longer in the coercive, manipulative, and intimidating stranglehold of the Israeli lobby known as AIPAC, and he no longer relies on Zionist votes or campaign contributions, he is free to say it as it is. He never was and will never be a friend of Arabs and Muslims who feel that he could have used his presidential authority to tell the Israelis that either they withdrew to the areas defined in UN Resolution 181 in 1948 and declare them as their permanent borders or suffer sanctions and US military enforcement, but failed to do so. His silence caused the deaths of those many thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese that were

murdered by the Israelis during his term in office.

So, I do not write this in defense of Carter, but rather in the defense of the American people who need to know the truth, and who also need be rescued from the "big Zionist lie".

Yousef Salem
San Mateo

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