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41 Wharf Road., Bolinas, CA
(415) 868-1311

Fri. Sept. 1, 9-1, reggae ANCIENT MYSTIC
Sat. Sept. 2, country rock BUDDY CRAIG BAND
Sun. Sept. 3, 9-1, folk GOOD MEDICINE
8-12 pm, DJ SPIN
Wed. Aug. 6, 8-11, LARRY'S KARAOKE
Fri. Sept. 8, 9-1, RHYTHM DRIVERS
Sat. Sept. 9, 9-1, A X E'
Sun. Sept.10, 8-11, OPEN MIC with JERRY HANNAN
Mon. Sept. 11 , 8-12, DJ SPIN
Wed. Sept. 13, 8-12 LARRY'S KARAOKE
Fri. Sept. 15, 9-1, JOE PRICE DUO
Sat. Sept. 16, 9-1 rockn' blues THE SCALLYWAGS
Sun. Sept. 17, 8-11, OPEN MIC with THE PINKS
Mon. Sept. 18, 8-12, DJ SPIN
Wed. Sept. 20, 8-11, LARRY'S KARAOKE
Fri. Sept. 22, 9-1, reggae FREE SOUND
Sat. Sept. 23, 9-1,jazz rock DUKE & THE BOYZ
Sun. Sept. 24, 8-11, OPEN MIC with THE PINKS
Mon. Sept. 25, 8-12, DJ SPIN
Wed. Sept. 27, 7:30-9:30 Monthly Birthday w/Irish Folk MIDNIGHT ON THE WATER
Fri. Sept. 29, 9-1, blues R&B; JEB BRADY BAND
Sat. Sept. 30, country rockabilly BILLY BOYS
Sun. Oct. 1, 8-11, OPEN MIC
September, 2006 Volume 31, Number 09

(415)868-1600 - (415)868-0502(fax) - P.O. Box 31, Bolinas, CA, 94924
mailto:[email protected]

Historic Marin Verdict
Mother Innocent On All Charges After Fleeing To Protect Her Child BY MARIN COUNTY, CA (San Rafael) -- National history was made last week in the M
CRITICAL OBSERVER: Plotkin Making The News Again By Alex Horvath
I don't think that Robert Plotkin, the Bolinas resident and (relatively new) publisher of the Point Reyes Light gets it. Nor do I think that he wil
Coastal Newspaper Battle Newspapers fight over coverage of Bodega Bay Point Reyes Light expands north as online Navigator hires Light's former owner as writer By CAROL BENFELL
THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Two small weekly newspapers have begun battling for readers along the Sonoma County coast, offering subscribers vastly different
A War Over Nothing By Sandy Leon Vest
That's what Private Steven D. Green told Stars and Stripes reporter Andrew Tilghman in an interview last February, while the reporter was embedded w
Doing the Wrong Thing in Afghanistan: Depleted Uranium: The Definitive Moral Paradox By Michael Clarke
It is Canada Day evening, and I can barely hear the whistles, booms and bangs of the fireworks. It sounds a bit like distant bombs exploding, remin
The Israel Lobby Part II By John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt
For the past several decades, and especially since the Six-Day War in 1967, the centrepiece of US Middle Eastern policy has been its relationship w
Into the Valley of Death By Tim Llewellyn
I am in blood stepp'd in so far that, should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o'er." -Macbeth Israel's capacity to shed Arab blood
Saving Lives with Lemonade Young Girl Inspires Thousands to Raise Funds for Childhood Cancer
The very word "cancer" is enough to make your heart stop for a moment. Almost everyone knows someone who has gotten very sick or died from cancer.
The Assault on Iraqi Agriculture --- U.S. Agribusiness Targets the Fertile Crescent By Daniel Stone
August 2006 Blessed with abundant fertile land and water, Iraq, the cradle of civilization, the center of the Fertile Crescent of ancient Mesopot
It's The Media Stupid By Zhenya Spake and Barbara Bogard
Independent Media Committee, Marin Peace & Justice Coalition and Kim Weichel, Our Media Voice Media, as we well know, is the central nervous syste
Health Work Committee Reports Humanitarian Situation In Gaza Dire By The Health Work Committee
The Israeli occupation army has been bombarding Gaza for 4 days. In addition, the Israeli occupation army has been raiding Palestinian cities and v
Thousands of Troops Say They Won't Fight By Ana Radelat
Gannett News Service, 05 August 2006: Swept up by a wave of patriotism after the US invasion of Iraq, Chris Magaoay joined the Marine Corps in Novembe
Paper Ballots Can Reek By Greg Palast
In the six years since I first began investigating the burglary ring we call "elections" in America, a new Voting Reform industry has grown up. Th
The Truth of Israel's Intentions By Karen Nakamura
Israel demands Hezbollah and Hamas recognize Israel's right to exist. The truth is that none of the major Israel political parties believe in a ful
Continuing War Crimes By Karen Nakamura
While the world focused on Lebanon, the Israeli government inflicted more suffering on Palestine, especially in Gaza. July was the deadliest month
The Real Reason the British Should be Frightened: How London's Terror Scare Looks From Beirut By Robert Fisk
BEIRUT, AUGUST 12, 2006: When my electricity returned at around 3 am yesterday, I turned on the BBC World Service television. There were a series of p
Santa Rosa Junior College Cafˇ and Bakery Opens August 30 for Fall Semester 2006
The Bakery features Flying Goat coffee and freshly baked pastries and breads made by students in the school's Baking and Pastry Program. Items can
Free Computer Recycling In San Rafael
Free Computer Recycling Event - October 7th Renew Computers in San Rafael will hold a free environmentally friendly computer recycling event on the
San Geronimo Valley Center Tribute To Honor Dave Cort
San Geronimo - On Saturday, September 9th the San Geronimo Valley Community Center will host a Gala gourmet dinner, auction and dance under the sta
Largest Alzheimer's Event Now Forming For Marin Residents Proceeds will help support local programs, services, advocacy & research
(San Rafael and Mountain View) August 15, 2006-The Alzheimer's Association, the national movement to defeat Alzheimer's, is now organizing Memory W
Fish and Game Commission Moves Forward With Proposal to Create Network of Marine Protected Areas Along Central Coast
MONTEREY - The California Fish and Game Commission has voted to select a preferred proposal for a network of marine protected areas (MPAs) along
Sun Protection Reduces Precancers
New York, NY, June 29, 2006 -- In addition to protecting against sunburn, premature aging and skin cancer, daily use of sunscreen can reduce the n
Bernanke Paves the Way for Fossil Fuels, Nukes, "Trade Liberalization." By Sandy LeonVest
In an August speech, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke fell into line with the Bush Administration's "energy plan," endorsing nuclear and f
Tom Delay And "Clean Money"
Excerpts from the powerful film "The Big Buy: Tom Delay's Stolen Congress" will be shown Tuesday, September 5 at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Center Commu
Stinson Beach Advisory Board Opening
There is a vacancy on the County Service Area 33 Advisory Board for Stinson Beach. The appointing authority is the Marin County Board of Supervis
9/11-The Sacred Horror-When The New World Began, Americans Gained A New Faith By Stephen Simac
On September 11, 2001 the world changed forever. So we've been told over and over again, simply and repetitively. 9/11 changed Everything! This i
When Governments Fail By Frank Scott
After a propaganda pause, the destruction in Lebanon and Gaza may well continue with enthusiastic support from America, since everything is going a
Chicken Little And The Dragon's Teeth By Edward W. Miller
Stephen Vincent Benet Israel's recent massive destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure and her purposeful targeting of its civilian population was a
Moo Town News By Judy Borello
Udderly Ridiculous In response to Jeanette Pontacq's "More Sacred Cow's" in the July issue of the Coastal Post, the people who really get mesmerize
Three West Marin Issues By Jeanette Pontacq
Last months relatively small mention of "West Marin prices" has brought forth quite an outpouring of ill feelings toward the local Palace Market in
Connecting The Dots By Larry Kelley
--Joe Scarborough,MSNBC Singer Linda Ronstadt called him an "idiot." Joe Scarborough of MSNBC describes him as "disjointed and dumbed-down" at
Do We Believe This? By Richard Raznikov
In the mid 1970s, as Watergate and other national scandals broke and Congress began investigating a wide range of other governmental activities, it
Collateral Damage By Michael Boldin
Collateral damage is nothing more than a euphemism for state-sponsored mass murder. It is the term given to people killed in military actions who w
Ehren Watada's Radical Idea By Dahr Jamail
t r u t h o u t | Perspective Last month, I was lucky enough to be at the Veterans for Peace National Convention. For that night, Lt. Ehren Watada w
The Hiroshima Stories We Can't Tell By Tom Engelhardt Even though we promptly dubbed the site of the 9/11 attacks in New York City "Ground Zero" -- once a term reserved for an atomic bl
The Mythical End to the Politics of Fear By Norman Solomon
Five years into the "war on terror," it's still at the core of American media and politics. Yeah, I've seen the recent polls showing a drop
Vote Fraud-Enough Is Enough By Antonia R. Serna
It really all started with the fraudulent vote counting in Florida during the 2000 presidential election. Rigging an election is nothing new, even
Letters To The Editor
Open Letter To The Marin Board Of Supervisors I think you should be aware of some of the actions that are carried out by the Marin DA and how much

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