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September, 2006


Moo Town News
By Judy Borello

Udderly Ridiculous
In response to Jeanette Pontacq's "More Sacred Cow's" in the July issue of the Coastal Post, the people who really get mesmerized by the term "Sacred Cows" are the Indians of India where the cows are exalted! Frankly, I'd term the issue over the Mease/Sallad, The Sacred Horses and their Anointed Riders" of the San Geronimo Valley.
With all due respect, Jeanette, the only one who can deem the trail through the Mease property "historic" is the Court of Law, not people claiming it so; not the Board of Supervisors, and not the planners. That is a fact!

Why do I call the horsy do faction "elitist?" It is very easy. They not only demand to cross over private land, the don't offer to clean the trail of trash and horse pucky, but they expect the private owner to keep the trail clean and bulldozed. They expect the owner to pay the expensive liability insurance, while they hire an expensive attorney to do their bidding.

Now that the county is going to give them a trail adjacent to the Mease property of which we taxpayers will pay, the trail isn't good enough for them. The trail is too steep, not wide enough and so on.

Well, I say, "Quit whining, demanding, and acting like spoiled brats and get off your ass and put your money where you mouth is. Hire a cat (not meow) and an operator and help the county get a trail that meets your specifications and suits your fancy.

Offer to help keep the trails clean and offer to help pay the liability insurance, not just put this all on the taxpayer for your pleasure.

Horses are an expensive hobby and I'm sure that horsy-do people can afford to help with the trail instead of feeling entitled to it.

As to the Lafranchi Ranch and Willy Lafranchi's quarry, Jeanette forgot to tell the whole truth. The Lafranchi ranch as been the only ranch in many years that was allowed to be subdivided for "estate" homes on expensive [parcels of land.

Willy was despised by the environmentally friendly community for years because they felt that by Willy's subdividing his ranch and bringing the wealthy people from over the hill to settle there, the settlers, who were his neighbors, turned against his quarry. Some say he brought it on himself. The Farm Bureau backed Willy and his quarry, along with others, and the quarry stayed.

But to compare the Lafranchi Quarry to the trail on the Mease property on the premise that Willy Lafranchi was there first, and that should be the rationale of why the trail should be turned over to the horsy-do people, is apples to oranges.

Willy owned his quarry, the horsy-do people do not own the trail, and it was private property for over 50 years.

By the way, the Gales of Chileno Valley that you hail as comrades on the Lafranchi quarry are against the "taking" of the trail on the Mease property.

Jeanette is a strong proponent of organic agriculture in West Marin as I am also. A lot of these organic growers work on a lot less than the 37-acre Mease property, yet Jeanette considers the smaller growers as part of ag but not the vineyard that is on the Mease property.

Jeanette, weren't you a new-comer from "over the hill" at one time? Like Toby Giacomini used to say at meetings, "We should have closed the gate to West Marin thirty years ago," and I tend to agree with him!

* * *
Scoop du jour!
Pt. Reyes Light publisher, Robert Plodkin and his lawyer got panicked and are threatening to sue Dave Mitchell, former owner of the Light in what seems to be udder ridiculous circumstances. Dave is working for a small newspaper, "The Navigator" out of Bodega Bay and Plotkin has an agreement with Dave that he couldn't work for a newspaper in Marin County. Doesn't Plotkin know that Bodega Bay is in Sonoma County, not Marin County?" See for more information!

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