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Fri. June 30, 9-1 KEY
Sat. July 1, 9-1, LEON VEST
Sun.July 2 , 8-11, OPEN MIC with Jerry Hannan
Mon. July 3, 8-12 THE PINKS
Tue. July 4, 11-2, THE PINKS
Wed. July 5, 8-11, LARRY’S KARAOKE
Fri. July 7, 9-1, ADAM TRAUM TRIO
Sat. July 8, 9-1, folk, GOOD MEDICINE
Sun. July 9, 8-11, OPEN MIC with THE PINKS
Mon. July 10, 8-12, DJ SPIN
Wed. July 12, 12-1 LARRY’S KARAOKE
Fri. July 14, 9-1, reggae ANCIENT MYSTICS
Sat. July 15, 9-1 country THE BILLY BOYS
Sun. July 16, 8-11, OPEN MIC with THE PINKS
Mon. July 17, 8-12, DJ SPIN
Wed. July 19, 8-11, LARRY’S KARAOKE
Fri. July 21, 9-1, retro rock SPACE DEBRIS
Sun. July 23, 8-11, OPEN MIC with Jerry HANNAN
Mon. July 24, 8-12, DJ SPIN
Wed. July 26, 7:30-9:30 Monthly Birthday for Apr. with Irish Folk MIDNIGHT ON THE WATER
Thur. July 27 8:30 - 12:30, S A G E
Fri. July 28, 9-1, Tom Petty dupe band PETTY THEFT
Sat. July 29, country rock THE WHORESHOES
Sun. July 30, 8-11, OPEN MIC with Jerry HANNAN
July, 2006 Volume 31, Number 07

(415)868-1600 - (415)868-0502(fax) - P.O. Box 31, Bolinas, CA, 94924
mailto:[email protected]


Better Letter, Little Girl
My name is Bonnie Russell, and normally I'm in media relations for attorneys. However, as founder of I'm responding to medi
Going Nuclear (again) By Sandy Leon Vest
Daniel Ellsberg, May, 2005, on Democracy Now! It is the 21st century- the age of terrorism and 'long wars.' But in the US and abroad, nuclear pow
Opposing war in Iraq my duty as American By First Lt. Ehren Watada
My name is Ehren Watada. I am a US Army commissioned officer. Currently, I am awaiting charges for refusal to participate in the illegal war and oc
Tax Facts: Nation Left Vulnerable With Tax Cuts By Karen Nakamura
Both sides of the political spectrum are making an issue of the tax burden carried by the middle class as compared to the upper class. National rac
4,435 Dead in Vain By David Swanson
Supporting our troops and working to ensure that they have not died in vain are notions that no longer apply to the soldiers who died in the fields
Killing Themselves Was Unnecessary. By Suzanne Goldenberg and Hugh Muir
The Bush administration stared down a new wave of international condemnation of Guantąnamo yesterday, dismissing the suicides by three inmates of t
Simple Take-Home Misrepresentations About Bolinas Lagoon By Gordon Bennett, Sierra Club Marin Group
The June 1 Coastal Coast contained an article by Don Slack (A Simple Take-home Message about the Bolinas Lagoon) that contained numerous mistakes,
Giant Sequoia National Monument: Our Struggle to Save The "Saved" Sequoias
Try to imagine the almost unimaginable: the race of Mammoth red trees that dominated temperate-zone forest all the way around the Northern Hemisphe
Darren Mack: Murderer Or A Disgruntled Family Law Litigant? By Valerie D Nixon
Going through a contentious divorce? You "must" be a disgruntled family law litigant and it seems that is a very dangerous thing to be, at least a
Nadia McCaffrey's Gold Stars Want America's World Service Corps Proposals to Save Future Lives By Dwayne Hunn
Nadia McCaffrey, Gold Star Mom, lost Patrick in the high grass of Balad, Iraq on June 22, 2004. After 911, Patrick told his Army Veteran father
Lawyers Guild Condemns FBI"s Operation Backfire Legal Hotline Available for Activists
New York. The National Lawyers Guild condemns the FBI's Operation Backfire "green scare" tactics as an unconstitutional abuse of authority. The FBI
Central California Brown Pelican Deaths Likely from Starvation and Malnutrition By California Department of Fish & Game
Preliminary results of the California Department of Fish and Game's (DFG) investigation into central coast California brown pelican deaths indicate
Fill 'er Up-With Food Is turning food into fuel as millions starve to death really the ethical answer to our oil addiction? By Stephen Pizzo, News for Real. Posted June 24, 2006.
I'm not a scientist. I don't even play on television. I got a gentleman's "D" in high school physics and chemistry. So nothing I am about to say is
Health Care: A Logistically Logical Approach By Stephen Simac
The War on Iraq has already cost the United States $2 trillion (when all costs are factored in) after only three years with no end in sight, unless
Pattern of Behavior of Occupation Forces: US Killing of Civilians "Fact of Life" In Iraq BY
May 30, 2006, Global Research Editor's Note: To camouflage extensive war crimes committed by occupation forces and US sponsored paramil
Dan Rather's Raw Deal By Greg Palast, AlterNet. Posted June 23, 2006.
CBS canned Rather for his reporting on Bush's questionable military service -- but the BBC had already told that story to millions. They finall
Don't Buy Books From Amazon
Don't buy from Amazon if you care about independent booksellers Please don't buy books from Amazon if you care about independent bookstores more th
The Mountain Play-Fiddler On The Roof By Jeffrey R Smith of the SF Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle
It is interesting that this year's Mountain Play should start with the words "Tradition, tradition . . . without our tradition our lives would be a
The Palestinians Have No Friends By Ahmed Amr
Dissident Voice, June 14, 2006 Early June is the perfect season to experience the beaches of the Eas
New West Marin Stagecoach Schedule, More Service
The Marin County Transit District (MCTD) would like to announce the release of new West Marin Stagecoach schedules and map that will be effective J
MIDEAST: Still Some Food in the Garbage By Sanjay Suri
LONDON, June 2 (IPS) - Children rummage through garbage cans for discarded food for their one meal during the day. Families wait to buy discount-pr
Bush And Enron-The Takeover is Complete By Molly Ivins, AlterNet
A Houston jury convicted both Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling, despite the fact that Kenny Boy packed his Bible to the courtroom every day. Since it i
Brown Bag Program For Low Income Seniors
Marin Community Food Bank is currently accepting applications from low-income seniors for our Brown Bag Program. The program has been operated by
GOP To Kill Big Bird
Everyone expected House Republicans to give up efforts to kill NPR and PBS after a massive public outcry stopped them last year. But they've just
Mind Mis-management By Frank Scott
The ability of rulers to control the consciousness of populations has reached its peak through electronic information technology . What fascist soc
Peddling Apartheid To An Israel-Occupied Congress By Edward W. Miller, MD
The escalating savagery against a captive Palestinian people by the Israeli military has to be stopped. Their Zionist government's attitude that its
Moo Town News By Judy Borello
Setting The Record Straight In the June issue of the Coastal Post there was a column written by next-door columnist Jeanette Pontacq, called Skept
Organic Food And You By Jeanette Pontacq
The Farmers' Market in Point Reyes Station started up for the year at the end of June. Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1 pm on Highway One, in front of T
Connecting The Dots The Odd Couple By Larry Kelly
George Bush asked his vice-president not to give him advise in crowded rooms. "Do that privately," he instructed Dick Cheney. On another occasion,
Book Review: America's War On Terrorism- By Michel Chossudovsky
For those who don't believe everything they read in the press, and discredit much of the material presented on CNN and FOX NEWS, I'd like to recom
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