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September, 2006


Vote Fraud-Enough Is Enough
By Antonia R. Serna

It really all started with the fraudulent vote counting in Florida during the 2000 presidential election. Rigging an election is nothing new, even in an established, time proven democratic society like ours. There were always attempts to do so in the past so that the efforts of Governor Bush in Florida to ensure the election of his brother was almost a given. That he should however succeed - in the way he did- particularly with the collaboration of the highest court of the land is something else. The US Supreme Court was never, in our country's history used by any vested interests in the past to prostitute the very constitution that it is sworn to uphold and protect, like it was in that occasion.
That criminal act was not as bad as the sad and timid reaction of the American people to such a serious travesty. We hardly contested the decision of the US Supreme Court mainly because it is the highest forum of justice in the land. Logic dictated that even if a crime has been committed, if it was committed in the name of justice and by the highest court of the land, how can we question it? We should have questioned it just the same because the US Supreme

Court did not unanimously approve that outrageous decision. Four of the nine justices remained true to their sacred vows, leaving a majority of one who obviously compromised principle for politics. It was proven from statements made by the justice who cast the deciding vote, prior to doing so, that her action was colored with her personal bias. She couldn't have gotten away with that had we openly challenged her on it. Split decisions made even by the US Supreme Court is contestable.

The rest is history. Not only well informed Americans but the entire world knows that by being too acquiescent, when we should have asserted our rights - we installed an impostor in the highest office of our land.

That historic decision by the US Supreme Court to stop the counting of votes in order to hand the presidency to George W. Bush will remain in the annals of our history as the most unconscionable abuse of power exercised by that supposedly august body. But even more meaningful, is the fact that in its so, we have ceased to have a government of the people by the people and for the people. The power of material influence over the rule of law has transformed our democracy into an autocracy where the power emanates from wealth, rather than the people.

There was however heavy speculation that installing an illegitimate president will not work considering that he took his oath of office with a 42% approval rating from the American people. The skeptics however under estimated the genius of the architects of the president's unprecedented victory. It did not take long to get the answer to their questions. On September 11, 2001, hardly a year in power, the president was informed while attending a grade school class somewhere in the country (what he was doing there only God knows) that America was under attack by Muslim extremists. The American people were experiencing a horrible nightmare. Nineteen highly trained Saudi suicidal fanatics who were in the country for some time preparing for that onslaught, under the very noses of our security and intelligence authorities, crashed four commercial air-crafts on carefully selected targets.

For the very first time, US commercial airliners were used by our enemies as missiles of death. Although, incredible and without precedent, it was however not a surprise to our intelligence and security authorities. They knew about it in advance and were aware of the activities of some Muslim fanatics studying in the US how to fly commercial jets with no plans to be career pilots. Did they do anything about it? Obviously not as evidenced by the death and devastation wrought upon us by their criminal negligence. Did any head roll on account of this criminal negligence on the part the responsible officials whom we depended on to protect us? No. On the contrary, they have all been promoted or rewarded for "services rendered". Ironically for us, but as accurately projected by the incumbent administration, the loss of over 3,000 American lives and the devastation brought about by the 9/11 attack caused our erstwhile illegitimate president to be catapulted to the status of a war president whose job rating shot up from 42% to 90%, overnight. After the 9/11 disaster, there was no stopping as to what this president can do by way of waging an endless war against a faceless enemy and with the American people's blessings too.

Having achieved the seemingly unachievable, our president and his minions started to implement the programs and agenda for which vested interests have put the incumbent in power in the first place. He and his mentors made sure that all future elections will be automated, so that results are pretty well predictable. As a consequence, the Republican party began to control the three branches of our government and our war president won his second term handily. He and his mentors systematically made the rich richer and the poor, poorer. The country was buried in record debt so that we can splurge in needless adventures that brought misery to 99% of Americans while lining the pockets of the 1% with multi-billion dollar, war related contracts. We are a peace loving people but we now find ourselves embroiled in bloody conflicts as a result of our leadership's deceitful and clever manipulation of our minds and emotions.

Is this what this great country of ours all about? Is this what our Founding Fathers have envisioned for us in merely two centuries of existence? The whole world is watching us with abated breath. They know that we can do better and that we will do better. The time to prove to the world that we can, and we will, is during the coming elections in November. It is when we will all have to cry out loud: "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!

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