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Fri. Mar. 31, 9-1 PETER ASMUS BAND
Sun. Apr. 2, 8-11, OPEN MIC- Chris Brown
Mon. Apr. 3, DJ SPIN
Fri. Apr. 7, 11, 9-1, HERBIE KRITZER
Sat. Apr. 8, 9-1, , country BILLY DEE & THE BILLY BOYS
Apr 9. , 8-11, OPEN MIC
Mon. Apr. 10 13, 8-12 DJ SPIN
Wed. Apr. 12, 8-12 LARRY'S KARAOKE
Fri. Apr. 14, 9-1 hip hop FURIOUS MINDS
Sun. Apr. 16, 8-11, OPEN MIC with Chris Brown
Mon. Apr. 17, 8-12, DJ SPIN
Wed. Apr. 19, 10-1 LARRY'S KARAOKE
Fri. Apr. 21, 9-1, big band funk MONOPHONICS
Sat. Apr 22. 25, 9-1 country THE SPINDELS
Sun. Apr. 23, 8-11, OPEN MIC with Chris Brown
Mon. Apr. 24, 8-12, DJ SPIN
Wed. Apr. 26, 7:30-9:30 Monthly Birthday for Apr.with Irish Folk MIDNIGHT ON THE WATER
Fri. Apr. 28, 9-1, raggae FREE SOUND
Sat. April 29, 9-1-country WHORESHOES
Sun. Apr. 30, 8-11, OPEN MIC with Chris Brown
April, 2006 Volume 31, Number 04

(415)868-1600 - (415)868-0502(fax) - P.O. Box 31, Bolinas, CA, 94924
mailto:[email protected]

308,000 Canceled Voters Put Bush Back In The White House By Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman
AlterNet. Posted March 2, 2006 While life goes on during the Bush2 nightmare, so does the research on what really happened in Ohio in 2004 to give
Bolinas Voters Sue To Halt Use of Diebold Voting Machines Illegal Computer Code, Security and Disability Access Problems Cited
A group of 24 California voters, including Dolores Huerta, social justice activist and co-founder of the United Farm Workers of America and Charle
Patrick And Painful Gold Stars By Dwayne Hunn
Recently, People's Lobby was honored to have Gold Star Mom, Nadia McCaffrey, join as an advisor to its citizen-initiated World Service Corps propos
Something Stinks In Marin's Organic Certification By Carol Sterritt
What is the process that allows a food producer in West Marin to obtain the desirable "organic" label? Unlike all but one other county in Californi
Science Community Boils Over As Marine Lab Sinks By Shiva Das
College of Marin Echo Times Issue date: 3/10/06 Section: News After over 45 years of off and on use, College of Marin's Marine Biology Lab at Bolin
MERA And Electromagnetic Pollution In Marin By Karen Nakamura
This paper has been investigating the effectiveness of the newly installed and expensive ($23 million and counting) Marin Emergency Respond Authori
Poisonous Little Electronic Devices By Marie Siegenthaler
Last February Assembly Member Lori Saldana (D-San Diego) released a bill that would forbid California manufacturers from using hazardous materials
Pt. Reyes Letter To An Inverness Resident
Thank you for your email. Sadly, you are missing the whole point of why PRS residents are so upset with the Giacomini/ Fed. Park landswap deal. S
Feds Want To Prosecute Sheriff For Doing His Job After Waiting Days for Katrina Aid, Official Commandeered Ice for Survivors By Holbrook Mohr, AP
JACKSON, Miss. (March 24) - Randy Walker swears he would have died from his diabetes after Hurricane Katrina had a sheriff not seized two FEMA truc
The Latest Victim of 2,4-D Aerial Spraying By Paul Reffell and Donna Sheehan
In early March, a Tomales resident, while bicycling on Fallon Road, was sprayed by helicopter with the restricted herbicide 2-4,D, which was being
George Bush's Cynical Miscalculations Undermine Environmental Protection By Will Muir
On Tuesday, February 21, the day after most people returned from a relaxing President's Day weekend, Colorado residents were treated to yet another
Updating For Sarah Nome By Karen Nakamura
It has been awhile since this paper checked in on Sarah Nome. Sarah, a former columnist with the Coastal Post, reached national attention when, for
"Sanctuary Explorations" - Research and Discoveries Within the Marine Sanctuary - Seabirds and Marine Mammals: Spring 2006 Lectures and Weekend Excursions By Submission
San Francisco -March 1, 2006. This spring, to celebrate 25 years of ocean protection, Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary will offer a
Audubon Opens To The Public For the Season By Submission
Stinson Beach, CA - Audubon Canyon Ranch (ACR), a long-time guardian of the natural environment dedicated to preservation, education and research,
MILL VALLEY BIKE SWAP 2006 (5th Annual!)
When: Saturday April 22, 2005 (8am - 2pm) Where: Strawberry Point Elementary School, 171 East Strawberry Drive, Mill Valley (Strawberry), CA 94941-
Increasing Levels of House-hold Pesticides Detected in Creeks Endanger the Future of Marin's Salmon Runs By Paola Bouley
Pesticides (insecticides, herbicides fungicides) are toxic by design. Despite their known ill-effects on human and ecosystem health they are widel
Updated on March 20, 2006 Research Finds Exposure To Low Levels Of Pesticides Increases Risk Of Cancer By Submission
(Beyond Pesticides, March 20, 2006)New research at the University of Liverpool suggests that environmental contaminants, such as pesticides, are m
Pesticides and Kids Don't Mix By Ginger Souders-Mason
When English teacher Bart Gibbons assigned his sixth grade class at Marin Country Day School in Corte Madera to write a letter to the editor, he th
Do Not to Disturb Seal Pups Harbor Seal Pupping Season Has Begun! By Submission
SAN FRANCISCO - The first harbor seal pup to be born this year has already made its debut on a Bay Area beach. The National Oceanographic and Atmos
Chix-Pack And Pink Sabbath Aftermath
On Saturday morning, I was sitting on the sand with a cool breeze caressing my face, while sipping coffee and watching waves break. It was a wonder
STITCHES FOR BITCHES...A company created by Danielle Marinovich. By I-lean Guitara
STITCHES FOR BITCHES Creator Danielle Marinovich is a hard working mother and an awesome woman who has devoted her life to bettering many futures.
"NEW" LIFESTYLES...of the Enriched & Infamous Section! 2006...Year of the CHIX! By I-lean Guitara
This is a column featuring female musicians from all over the San Francisco/ Bay Area. Each month I will help promote women and their music by foc
Electric Oni Tatto Parlor Opens In Petaluma By I-lean
On March 16,2006, in the Historic District of downtown Petaluma welcomes a classic folk art, "THE ELECTRIC ONI Tattoo Parlor. Petaluma's newest and
Letters By Readers
Nagging 911 9/11 was the impetus for the War on Terror, the war in Afghanistan, and the invasion of Iraq. 9/11 was also the impetus for the Pa
Impeachment Talk Reaches The Mainstream By William Goodman
AlterNet The groundswell for President Bush's impeachment is growing, and last week the establishment media finally took notice. The Wall Stree
Requiem For Milosevic By Edward W. Miller
On March 13th, 2006 ( NY Times) Slobovan Milosevic was found dead in his prison cell in the Hague. After suffering during his four years in p
Mow Town News Extortion Reigns Supreme By Judy Borello
Last month the Marin County Planning Commission held a public meeting over the fire road on David Mease and Catherine Salah's property in Nicassio
Pork Barrel Politics In West Marin By Jeanette Pontacq
The "public meeting" offered by the Park Service to West Marin residents on Thursday, March 16th highlighted the downward trajectory of respect by
Connecting The Dots By Larry Kelley
-Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela What could possibly make George Bush cry? The horror of genocide in Darfur? The deaths of thousands of A
Free Speech? Not When It Comes to State of Israel By Robert Fisk
The Independent, March 12, 2006 You've got to fight. It's the only conclusion I can draw as I see the renewed erosion of our freedom to discuss th
Clueless Department of Homeland Security By Larry Pratt
Outside of official Washington, most Americans understand that profiling would make it easier to go after terrorists. Refusal to profile has l
On Torture and Being Good Americans By Fred Branfman
The History Place As a teenager, I could not understand how the German people could claim to be "good Germans," unaware of what the Nazis had don

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