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August, 2006


A Darkness Unto Nations
By Frank Scott

The assault on morality that is American - Israeli foreign policy sank to lower depths with the attacks on Gaza and Lebanon. It may not be long before Iran and Syria are included in this latest round of racial supremacist brutality in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Israel's appeasement continues, with its chorus in American government loudly singing support for its retaliatory murders of hundreds of civilians , initially justified by the capture of three of its soldiers . There are still some who deny the power of the zionist lobby , but they make as much sense as those who deny the threat of global warming .
At one time exclusively jewish , that lobby now has assistance from evangelical christians who share its basic scriptural views, though biblical interpretation finds them in less than total agreement about all things unexplainable and immaterial. Nevertheless, both belief systems are united concerning their special holiness and supernatural importance in the eyes of their patriarchal creator. The world should indeed tremble, but that will hardly solve the problem.

Even the soft spoken head of the U.N. called the Israeli actions "state terrorism", though his murmur was barely heard through the din of clamorous support from our executive White House , echoed by its congressional out house. Calling this abomination a representative government is an assault on language and reason , second only to the assault on humanity presently being conducted by this perverse democracy.

While they express horror at other nations weaponry - real or imagined - the US and Israel bristle with nuclear weapons, have occupying armies in foreign lands, and are run by regimes dangerous in their frenzied worship of markets, and in their fanatic belief that they are specially blessed by the mysterious founding power of the universe. Religion is a natural creation of humanity in trying to explain the unknowable, but when it serves as a rationalization of the unthinkable, it is an aberration threatening the future of all people, whether their belief system relies on material faith or immaterial myth.

If a messianic mania among the leadership were our only problem it would be more than enough to cause fear for our collective future. But that is only one small part of a condition which has long bordered on insane, and may be getting beyond even that stage of mindlessness.

An Apartheid State has embarked on a new drive to obliterate what little remains of security for the original inhabitants of Palestine, never much since that land was wiped off the map . Israel's manufactured birth in 1948 was Palestine's organic death , it's native population either thrown into a diaspora , a refugee camp or guaranteed a future under the control of occupying invaders. That these invaders are seen by much of the western world as superior beings among a collection of indigenous savages should not be surprising, given the history of western colonialism. But that it came into existence after that ugliest phase of imperial racism was supposed to have ended is shocking, at least to most of the planet's people. That majority adheres to neither the judeo nor christian founding myth that serves as arthritic backbone for a sadistic view of those not chosen by the deity for superiority on earth.

We must understand that the summit of global rule in Washington and Tel Aviv is seen by much of the world as twin towers of state terror . Present bloody policies emanating from these headquarters are nothing new, but seem more deadly serious because the global ruled are beginning to strike back at their rulers. When governments fail, NGOs like Hamas and Hezbollah come into existence to represent their people, and it is the military and democratic advances of these groups which are driving the colonialists crazy.

The over extended USA continues spreading global chaos in trying to maintain its empire and satisfy its domination dementia. Spanning less territory but just as much inhumanity, Israel is finally beginning to lose its aura of long suffering sadness brought on by a wicked world of evil gentiles, especially Arabs. This was always a preposterous trick played on public consciousness, but never as brutally evident as in its present behavior towards not only Palestinians but the Lebanese as well, in an area it claims as the deity's real estate gift to special semites - though it is presently claimed and run mostly by extra special europeans.

While the U.N. performs as a trained seal about what are called threats from North Korea and Iran, the real menace of the world's most deadly rogue state may cause further global explosions if it is not subdued by genuine international force. That rogue is nearing total madness, lashing out in savage fury at innocent civilians, in vengeance for its loss of elections and soldiers. Many more may incur its wrath if it is not brought under some measure of control.

Israel's birth was hailed as creating a light among nations, despite the darkness it brought to those whose land was taken as fuel for this alleged illumination. Biblical atonement for the sins of the second world war was visited upon people who had nothing to do with it, and the profiteers from this land theft have gloated over their national coupe for a generation of glorious growth, for them, and suffering humiliation, for Palestinians. It is time for the world to wake up, and while much of it has, its leadership continues worshipping myth , denying reality and creating islamophobia. It is for Americans to come out of their induced fog and confront a situation that becomes more frightening each day the injustice in the middle east continues. The fire next time may not be there, but here.

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