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April, 2006


"NEW" LIFESTYLES...of the Enriched & Infamous Section! 2006...Year of the CHIX!
By I-lean Guitara

This is a column featuring female musicians from all over the San Francisco/ Bay Area. Each month I will help promote women and their music by focusing on a different band. I will be interviewing bands from all genres and displaying female artists styles through their music. The Coastal Post's "Going Postal On The Coast "

APRIL, 2006 Featured Female Artist is: PINK SABBATH

PINK SABBATH is a Bolinas based, female-fronted band. They can be found playing the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Olema Inn located in Olema. For more show dates and information visit

Lady Pinkwick - Accordian, Vocals and Flute

Pink Drake - Violin and Vocals
Magenta - Bass
Pinky Pfeiff-a-dero - Lead vocalist and club fist guitar

These chix...Folk 'N' Rock! and uh...yah, the pun here is definitely intended. Folk and Rock combined!?! PINK SABBATH is purely entertwangin' ya'll. These women dominate the stage with precise era-less entertainment eloquence giving the term Pretty in Pink a whole new definition. Their unique sound of Original material and old Rock 'N' Roll covers is almost as if they came from another era. One that hasn't happened yet. Or has it?

The violin, accordion and vocals waiver and whine back and forth with spicy hints of embracing past Country, Honky-Tonk and Rock 'N' Roll legends. Combined with their folky originality it makes you want to preserve their beautiful movements, moments and music like an antique or better yet imagine a homemade and organically sweet jam in a Mason jar sitting on a country kitchens' shelf. Their original material is well written and felt.

Covering top hits from the 70's and the 80's, PINK SABBATH lasso's their originality tightly around these songs, rebirthing them with a whole, new heartfelt sound. These women are all very talented and make you wanna boogie!

PINK SABBATH CDs can be bought at Below you will find an interview done with PINK SABBATH by I-lean Guitara.

I-lean: When was PINK SABBATH born?

Pink Sabbath: In the backseat of a Greyhound bus... no, wait that was Dickey Betts... We started out rehearsing at my house on the Bolinas Mesa...

I-lean: Are you a Cover band? Pink Sabbath:

I-lean: How did you come up with the name? Pink Sabbath: By default, really. We needed something fast and "Pink Sabbath" made us laugh. I think that anything that makes you laugh has some merit, but our strength is now hopefully something more than a novelty.

I-lean: Do you sound like Black Sabbath?

Pink Sabbath: No. Sometimes we wish we did (laughing), but as cliche' as this may read, I believe we have our own sound. I-lean: Is your music inspired by Black Sabbath/Ozzy?

Pink Sabbath: No. Yes. No. I-lean: When and where was your first show?

Pink Sabbath: The first show we played was either a benefit at the Bolinas-Community Center for the Children's Center or it was Lucaspalooza at the Industrial Light and Magic soundstage. I guess it depends when you start counting.

I-lean: What type of music do you play? I know that some people are bothered by classification...

Pink Sabbath: Classification doesn't bother me, as long as you say we're "everything to all people". (laughing) We call ourselves "Siren Folk Metal". Like Donnie and Marie Osmond used to sing: " ...a little bit country and a little bit Rock "N" Roll." Lyrically driven Klezmer, gypsy, Honky-Tonk Rock, 3 part harmony...You know, just an everyday thang!

I-lean: Do you have more female or male fan/groupies?

Pink Sabbath: We were laughing about this the other IS a great fantasy, but we actually do have more male groupies than female. A lot of young, male fans. Too bad none of them can get into the clubs/bars. Our fan base is mostly over 50 and under 20...

I-lean: Do your male groupies/fans service your needs after your shows? That is if you're all straight!? Ha Ha! Just kidding, uh... especially if your fans are mostly over 50 and not allowed in clubs/bars.

Pink Sabbath: (laughing) I-lean: Do you feel the music scene is male dominated? And if so, has this affected you in any way?

Pink Sabbath: Less so everyday. Women in music have been getting a lot of attention, support and press lately, which is great, but for me, it produces this concern that the aftermath can relegate you "yesterday's novelty". Hopefully we are moving toward a time when we can just be people writing and playing music without a lot of emphasis on who is a "she" and who is a "he".

I-lean: How do you feel about the new trend amongst female musicians creating huge amounts of all-female cover bands? And how do you feel about all-female cover bands replicating all-male bands?

Pink Sabbath: Interesting question. The fact is, there are simply a lot of cover bands period. Who else are the women going to cover, but male bands? Heart? Until recently, women in Rock were anomalies. All those melodic Rock groups of the 70's that people want to replicate now: How many of those bands had women in their line-up? There were more in the 80's with people like Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads), The Bell Rays, Poison Ivy (Cramps), and Exene Cervenka, etc. There were still more in the 90's. When our grandkids are playing music and paying tribute to old rockers (like us, he he) they'll have a lot MORE music created by women from which to choose. Progress!

I-lean: What do you sing about? Pink Sabbath: Feelings.

I-lean: What is your favorite Rock "N" Roll Watering hole?

Pink Sabbath: I like this question... maybe because it's not about the band. (laughing) Smiley's in Bolinas. Seriously! You gotta love a small town bar that, as the only-game-in-town, would have a room full of drinkers regardless of Live entertainment, yet sticks it's neck out in order to bring good, original live music to the people. This is a SERVICE, and as Local residents we should not take this for granted. For this reason, I also appreciate the Old Western Saloon in Point Reyes, and the Fourth Street Tavern in San Rafael. Fairfax has its share with Iron Springs Brew Pubs Wednesdays and Peri's Silver Dollar. In San Francisco, I appreciate the Hemlock Tavern on Polk Street, and you gotta love the juke-box at The Hole In The Wall... I hope some of the serious Rock "N" Roll Watering Holes in New Orleans are doing okay... all the places on Decatur and the Saint on Magazine (Shout out to Supagroup!) Oh! And for the hall of fame, don't forget about The Free bird in Jacksonville, FL. and Room 710 on Red River in Austin, TX.

I-lean: Do you have any upcoming shows or events you would like to talk about?

Pink Sabbath: We just played with Chix-Pack at Smiley's on St. Paddy's Day. Woo hoo! We are playing a big burlesque Show Hunger Benefit at the Connecticut Yankee in San Francisco on April (TBA). In West Marin, we play an acoustic set at the Olema Inn, Olema, the second Tuesday of every month. Check out for upcoming shows and or events, like the one at the Cow palace,uh...and our next appearance on the David Letterman Show! (laughing)

I-lean: What would you like to see and read about in the "NEW" Music/Entertainment and Lifestyles...of the Enriched and Infamous Section?

Pink Sabbath: Variety, humor and support. Surprise us I-lean! You're off to a great start.

I-lean: Adrienne (aka Pinky Pfeiff-a-dero) there anything you want to say about the Point Reyes/Bolinas (West Marin) radio station?

Pink Sabbath: Yes. I work at KWMR, 90.5 FM in Point Reyes and at 89.3 FM in Bolinas. Streaming on the web at Community airwaves: It breeds solidarity, creativity, strength and neighborly love. We're lucky to have it. So tune in and check it out...We'd love more support!

I-lean: Last...but not the least... Got any words of Rock 'N' Roll wisdom? Pink Sabbath: Yeah! Buy our "NEW" PINK SABBATH C.D. at! Seriously, I guess music is a lot like the Police wrote about love..." It can mend your life or it can break your heart"... or maybe AC/DC said it best..." Rock 'N' Roll Ant Noise Pollution, Rock and Roll is just...............Rock 'N' Roll!

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