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May, 2006


Letters To The Editor
By Readers

No On Higher Taxes For San Anselmo
Following the defeat of the Measure B multi- million dollar/multi-year/multi-purpose tax in November 2005, Town Manager Debra Stutsman is reported to have called all the Town public employees together at a post-campaign crying-fest and told tax-payer-paid employees to "slow-down" their work.
Her intent was probably culled from the same school of oppressive cruelty as the public comments made by San Anselmo Council member Wayne Cooper. His oft-repeated phrase, "Make them hurt." was his insightful manner of how to inform the public that a tax better get approved or town services were not going to get done.

In November 2006, Wayne Cooper will be Mayor of San Anselmo. As San Anselmo celebrates its first century, the residents and business owners can join bully-boy Cooper in looking at how far San Anselmo has come in 100 years and see for themselves when it precisely began to stagnate.

Town Manager Stutsman and the Town Council always need more money. Town Manager Stutsman is handling the SAPOA and MAPE union negotiations and just approved reestablishing a Police Captain position, in addition to current Chief and two Police Commanders.

The consolidation process of Police Services with Fairfax is still under wraps. San Anselmo Chief Maynard was unable to answer how the consolidation will be affected since the San Anselmo Police Department has a multi-million unfunded pension liability.

Will Fairfax taxpayers pay for San Anselmo's pension debt or is Fairfax dragging its own pension debt onto San Anselmo soil?

Why approve a Tax just because the Town Manager has been deficient in her capacity to manage? Why approve a Tax just because Council members hold meetings to foment discourse and then refuse to speak directly to their constituents about other probable solutions?

San Anselmo Statistics: less than 3 square miles of land, 44 miles of roads, 5,460 residential units, 12,560 residents, 20 sworn police officer positions and 7 unsworn police positions, 2 elementary schools, and an extravagant Pension Plan that costs taxpayers more than $1,300,000 per year.

Town of San Anselmo has almost a $6,000,000 Unfunded Pension Liability that will hit as the senior managers begin in retire before 2010.

Petition for the San Anselmo Town Council to mandate that the Town's municipal employees have a Defined Contribution Plan.

Vote No on any San Anselmo Tax. Anytime and Every time.

Louise L. Mathews
San Anselmo

Code of Silence
Yousef Salem makes a good point in his letter to the Coastal Post --- that anyone who raises any objection at all about, or even mentions, Israel's atrocities committed against the Palestinians has a ready-made term waiting for him / her - "anti-Semitic" (or "anti-Jewish"). This is un-American. Actually, it is anti-American. It blocks free speech and the necessary discussion and debate Americans need if they actually want to govern their own country. The mission of a free press is an obligation --- to inform people, so that they can make informed decisions about their world. As we know, this obligation has not been met, and news is based on ideology and/or profits.

Most of the news is biased in favor of the administration in power, because, as Winston Churchill said, in effect, "The media is the lapdog of the ruling class," and most of the important information and especially the background or context for such information is mostly or entirely absent.

Silence is the most effective form of propaganda. When people are not even allowed to talk about a subject, how informed will they be about that subject? So, US tax money is shipped to Israel by the boatload every day (so to speak), while people in other countries starve; AIPAC ("American Israeli Public Affairs Committee"), the most powerful lobby in the US, controls congress and directs US foreign policy in the Middle East (possibly AIPAC is, in turn, directed by elite entities --- that's debatable --- so, let's debate, and in the process of discussion and debate, investigate the facts, the appropriate groups, the appropriate people, including, not only AIPAC, JINSA, etc., but the military, the corporations, the think tanks, the media, the CIA, etc.); this control of congress results in congress supporting Israel unconditionally and never missing a chance to blame and suppress the real victims (the Palestinian people), who are right now being starved as "collective punishment" for daring to vote the wrong way; Israeli "defense" forces have 6 decades of murder and abuse on their rap sheet, and the American people don't know about any of this.

By the way, Israel co-founded and funded Hamas as a counter to the PLO decades ago. Journalist Robert Fisk, who has been in Palestine and the Middle East in general many times, says the Israelis and Hamas are in constant communication with each other even though Israel has to pretend that they "don't talk to terrorists."

So, we have a choice. Continue to pamper Israel and the Jewish Lobby, maintain the Code of Silence, refuse to discuss things, and censor our speech and even our thoughts. Or, do democracy - talk freely, find out and discuss and broadcast and print the facts, the history, and the context of issues.

Daniel Stone
San Francisco

Be Wary Of Bush's "Options"
Recently in response to a question about a nuclear attack against Iranian nuclear sites, President Bush stated that "all options are on the table." Given Bush's past actions, and those of his advisors, we should be very wary.

In 2001 a report was written recommending tactical nuclear weapons as an essential part of the US weapons arsenal. It stated such weapons are particularly useful "for those occasions when the certain and prompt destruction of high priority targets is essential and beyond the promise of conventional weapons." Signers of this report are now high-level officials in the administration including National Security Advisor, Stephen Hadley; Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Stephen Cambone; and Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, Robert Joseph. They are some of the people now advising Bush about Iran.

The policy wonks describe such tactical nukes as "bunker busters" and consider them useful at attacking underground sites such as those in Iran. If such an attack were to occur, it would be a disaster for the people not only of Iran, but of the world. We must do everything possible to prevent such a tragedy by driving the Bush regime from power now.

Kenneth J. Theisen

Executive Privilege Bunk
Sooo, Bush, Cheney and Gonzales are chanting "executive privilege" to excuse their authorization of the informational leak in the Valerie Plame case. Let me point out, that "executive privilege" is the very thinking which spurred the wiretapping of innocent civilians in absence of Congressional oversight, motivated the rush to war without the required consent of Congress, explains Bush's going over the head of the UN, is responsible for his deaf ear to the public, and, and...

Our founding fathers had the bitter experience of living in a dictatorship, and understood first-hand, that "executive privilege" is the thinking which leads to abuse of power. That is exactly why they set up a system of checks and balances, to prevent these foreseen abuses. In claiming "executive privilege" to do Anything and Everything they wish, Bush, Cheney and Gonzales are all three publicly confessing ignorance. Or else, deliberate intention to convert America to a dictatorship. Which explanation do you like better? Take your pick. Neither one looks very good for any of them, if you ask me.

But there is still more. Readers interested to see Representative Henry Waxman, D-California, 's six-page legal challenge to Bush and Cheney's claim of "privilege" to "authorize" the declassifying of information, should visit According to Waxman's report: A) The Constitution does not give the Vice President the power to "authorize" the declassifying of information, and therefore Cheney was acting unconstitutionally, in "authorizing" such leaked info B) The President of the United States is the sole individual with this power, but it is spelled out specifically, that this may occur only under certain circumstances.

According to Waxman's letter, the circumstances in Bush's declassifying of information, which led to the leak of Valerie Plame's identity, are challenged as being on very shaky ground. The basic tenets of the Constitution were clearly violated.

Further, I suggest that, since Plame's life was endangered as a result of this leaked information, a crime was committed, and we all have an obligation to understand the legal context of the case. Endangerment of a citizen, public servant or not, on my tax dollars? Are you kidding?? Absolutely not!!! Anyone who wants my vote, will immediately and thoroughly investigate this matter. And I don't care if they are Republican, Green, Democrat, Independent, or from the Boston Tea Party!

Drina Brooke

Hacking The Vote
Whether it be another war or stealing elections George W. Bush and his group of power-hungry Theocons will stop at nothing to retain power and build on it.

Why do Congressional Republicans keep quashing efforts that would allow paper trails with electronic voting machines and why do corporate manufacturers continue to disallow verification of computer software that operate electronic voting machines? Because these corporations have a vested interest in the Bush administration and the Republican Party.

Isn't it strange that the GOP has taken over the White House and gained control of Congress since the advent of the electronic voting age. There's nothing strange about it! Computer software can be easily hacked, computer programs can alter votes, hi-tech fraud is rampant.

America's voting process has been compromised. Follow the suspect winners in the last two elections to see who has been hacking the vote.

* * *

Retain Power, Steal Elections
Whether it be another war or stealing elections George W. Bush and his group of power-hungry Theocons will stop at nothing to retain power and build on it.

Why do Congressional Republicans keep quashing efforts that would allow paper trails with electronic voting machines and why do corporate manufacturers continue to disallow verification of computer software that operate electronic voting machines? Because these corporations have a vested interest in the Bush administration and the Republican Party.

Isn't it strange that the GOP has taken over the White House and gained control of Congress since the advent of the electronic voting age. There's nothing strange about it! Computer software can be easily hacked, computer programs can alter votes, hi-tech fraud is rampant.

America's voting process has been compromised. Follow the suspect winners in the last two elections to see who is hacking the vote.

And ... why is media totally ignoring this issue?

* * *

Fast Talkn' Slow Walkn' Liar
President Bush pretended for three years to be looking for the White House leaker, when all along it was him. America is saddled with a fast talking liar in the Oval Office.

Ron Lowe
Grass Valley

Has Bolinas Lost the Love?
Visitors who experience the Town of Bolinas might believe that this friendly place is all about peace and love.

The town on the outside appears to promote such attributes of acceptance and diversity. It is as if everybody has a bumper sticker on their car promoting peace and love, like a "DARE" campaign. What are the intentions of those who wear such philosophies of life on their sleeve? Do they truly believe it or is it like the American Flag posted on cars after 9-11, only to eventually peel off or end up in a trash can?

When I first arrived to Bolinas it was wonderful, so I thought. The people I met were diverse, of all levels of social economic status. I felt that those I encountered were genuine and unique. Bolinas appeared to be that "Village" Hillary Clinton wrote about where communities help one another. People seemed to be treated fairly and equally despite the ever growing division between the rich and the poor.

The majority of my days in Bolinas were spent working on the streets with the homeless, addicts and challenged. Bolinas was a place that I considered to be a "beach village" up from the cosmopolitan San Francisco. Towns with such diversity cease to exist today. This is what makes Bolinas so special.

Many believe the poor, the mentally troubled, the physically handicapped and the addicted do not deserve to live in beautiful places, although they would never admit it to your face. No, such changes that hide and push the poor into ghettos, hoods and the outskirts of rural towns, are made by anonymous political votes cast under a guise of protection and safety.

My question for a town of so much wealth and so much love propaganda is, do you practice what you preach or is it just a faŤade? Do you reach out and help the less fortunate, mentally or physically challenged? Or do you turn your head the other way perhaps verbally abusing a homeless person asking you for change?

Housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, employing the unemployed and meeting the special needs of the challenged and less fortunate around you is the first step to a caring community. Legislating the removal and relocation of such members in our society is nothing but "Poor Eradication."

The Town of Bolinas has the rich resources to be the model Village but it takes more than a bumper sticker preaching peace and love.

Bolinas Public Notice:
Slumlords raising the rent on couches
Churches evicting the homeless from their grounds

Local payees stealing from the disabled

Crystal Meth now more popular than cannabis


Bush Is Concerned About Gas Prices
"I'm concerned about higher gasoline prices," Bush says. "The government has the responsibility to make sure that we watch very carefully and investigate possible price-gouging, and we will do just that," Do I believe that? I still remember how he said he was going to investigate the leaks related to the outing of the CIA agent. Bush called for a criminal investigation to "get to the bottom" of it just to find out that he was the one behind it.

They can pretend that the high price of gas is because of "world demand" and "political uncertainty" and "converting to ethanol", but when I see the president of Exxon getting a retirement bonus of close to half a BILLION dollars it's pretty clear that it's greedy oil companies raping the public again. These are the guys who met in secret with vice president Cheney to create the energy policies that make them rich and us poor. When the oil companies are showing record profits it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if they made a little less then we would be paying less at the pumps. The quickest way to bring down gas prices is to impeach Bush and Cheney.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco

Senators, Congresspeople, Friends
Like many other women, I have been bothered by US Military policy since the Bush Administration came to power and later shamed by their outrageous and arrogant actions, even before the Iraq War began! Many in the military are speaking out, but for years we have heard rumors, too many resignations.

All this really got to me when after reading Scott Turow's novel about Bastogne, 'Ordinary Heros', I recently looked up my Dad's company (under General Paul) at the CRIBA database, who wound up stuck in Bastogne and surrounded by Nazis. The difference between the leadership we had then and what we have now is so glaringly apparent. Yeah, Bush, NUTS to you and your Criminal Cabal! We were better then, we respected the Geneva Conventions, it made us as Americans better people than the Nazis. We were looked up to for decades--even by our enemies. Those were Our Principles.

Now because of this criminal administration, we have lost the values, the decency and integrity of our forefathers.

Are we ready for Watergate? Impeachment? War Crimes? I think we really are! If not Now, When? That Bush is still standing behind the glib and oily Rumsfeld--tells us volumes. The Cheese Cabal will stand alone.

But as a Nation, we need to have a Moral Inventory NOW. I was raised to believe that the truth sometimes really hurts, but in the end, it sets us free. And we must follow the truth wherever it takes us, no matter how painful that will be. There is always plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the aisle for this fine fix we are in--BUT We were born in our life and times, extraordinary as they are, for a reason. Rumsfeld et al are that reason. History will spit on us if we don't get rid of these arrogant bastards. I refuse to accept anything they claim.

MOVE on it!
Michelle Sura

Mosquito Protocols
Last Wednesday night, the BCPUD Board of Directors, acting on behalf of West Marin residents, agreed to the terms of a one-year, four-part set of Mosquito Control "Protocols" as recommended by the BCPUD West Marin Mosquito Control Committee and Jim Wanderscheid and the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control District.

I congratulate the BCPUD and the BCPUD West Marin Control Committee for bringing to the forefront the subject of pesticides and the ill-effects that they can have upon the health and safety of people and the environment.

Furthermore, I commend the BCPUD for being willing to put our money where their mouth is! It's not everyday that an agency, like the BCPUD, is willing to prove to the rest of the nation that it has the knowledge and capability to implement and maintain a pesticide-free, mosquito control plan that will adequately protect bird-life, wildlife, horses and people of West Marin from the effects of West Nile Virus. Heck! Just reducing the standing-water, mosquito-breeding sources on the Bolinas Mesa alone will be quite a feat. But, if anyone can do it, the BCPUD can. Just look what they have achieved so far!

If there is one thing that I have learned over the past 14 months, it is that Nobody wants to be sprayed by harmful chemicals or pesticides. I don't. And neither does Jim Wanderscheid and the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control District. Just ask them.

Mosquito control through mechanical methods can be achieved. Sealing septic systems and reducing standing- water in our yards, ditches, seasonal drain-ways and neighborhoods is the first step. It will be a lot of work, and everyone must participate.

Good luck BCPUD! And, if there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know!

Matt Lewis
Bolinas resident and former BCPUD "Gridded Mesa" Drainage Committee Chairman

With greetings of Salaam (peace) to all those of good intentions and

upright moral conscience.
If the Coastal Post is such a vile "Jew-bashing" journal, as alleged by Sheldon Whitten-Vile, or "a soap box for anti-Semites", as proposed by Doris Ober, then why does its owner-publisher allow them and their ilk to have their letters regularly published? The term "anti-Semite" has itself become a vile and obscene expression and is used by Zionist Jews and their misled supporters to muzzle rightful criticism of Jewish wrongdoing. Why is it that we can criticize and condemn our own national leaders and their despicable policies and never be called "anti-American", yet the slightest criticism of Zionist wrongdoing elicits a barrage of irrational reaction form its supporters?

European Jews, known as Ashkenazim, were not descendants of Abraham, nor did they speak Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic or any of the other Semitic languages, thus they are not actual Semites. The pagan king of Khazar, that existed in what is now Russia, converted to Judaism in the seventh century and most of his pagan subjects also converted to appease him. The forebearers of Whitten-Vile and Ober, if they are in fact Jews, were from that region, so it is somewhat unacceptable for them to accuse anyone of being anti-Semitic since their antecendants were not themselves Semites, even though they may speak Hebrew today. If an American speaks French it does not make him or her French. The proper term should be "anti-Jewish", but it appears that many Jews did not like to be called "Jews", therefore the term "anti-Semite" was coined. Many Jews, like Edward G. Robinson and Tony Curtis, changed their names to conceal their Jewish identity. Stein became Stone; Cohen, Cohn; Davitz, Davies; Meirs, Myer; et al.

The cowardly term "anti-Semite" should be seen for what it really is, and it should be unanimously rejected. It once rightfully referred to those that hate Jews only because they are Jews, which is a despicable notion, but Zionists have changed its meaning to refer to those persons they hate no matter how appropriate our criticisms of Jewish wrongdoing may be, which is outrageous.

Vile and others who use this term in their attempts to disqualify our concerns about mounting Jewish wrongdoing might ask, as does Bob Dylan, whose birth name was Robert Allen Zimmerman, in his song "Neighborhood Bully", why Jews have been discriminated against "from the beginning of time", and Vile asked in a previous letter what it is that non-Jews expect of them. My suggestion, which is undoubtedly shared by many others, is that Zionist Jews stop using the term "anti-Semite" which they have turned into an obscenity, stop their unrelenting and overbearing woeful and whining lament of being discriminated against from time immemorial and reflect on what they have been doing for eons that has upset the rest of humankind.

Stop, too, claiming to be the victims in the Palestine conflict when in fact they are the victimizers and many Zionist Jews in Occupied Palestine can be classified as war criminals who should be rounded up and sent to The Hague and tried for their crimes against humanity under the precedents of the Nuremburg Trials and Israel's own trial of nazi war criminal Adolphe Eichmann. Stop using the Holocaust to extract huge monetary rewards based on imposing guilt into the hearts of their donors, such as the US Congress, for such a despicable act demeans the image of those who wrongfully lost their lives at the hands of nazi war criminals. If Dylan had read the articles by Ed Miller, Karen Nakamura, and others in this inimitable newspaper I am certain that he would have written "Neighborhood Bully" quite differently.

Give up all the illegally seized, occupied, and annexed territories that rightful and legally belong to the Palestinians since the original language of the 1947 UN Resolution 181 that wrongfully divided Palestine remains intact an unmodified and the rightful refusal of the Palestinians to accept the theft of their land was and still is irrelevant. Make full restitution to the Palestinians for their lost loved ones, suppressed business income, many thousands of uprooted olive and citrus trees, thousands of bulldozed homes, water stolen from Lebanon's Litani river, and so on. Give up Washington, DC that has been masterfully converted to another Israeli occupied territory, and stop interfering in our domestic issues and stop using false claims and mastered methods of coercion, intimidation, and manipulation to influence foreign policy in the Middle East and throughout the world. Remember that the EU recently voted unanimously that of the five leading areas of conflict in the world today, Israeli constitutes the biggest threat to world peace.

Stop lying and deceiving the American people by fabricating and altering historical facts of the history and events in the Middle East. Stop squeezing 16 billion dollars a year in guilt money from unwary American taxpayers from bought-and-paid-for members of our Congress that has mounted to a total of about 140 billion dollars since 1948 and growing while many jobless Americans can hardly feed their young children.

Admit guilt for the murder of Rachel Corrie, arrest and convict her murderer and imprison him for life, and above all, apologize to her bereaved parents. While you're at it, apologize to the Palestinians for the wanton murder of their loved ones and the intense pain, misery, and suffering that was caused to them over the past fifty-nine years, and apologize to the Lebanese for Israeli's invasion of that beautiful country in 1982 that took the lives of over 20,000 human beings and destroyed their country. Then Vile, Boer, Mann, and others should apologize to Ed Miller and the respected publisher of this reputable newspaper for their disrespectful remarks and accusations. Apologize. Apologize. Apologize.

Yourself Salem
San Mateo

Israel Lobby Is Alive And Well
Mr. Findley,
I just read your article regarding the existence and influence of an Israel Lobby on the formation and implementation of American foreign policy in the Middle East, particularly in the area of Israeli/Palestinian relations.

As a former member of Congress, your recounting of your experiences with the Lobby is invaluable in clarifying the issue.

I am writing to attest to the existence of the Israel Lobby. From 1967 to 1971, I was Associate Director of the San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council. Following the 1967 war involving Israel and a number of Arab states in the region, I attended numerous meetings in San Francisco which planned to send delegations to Washington in support or Israel, and seeking extensive American aid for Israel. This was part of a nationally coordinated effort of the organized American Jewish community to secure guaranteed and ongoing American governmental support for the "beleaguered" state of Israel.

The recent Mearsheimer/Walt article regarding the Israel Lobby provides an excellent analysis of it's workings and spheres of influence. Professor Juan Cole of the University of Michigan commented that the intensity of the reaction against the Mearsheimer-Walt article is an indication of it's validity and accuracy. Absolutely true! I have spoken with a number of former colleagues, and they are very pissed off that the article was even printed! Let the truth ring loud! Thank you for your good work!

Hank Silver
Berkeley, California

Lies About Judaism By Jew Haters
It is an honor to be criticized by the likes of Kate Hart and Ed Miller. I would relish debating these two in public, and being able to counter their lies with truth. While it is possible to be critical of Israeli policy and not be anti-Semitic, they have amply met the "three Ds" test for anti-Semitism regarding Israel: Double standard; Deligitimization; Demonizing. In addition, they have directly attacked Jews and Judaism. They have clearly demonstrated the underlying Jew hatred that drives their anti-Israel agenda.

Judaism has always defined itself as consisting of three components: The People, The Land, and The Book. On just about every page of a Jewish prayer book one can find reference to the return to Zion or the longing for Zion. This is not a rhetorical device, but an integral part of our tribal identity. Jews have been returning to the Holy Land for over 3000 years, despite repeated massacres, deportations and degradations. Jews have been a majority in Jerusalem for almost all of the last 3000 years. The connection of Jews to their land is incomprehensible to modern people. Other Native peoples however, often share this sense- that they are part of their land, and the land is part of them. Modern Zionism is largely the result of a secular Jewish movement to re-create the Jewish State now, rather than waiting for the Messiah to do it.

Miller and Hart can get away with repeating their lies because most people are woefully ignorant of history. Here are some facts: Most Arabs who became Palestinian refugees arrived in Palestine from all over the Middle East between 1922 and 1948. The British largely supported the Arab rather than the Jewish population, and Arabs fled at the urging of their leaders, not due to Israeli pressure. Two thirds of those who fled never saw a Jewish soldier. These refugees were then kept in refugee status at great effort and expense by their Arab brethren. A special UN commission (the UNRWA) was created specifically to maintain their refugee status. This is why they are the only refugees who have maintained their status for over 50 years, despite receiving more money per capita than any refugees in history (although, admittedly, the vast majority went into the pockets of their corrupt leaders). All other refugees from the years after World War II have been resettled in other countries, and no other group claims a "right of return."

As regards Israeli "racism", Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Arabs can vote (with the recent, likely temporary, exception of Iraq). They are the only Middle Eastern country where women have equal rights, where homosexuality is tolerated (even celebrated, as opposed to a crime punishable by death), and where there is a free press and an independent judiciary. Arabs have their own political parties, and their representatives in the Knesset routinely denounce Israel's existence. Can you name any other country with the freedom and self-confidence to allow this?

The Arab-Israeli conflict is not about land; Israel accepted partition plans in 1936, 1947, 1967 and 2000, yet all were rejected by the Arabs. The conflict has its roots in the Moslem tenet that the only permissible status of Jews (and Christians) is as dhimmi, second-class citizens, and the consequent intolerance of Jewish sovereignty. The Arabs then allied with the Nazis during World War II and were infected with genocidal Jew hatred. The notorious Russian forgery (and Ed Miller's history textbook), The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, is a bestseller in the Arab world, where "news" articles report the use of gentile blood in Jewish rituals and the poisoning of Arab water by Jews. These libels go back hundreds of years in Europe, but are relatively recent imports into the Arab world. Meanwhile, Israelis are not allowed in Arab countries, not even to participate in sporting events. Clearly, this blatant racism doesn't bother those who falsely accuse Israel of racism.

Kate Hart's buddies in Hamas have a charter that states that Jews are evil incarnate, that "Jews seek to demolish societies, to destroy values, to wreck answerableness, and to wipe out Islam...there was no war that broke out anywhere without the Jews fingerprints on it." The Hamas website proudly displays videos of suicide bombers who proclaim: "We are a nation that drinks blood, and we know that there is no blood better than the blood of the Jews. We will not leave until we have quenched our thirst with your blood." Kate Hart is outraged that Israel isn't supporting these, literally bloodthirsty, barbarians who devote their lives to the murder of Jews. Israel is rightly following John Lennon's advice, "If you want money for people with minds that hate, all I can tell you is brother you'll have to wait."

On one issue I do agree with Kate Hart. Anti-Semitism is an unfortunate term. It was coined by William Marr in Germany in 1879, and is really a linguistic reference. Jews were the only "Semites" in Germany at the time, and it was clear to whom he referred. To this day, everyone knows anti-Semitism refers to Jews. Nevertheless, I prefer the more accurate term "Jew hater," and this is the description I use for people like you, Kate.

Sheldon Whitten-Vile
Oakland, CA

Lucid And Fair-minded
I just wanted to thank you for running a lucid and fair-minded essay on the Israeli-Palestinian issue in the Coastal Post. You're going to get deluged with hostility, I suspect, because intimidation works.

Israel is engaged in colonialism and ethnic cleansing on Palestinian land, and the last thing its apologists want is a clear, honest discussion of the facts. That's why they sink to hysteria and name-calling whenever anyone tries to present fundamental historical information on the nature of the conflict.

We all certainly support the right of Israel to exist as a safe and secure nation, but within its original UN mandated borders, not on land stolen in aggressive territorial wars. It is Israeli intransigence (backed by U.S. weapons, billions in aid, and fanatic support) that precludes the possibility of a peaceful and just solution to the conflict.

Please give my compliments to Ms. Nakamura for her courageous essay.

Randy Graham

Stop Aid To Palestinians
Canada is right to suspend all assistance to the Palestinian Authority. It should have done so long ago. And so should the United States.

Through the years, Western governments have given billions of dollars to the Palestinians. This drain on Western wealth has been used to promote anti-Semitism in Palestinian schools, mosques and media--and to finance suicide bombings in Israeli streets, restaurants and malls.

The election of Hamas--an Islamic terrorist group committed to the destruction of Israel--demonstrates that not only the Palestinian leadership, but also the overwhelming majority of Palestinians deserve no aid. What they deserve is to suffer the consequences of electing terrorists to rule them.

David Holcberg
Ayn Rand Institute
Irvine, CA

Victory For Totalitarians
In another victory for the Islamic totalitarians, Borders and Waldenbooks stores decided not to stock the April-May issue of Free Inquiry magazine, which contains the Danish cartoons of Mohammed.

The motive for their decision is clear. "For us, the safety and security of our customers and employees is a top priority, and we believe that carrying this issue could challenge that priority," Borders Group Inc. spokeswoman Beth Bingham said.

Borders' capitulation is a powerful reminder of the Islamic threat under which we live. It is also an ominous sign of a pervasive fear taking hold of our society: the fear that Muslims will lash out violently against those who criticize or ridicule Islam. Our right to free speech is under attack by our enemies and they are succeeding in silencing our writers, editors, publishers, artists and bookstores.

Our government must do everything in its power to make sure we are safe to exercise our right to speak, denounce and offend anyone, especially those who today seek to subjugate us to Islam and its taboos.

David Holcberg
Irvine, CA

Michael Morales Should Be Grateful
I am glad to know that Michael Morales' last moments in this world will be peaceful and painless. It is also reassuring that a federal judge has said a licensed medical practitioner must be present to ensure the drugs are flowing smoothly so Morals will avoid any unnecessary pain or discomfort. I can only wonder if his seventeen year old victim Terri Winchell - who fought so fiercely for her own life that she broke the belt that Morales was strangling her with and was then bashed in the head twenty-three times with a hammer until her face was no longer recognizable and then dragged face down into a field where she was stripped, raped, and stabbed in the chest four times with a seven inch kitchen knife and then left for dead - would have also liked to die a peaceful and painless death.

Michael Morales should be grateful that he will not have to endure the severe pain and suffering at the end of his life that he so savagely inflicted upon his victim.

Frank Matteucci
San Anselmo

Isn't George Listening?
I don't think George is listening. First, he invades Iraq without the Lord's permission and now he wants to nuke Iran. If President Bush thinks he is another divine son of the Lord, he'd better be careful.

He may still be under the illusion that he is the 2nd Coming Christ sent to lead a Messianic mission to liberate the Middle East. The Lord sent Jesus down to earth 2,000 years ago in the attempt to bring peace to the region and look what they did to Him. They nailed Him to the cross.

Bush might be trying to emulate the Lord who for recreation punishes his creatures from time to time with floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes to get their attention for leading a wicked life.

I don't believe that Bush can duplicate these acts of God or walk on water but he does have his finger on the nuclear button which sure could "get your attention."

Bush's saber rattling with Iran is just a little bit spooky and could lead to Armageddon which is the last battle between forces of good and evil to be fought before Judgment Day... so the good book says.

I may be visiting fantasyland but it may be about time to stop threatening one another with annihilation with atomic weapons and cease SPLITTING THE ATOM for war purposes and start thinking about UNITING THE ADAMS of the world instead.

David A. Whelan
Forest Knolls

Dylan's Song Yet Again
In "letters. POST, April 1st, Sheldon Whitten-Vile sticks his foot so far into his mouth quoting a Zionist Bob Dylan song, he's going to need an oral surgeon to get it out! (maybe his running dog, Doris Ober can assist.)

"Neighborhood Bully," an embarrassing, historically inaccurate, shallow squeal about Greater Israel is one of Dylan's worst. Like Sheldon, the Hollywood movie and TV industry, the "song" tries to support the double-think that, despite the fact Israel has stolen land and brutally occupies a sovereign nation, the Israelis are the victims. For instance, verse two of the song applies much more honestly to the plight of the Palestinian-

"The neighborhood bully just lives to survive

He's criticized and condemned for just being alive

He's not supposed to fight back, he's supposed to have thick

He's supposed to lay down when his door is kicked in..." etc.

The Palestinian "...has been driven out of every land." At the behest of a guilty UN (which has since condemned Israel with 64 charges of human rights violations, and against the vote of the local people in Palestine) Europeans ethnically cleansed what is now called "Israel" and set up shop, terrorizing 3/4 of a million people into refugee camps and a life of apartheid misery-not that Sheldon and Doris give a shit about those humans; the movie "Paradise Now," refreshing in that it is a movie that deals with the tribulations of the Palestinians for a change (we see a continuous stream of movies and TV shows about the tribulations of the Jews, the most embarrassing being "Exodus," so a little balance is welcomed). Oh the Hollywood bigwigs made sure that during the Academy Awards that in the "Best Foreign Movie "segment, "Paradise Now" was presented visually next to a big Swastika (the Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust) and of course, it didn't win.

But back to Dylan's embarrassment. "He buys obsolete weapons..." Hog wash; the Israelis, sporting, 180 Nuclear warheads, always have the latest in weaponry, and are the eighth largest weapons manufacturers in the world. How's about the lyrics to "Masters of War", Sheldon?

"...Does he change the course of rivers?" As a matter of fact, Eisenhower, the last US president to show any balls in the situation, suspended aid twice to Israel in 1954, once because the Israelis illegally tried to route water from the Jordan river, and once because of the cold-blooded murder of 45 Palestinians in East Jerusalem. But that was probably before the American/Israeli Political Action Committee was allowed by its grovelers in Congress to run our foreign policy.

"...but no one sends flesh and blood to fight by his side..." Oh, really? Who's blood is being shed in the AIPAC driven war in Iraq? Not Israelis, that's for sure-but then traitors like Sheldon obviously care more about those in Israel than those of us in the US

On April 9, 1949, terrorist and future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, his Ergun group and Israeli army "regulars" systematically lined up 500 Arabs from a village called Dar Yassein and murdered them-men, women and children - they forgot to put that in "Exodus." (The village now has a different name).

We're supposed to shut up about Israeli apartheid, but we're not going to. We're supposed to quake at being referred to as "anti-Semitic" by the finger pointers because we criticize not a culture, but the policies of a government (or two). I'll tell you what, Sheldon and Doris, take your goddamned fingers and point them back at yourselves, because finger-pointers always try to keep the spotlight off their own prejudices.

As a result of working on a kibbutz in Israel, traveling in the Middle East and talking to lots of people, I can see that the way to peace is for the Israelis to get their ass back behind the 1967 borders and that they and AIPAC pay billions in reparations to Palestine for the ethnic cleansing, murder and degradation of the Palestinians. Not one Arab person I spoke to there had any resentment at all toward Jews before being pushed off their lands in 1948. By the way, if the tables were turned, the Israelis would NEVER accept any of the crap-head deals they've been offering the Palestinians. Hamas needs to accept Israel -but as long as Israel occupies Palestine (Gaza was a good step), are they recognizing the Palestinian state? The feelings of my Jewish neighbors are important to me, but two wrongs don't make a right. Its curious. how in their paranoid fevers, defenders of Israel act like Israel NEVER does any thing wrong!

Charlie Morgan

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