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September, 2006


Connecting The Dots
By Larry Kelley

"Friends and foes alike agree that George W. Bush is one political figure who gets worse with age."
--Joe Scarborough,MSNBC

Singer Linda Ronstadt called him an "idiot." Joe Scarborough of MSNBC describes him as "disjointed and dumbed-down" at his press conferences. Internet videos show him spitting on the White House lawn, giving the finger to the camera and trying to speak to world leaders with his mouth full. And now, U.S. News and World Report offers us yet another tell-tale insight into our tasteless leader: "The first frat boy loves flatulence jokes." His mother must be so proud.
In its current issue, the magazine tells us that the petulant president likes to break wind himself just "for laughs" and "especially when meeting new, young aides." The global warming problem isn't bad enough? This seems a good time to mention that when George was anointed, gas cost $1.33 per gallon.

Ronstadt, who was booted and banned from the Aladdin Theatre several months ago when "fans" objected to her description of film-maker Michael Moore as "someone who is spreading the truth," recently told USA Today that the Bush Administration is made up of "a new bunch of Hitlers." In an interview with the Edmonton Sun she said, "He's an idiot. He's enormously incompetent on both the domestic and international scenes."

* * *
At a recent press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Bush kept mentioning how he was looking forward to a planned (believe it or not) pig dinner that night. {Who can forget the president's ridiculous attempt to give an unrequested back-rub to Ms Merkel at the G-8 summit where the German Chancellor was the only female in the room?} When a journalist at the press conference asked the president a thoughtful three-part question on the Middle East, Bush stared blankly at the newsman and answered, "I thought you were talking about the pig." Perhaps he was.

Scarborough recently devoted an hour on television and a lot of web site space to Bush's intelligence.

"His gaffes are funnier than most SNL skits," he wrote. ""But more disturbing are his rambling, disjointed press conferences." Some examples: "We are working hard to put food on your family," and "The literary level of our children are appalling." The pres urged Americans to vote Republican, "so we can more better do our jobs." "George W. Bush has daily smack-downs with the English language," Scarborough wrote, " and the English language usually wins."

* * *

In his new book "The End of Iraq," Peter Galbrath writes that two months before invading, Bush didn't realize that Iraqis were divided into Shiites, Sunis and Kurds. "I thought they were Muslims," the president is quoted. Things are going so well in Iraq that the New York Times reports "senior administration officials" are considering "alternatives other than democracy" for the country that was supposed to welcome US soldiers with open arms. Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain {R-Az.) told CNN that Americans "were led to believe Iraq would be a day at the beach."

Rep. Harold Ford {D-Tn.} noted on Hardball that for the first time, America seems to be financing both sides of a war. "We use gasoline we bought from them to blow up their buildings," he told Chris Matthews.

And former defense secretary William S. Cohen told MSNBC "Saddam Hussein did a lot of things but he didn't engage in acts of terrorism against the US"

A recent Zogby Poll calculates that 53% of America believes Bush should be impeached. Eighty percent of that total was Democrats, 27 % Republican. The Veterans Administration is under-funded by $3 billion, reports ABC News.

* * *
After a federal judge ruled that his warrant-less wiretapping is unconstitutional and a violation of federal law, Bush was retaliatory, as usual "Those who herald this decision simply do not understand the nature of the world in which we live. This country of ours is at war..." US Ambassador to Iraq, Zalizad Kohalilzad, described on CNN the "unacceptable levels of violence in Iraq" and said the current "Battle for Baghdad" may decide the war. Are we winning or not?

After the Supreme Court ruled that his treatment of war prisoners violates the Geneva Convention, Bush announced that "some prisoners" would get "some privileges." That should take care of the problem.

* * *
In his first appearance before the NAACP, George informed the audience that "slavery is a stain on America that has yet to be cleaned." He didn't offer to get out the mop.

Hillary Clinton advised American voters, "especially in Ohio" to watch the November election "like a hawk."

* * *
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reports that the Bush Administration is quietly proposing, among other environmental nightmares, to "open all 155 of our national forests to logging."

Kennedy, senior attorney for the National Resources Defense Council, says that in the next 12 months, the administration "will attempt to wipe out 30 years of environmental protections" from "the worst excesses of the oil, coal, logging and chemical industries."

Bush will be attempting to "weaken the Clean Air Act" and "speed up oil and gas drilling" in sensitive places like Greater Yellowstone and Utah's famous Redrock Canyons.

In addition, Bush wants to "treat mercury pollution from power plants as non-hazardous" even though it is "one of the world's most dangerous substances," Kennedy said.

But have no fear. Paul Harvey reports that an "anti-stupidity pill" is being marketed in Germany. Maybe the German Chancellor could convince Bush to take a few in exchange for a back-rub and a pig dinner.

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