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May, 2006


For The Sake Of The Salmon

ANGELS CAMP, California: This summer, O.A.R.S. guide Bill Erickson will embark on a personal adventure in hopes of reversing the decades-long loss of wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest. Erickson's dream will shine a daily spotlight on a creature he has grown to respect for its strength and courage, something he believes is unmatched in the animal kingdom.
"You know I'm not sure how much of a difference I'll make, but I'm out there giving it a go and trying to do as much as I can," states Erickson.

Thirty-year-old Erickson, who is a veteran whitewater rafting guide of seven years, will kayak from the headwaters of the Salmon River all the way to the ocean over the course of 40 days. Retracing an ancient salmon migration path that is nearing extinction, Erickson will cover a span of 900 miles on the Salmon, Snake, and Columbia River systems.

For millions of years, wild salmon have returned to their place of birth to spawn. In the 1950's thousands of wild sockeye salmon returned to Redfish Lake near Stanley, Idaho. In 2005, due to dams, irrigation, pollution and natural selection, only six sockeye salmon completed their journey home.

Many believe that the salmon are the ecological cornerstones of places such as the Frank Church Wilderness, the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness area, the Boulder-White Clouds region, Stanley Basin and Hells Canyon. However, NOAA Fisheries estimates that dams kill as many as 92% of young salmon as they migrate downstream to the ocean, and up to 25% of adult salmon as they make their way back upstream to spawn, rapidly destroying the biological roots of these regions.

To support Erickson and his cause, O.A.R.S. has donated a six-day Main Salmon River trip that runs from August 16-21, 2006, from which all the proceeds will go directly to Idaho Rivers United and their commitment to bringing salmon and steelhead back from the edge of extinction. Erickson will be joining this trip for its duration and will have ample time to discuss salmon issues with travelers along the way.

Promoted through O.A.R.S. and Idaho Rivers United, the trip will include planned media events and public awareness campaigns throughout the journey. Current Designs, Pyranha Kayaks, Teva, NRS, Clif Bar, Sawyer Paddles, Kelty, Crazy Creek, Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe, NRS, and Desert Mountain Medicine have signed on as sponsors as well.

For any questions about this trip or to book a spot please contact O.A.R.S. at 800.346.6277 or for more information and a detailed itinerary on the Main Salmon trip, visit: Erickson is also posting regular updates on the trip to his blog at

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