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August, 2006

Israel's Terrorism In Lebanon
By Edward W. Miller, MD

"As long as we act like the bribed bodyguard of Israel, that little country will continue to bully the Palestinians and its neighbors. It is a rogue nation. It has done nothing but fight wars and take other people's lands since its very beginning." Charlie Reese, 19 July, 2006

Though the media would have us believe Israel's ongoing savage bombardment in Lebanon is simply a response to Hezbulla's Katysuka rockets and the capture of two Israeli soldiers, this is but smoke and mirrors.
All of Israel's military incursions into Lebanon, including the present one, (which was planned months ago) have had three objectives: to maintain control of Lebanon's Rivers for precious irrigation waters: to destroy Lebanon's economic and political underpinnings lest she compete too strongly against Israel in the Mideast banking and tourist markets, and to weaken or destroy patriotic organizations such as Hamas and Hezbulla, which threaten the Zionist dreams of expansion.

As early as the 1948 war with the Arabs, Israel occupied Lebanon's Litani River valley, but was quickly forced out under international pressure. Later, at a 1954 meeting on Mideast water resources, Israel threatened President Eisenhower's envoy, Eric Johnson, to again militarily seize the Litani River waters, but our then president, unlike those who have followed him in the Oval Office, stood firm.

Israel's next ruse as reported in the diary of Moshe Sharett, once Israel's Prime Minister, was to destabilize Lebanon by bribing and training officers in the Catholic Maronite militias to attack both the Muslim Druse forces and the PLO. "Israel would then invade southern Lebanon "to keep the peace." Using these uprisings as an excuses, Israel launched devastating air and ground attacks against Lebanon in 1967, and in 1969 her Air Force destroyed Beirut's new international airport with its fleet of 13 just-purchased passenger planes which were torched on the tarmac. In 1978, Israel invaded again with 20,000 troops and seized southern Lebanese land, including the Litani River valley, declaring it a "security zone." The UN, in an emergency meeting, demanded Israel withdrawal (Resolution 425). She refused.

In 1982, with President Reagan's covert OK, Israel launched her genocidal invasion to kill off those Palestinians who had escaped into Lebanon in the 1948 war. In 67 days of savage fighting,, Israel, using ground and air forces as well as anti-personnel shells, and phosphorus bombs, butchered over 30,000 civilians, stampeding another 500,000 out of Beirut, while destroying much of that beautiful city.

Offshore with Reagan's OK, our Battleship, USS New Jersey shelled Beirut's suburbs, killing those fleeing the city. In response, three hundred US Marines, as well as French marines guarding Beirut's airport later paid with their lives.

In the post-war negotiations, surviving PLO officials were given safe transport to Tunis, their families to follow, whereupon Israel's Lebanese militia, as Israeli officers looked on, butchered over 1,000 PLO wives and children in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. In 1993, Israel again devastated southern Lebanon, bombing villages and forcing over 300,000 to flee their homes. The 1996, brutal "retaliation" was a repetition of 1993, but with more damage to Lebanon's infrastructure.

Prime Minister Peres' May 1996 destructive "retaliation" in southern Lebanon produced unexpected worldwide outrage after the media reported Israel had fired missiles into the UN refugee camp in Qana, killing 110 Palestinians, mostly women, children and old men. Although Israel initially denied it, the New York Times reported on May 4, 1996: "UN observers stated Israel 'deliberately shelled the [Qana] refugee camp.' Netherlands Major General Frank van Kappen, heading the UN investigator group, reported that a pilotless Israel "drone" arterial spotter had been transmitting TV images to Israel's gunners before and during the barrage. Shells fired into the Camp, (supplied by the Clinton Administration,) were M-732 proximity-fuse rounds, designed for "amputation wounds." The 110 massively-mutilated corpses including several headless child's bodies.

Successive Zionists governments have repeatedly demonstrated their utter lack of concern for the lives of any non-Jew amongst their Mideast neighbors.

Hezbulla, an organization much-maligned in our media, is a voluntary militia of ordinary Lebanese citizens organized back in 1982 to drive the then occupying Israeli forces from their country. Using guerrilla tactics over the years, Hezbulla finally accomplished Israel's withdrawal in May, 2000. Since then they have also become an effective political party in Lebanon, gaining seats in the Parliament, as well as support throughout the Muslim world, including Syria and Iran. Washington critics and the US media seem to forget that during our own Revolutionary War against King George III , our volunteer militias were supported by cash and arms from France.

The Geneva Convention, which Israel signed but has never honored, permits such militias as Hezbulla "to expel an occupying army [Israel] by any means at their disposal." Hezbulla has promised to disperse its military arm after Israel leaves their country and comes to terms with a viable Palestinian State. Israel however, still occupies the Shibaa Farms area in southern Lebanon with its many small villages, strategically located in the Sheikh Mountain, where she is stealing Jordan River irrigation water from the Lebanese and carting away tons of rich topsoil for her farms in Israel.

The recent cross-border assault by Hezbulla to capture Israeli soldiers as hostages, in exchange for over 9000 political prisoners presently held by Israel , was a replay of several past coups. In September 2002, Hezbulla abducted one Israeli colonel from inside Israel. Following two years of tortuous negotiations, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon exchanged 436 Lebanese prisoners and 59 corpses of Lebanese soldiers for this one Israeli hostage and three corpses of Israeli soldiers. As Robert Fisk noted (THE INDEPENDENT 13 July, 2006) "As long ago as 1985, three Israeli soldiers captured in 1982 were traded for 1,150 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners. In January 2004 Israel freed 436 Arab prisoners and released the bodies of 59 Lebanese for burial, in return for an Israeli spy and the bodies of

three Israeli soldiers. So Hezbulla knows - and the Israelis know - how this cruel game is played."

Every US President since Eisenhower, threatened by our Zionist lobby, has excused or acquiesced to Israel's repeated savageries. Bush Jr. has proved no exception.

Today, there seems scant interest in either Washington or Europe in halting this devastation in Lebanon. On 19 July the US used its threat of veto to stop a cease-fire resolution proposed in the Security Council. (New Trend), and on July 20th THE AUSTRALIAN reported: "According to... The New York Times... US officials signaled that Dr. Rice was waiting at least a few more days before wading into the conflict, in part to give Israel more time to weaken Hezbulla forces." Meanwhile the corporate media went all out to support Israel. "NOT ONE Islamic commentator was allowed to speak on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC or any other major TV or radio outlets. Israeli and Zionist commentators hogged the air waves, with loyal opposition provided by secularized and/or non-Muslim Arabs." (www. NEW 19 July, 2006)

There is hope, however, This week, some 2000 Israelis, objecting to their Army's savagery in both Lebanon and Gaza, marched in Tel Aviv to protest. (Haaretz News 17 July, 2006) and on 19 July our Senate vote on a resolution defending Israel's attack on Lebanon was blocked by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner (R-VA), saying: "the people of Lebanon are suffering enormously at this time, as are the people in Gaza."

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